Make It Or Break It: The Only Thing To Fear

Lauren talks about how she’s never done do awfully and how the National team iced her out and without the others (she’s never been without them on a major meet) she choked. They discuss embarrassing gymnastics moments. Even Payson admits to peeing in her leo. Emily doesn’t think her old teammates would remember her. Sasha gives them a speech about how they are not having a sleepover, they are training like the Chinese who are locked down all the time. Gets some sleep. That eat breath sleep gymnastics thing he mentioned…

Sasha thanks Summer for chaperoning. He compliments her nightgown so she puts on a sweater. The National Gymnastics Committee has been calling but Sasha says this is a club matter. Summer wants to keep things professional. The girls are close.

Damon and Carter discuss the Kaylie-Lauren-Carter triangle. Carter always knew he’d be back with Kaylie. They were together for a year without anyone knowing. Carter says Damon will have to have a similar relationship.

Lauren tells Kaylie she will always need her. She’s like a sister she’s never had. Never let a guy between us! Pinky swear!

Sasha discusses how crazy the Chinese team is. It’s the last lockdown practice, Bring It. Payson watches. Lauren and Emily hi-five! Emily is still having trouble on the vault. Sasha insists she will get it. Summer brings bad news. In comes the head of the National Committee (she had to fly coach!). She insists they will get their asses hand to them and may be kicked off the team. She says she is setting them up to lose it all. He says there’s nothing she can do to which she says we’ll see. She goes out to talk to Emily. And she subtley threatens her about pulling the scholarship. Sasha tells Kaylie he’s proud of how she’s becoming a leader. He needs her to keep the team focused post-lockdown.

Kaylie suggests a pact to stand by each other and stay focused. In three days they will shock the world. ROCK ON!

Chloe and Steve flirt. Why is Chloe avoiding him? Thinking of the girls. He’s not giving up so easily. Lauren and Emily see them talking.

Kim and Sasha discuss how Payson isn’t training. She thought she’d get over her fears with a week in lockdown. Sasha is scheming again. He approaches Payson to talk about how her presence adds to the team. The Chinese are powerful because they start before they know how to be afraid. Fear can cripple a gymnast. Which is why he’s concerned. About Emily. He wants Payson to work with Emily to get over her fear. She says she’ll get Emily sticking the blind landing by the end of the next practice. Sneaky Sasha.

Confusing ad moment with Emily and Chloe. Kind of cute.

Lauren returns home in a good mood. She’s even glad to see Carter and he realizes that Kaylie didn’t tell him that they are back together. He wanted to tell her himself. Well, they kissed. She can’t believe Kaylie didn’t say anything after a week together.

Emily is at the Shack and Damon is back to his old self. He’s been laying down some tracks that he sent to a music contest. Emily is proud of him though he insists it’s a long shot. That’s what she was told about Nationals. The winner would open for Greenday’s tour. But wouldn’t that mean having to sing in front of a crowd. He doesn’t think he will win but he thinks it’s a good step to get things started.

Emily and Kaylie look at old pictures and talk about how they used to share everything. Lauren has something to tell her: Chloe and Steve are dating. She’s upset that her dad kept it a secret. Kaylie says to keep it out of mind until after the competition. She’s sure Kaylie would tell her if something big was happening. Carter texts asking to see her. Kaylie admits that they made up. Kaylie says she’s having a hard time trusting Lauren with Carter. Lauren insists she will be keeping her promise. (You might want to admit where he’s staying.) Carter texts Lauren asking if she’s with Kaylie. MJ has arrived to talk to Kaylie about the meet. MJ tells her to consider withdrawing. Kaylie says she can’t, her team is counting on her. None of them have as much on the line. She still has a title and partnerships and endorsements that the other girls don’t have. The sport is an individual sport. Lauren and Emily can only gain but Kaylie has everything to lose.

Damon and Emily discuss the vault. The blind landing is something she can’t stand. (I don’t like how metaphorical they’ve gotten here.) He apologizes for making her feel like she was flying blind with him. She apologizes for not believing him. She freaked out when he disappeared. He promises it will never happen again. He wants to be there for her. It’s hard for her to let him back in. It’s hard for him to be in love too. She’s loves him to. Kiss and make up.

Someone comes with something for Ronnie. Divorce papers. (It looks like a questionnaire or an employment application.) She thought Alex would forgive her. She starts crying and Kaylie comforts her.

The girls wonder where Kaylie is. She’s late for practice. Sasha tells them to get to work. Kaylie or no Kaylie.

Kaylie has gone to see Alex. His place is a mess but he lets her in. He says the divorce is between her mother and him. She says she needs him. He feels like his guts have been ripped out. Ronnie cheated on him with a man that he trusted with his most precious thing (Kaylie) and everyone knew. Kaylie apologizes for not telling him. He says it wasn’t her responsibility. She needs his advice. He thinks he hasn’t handled things well, he doesn’t have faith in his judgment, and he can’t put on a brave face. She says she couldn’t come. His advice it to take care of Number One, at the end of the day that’s all you can count on. She leaves. (I hope she realizes to do the opposite.)

MJ and Sasha argue about Sasha’s decision. MJ says it’s about her ego. He insists it is all about her. MJ assumes Kaylie has decided to pull out but he won’t believe it until Kaylie says so. The girls wonder if Kaylie will bail on them. Emily says she can’t do it without her. (Right, all of a sudden you are best friends and Lauren and Kaylie are the ones you look to for support.)

Kaylie takes to working with Emily. Emily moans, Payson encourages. (This doesn’t even look like bad stunting.) Payson makes her visualize (so not a “blind” landing).

Damon is at the Shack and gets a call. He won! The whole thing? Denver tonight! (Talk about short notice.) He runs out on the meth-head voice. She’s on the verge. If he leaves he’s fired. (Isn’t he just filling in, wouldn’t that mean Razor is fired.)

Emily says it’s not about focus. She’s afraid, unlike perfect Payson. Payson insists she can do it, she has harder moves. Emily says she’s got a perfect life. Payson admits she got the go ahead to do gymnastics. She’s scared. She doesn’t know what her body will do, it is the one thing she could always count on. What if it betrays her or stops her or breaks her. She can’t breath when she stands in front of the bars. That’s what Emily’s feeling. New pact. I’ll do it if you do. NO MORE FEAR! FROM NOW ON TRUST! (Sasha’s a good schemer and could teach Lauren a thing or two.) And with that, Emily lands her vault. If only it were that easy. So Payson does a basic handspring. She got this vault when she was 8. Kim and Sasha watch in the wings and finally Payson does it perfectly. Hugging all around.

Sasha talks to Kaylie about not letting pressure translate into fear. She’s concerned of her career. It’s her choice who to listen to. Him or MJ? She doesn’t think she’s capable of doing her best. Sasha says gymnastics is an individual sport but winning comes with a team, a team comes with a leader. They need her loyalty to believe in themselves. She agrees to do it because her team needs her.

The Shack, Emily arrives. Meth head is glad that Damon arrived. She doesn’t pass on Damon’s message but says he quit.

National Committee woman arrives again to guilt him again. He rails on her. You’re not advising, you’re scheming. It didn’t work. They’re going to pull Emily’s scholarship because she has a scholarship. Sasha insists Emily would never do that. She sends him over to check himself. So says the IRS. (How would they be able to check that?) If she competes in the invitational they will pull her scholarship. Here are some good things for you to know: 1- the National Gymnastics Federation would not be able to get her IRS records without a subpoena or a police investigation. Good to see that they are on par with the FBI. 2- Also good to know that a National body is blackmailing a teenager.

Sasha visits Emily at work. Emily tries to pretend she’s filling in for a friend. He knows she’s lying. He says she’s n big trouble with him and with the National Committee. Her family needs the money. He says her out is not to compete. He says if he’d trusted her they wouldn’t be in this position. She didn’t think she had a choice but to lie. He says she could have been honest and he would have found a way to help her. (They were all scared of him in the beginning.) He says she’s throwing it away (by supporting her family). She’s sorry for letting him down. He says it is her decision. She insists she will do the invitational. He says she needs to think about this. She says he supported her. She’ll do it. So he helps her work.

Emily gets a call from Damon. She can’t do “this,” the rules of the Rock are for a reason and she’s close to losing everything. She can’t talk to or see him. She won’t let him give her his news. She’s all sad (much as I hate her this is actually a good moment to end an episode if they wouldn’t drag it out so long.)

Lauren comes in to find Carter. Kaylie hasn’t been talking to anyone. She calls Lauren who doesn’t pick up. She’s scared and needs Lauren to tell her to do it. So she’s going to Lauren’s, she’s sure she’s home.

Emily comes home to cry to her mother. She’s lost her scholarship. The money is half their income. (That doesn’t make sense. All it should cover is training and equipment, not their livelihood.) Chloe says she’s proud of Emily for standing up for herself and her friends. She can’t allow the committee to own her. They’ll figure it out.

They worry about Kaylie finding out about Carter. He’s surprised that Lauren told Kaylie to trust her. She didn’t but the trip to China gave her time to think. She says she loves him but he loves Kaylie. Kaylie can’t find Lauren but Steve directs her to where Carter is. All the craziness has made Carter and Lauren friends because she was there for him. She wants him to be happy and if they’re happy together that will make her happy. She loves them both. He hugs her and in walks Kaylie.

Ok, that’s a better moment to end it.


10 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: The Only Thing To Fear”

  1. cindy Says:

    The scholarship thing does make sense — the money they would have to pay for training without the scholarship would equal half of their income. Not that the scholarship is covering their income. So because Emily won’t have a scholarship anymore, it’s as though Chloe lost half her income to the gym.

    Good episode. I’m happy Payson can do gymnastics. I’m excited for more Lauren/Kaylie drama.

    • ax20 Says:

      I guess I take issue more with the wording than the actual meaning. The scholarship isn’t half of their income but they will have to spend half their income if they lose the scholarship.

  2. sarah Says:

    Hmmm…I thought it was common knowledge that the national gymnastics team and FBI were hand in hand? no? oh ok…. ridiculous. Maybe they got a PI?? But seriously??? come on.

    The scholarship thing….blackmailing a teenager to get to Sasha, would never happen, especially since they don’t exist in real life. Chole’s income as a nail tech wouldn’t even cover 1/10th of the cost Emily’s ‘scholarship’ is covering….also, doesn’t the national committee realize the rock is probably better off with Emily IN the line up as far as losing? lol

    Oh man, Kaylie and Lauren again…I really did think Lauren was being sincere but you know there is no way in hell Kaylie is going to believe her or Carter, especially when she realizes he’s been living AT Lauren’s…good god.

    Glad Payson is over her fear, but if she’s just performing some vault she performed when she was 8 2 days before the China meet I am going to be really pissed off when they throw her in that meet-more MIOBI realism….god.

    Also, Kaylie is going to be too much of a headcase to compete or she will compete and totally F it up. Regardless I see a huge cliffhanger for next weeks spring finale(oh and how lucky is MIOBI they only have to go up against Gossip Girl once)???

    No sneak peeks up yet…..

  3. Malaika Says:

    i thought the scholarship was from the rock, not the national committee. they shouldn’t have any control over what the rock does with its money.

    also, i thought emily had never trained on a team before. that was the whole, she doesn’t know how to work with a coach thing. so why would she have teammates that wouldn’t remember her? she shouldn’t have any old teammates if she trained at the ymca, as was previously stated.

  4. Chloe Says:

    scholarships not necessarily cover training equipment and costs. im on a scholarship which covers a good amount of allowance money on top of those ‘necessary costs’, so perhaps that’s what emily has to. that aside, i completely agree that it’s ridiculous for them to be blackmailing emily. it’s a national committee for god’s sake.

    i wonder how quick payson will be able to get it all back. it has come to my attention that she has never proven herself on the national level yet. i was excited about her going to school, thinking that many people would recognise her, but that evidently wasn’t the case. and now, she probably isn’t competing against china yet. will we have to wait till the olympics before she proves herself?

  5. sarah Says:

    As ridiculous as it is, I think it’s hilarious Emily is getting blackmailed…you know she will compete(hopefully mess up) and Steve Tanner will cover her costs…

    As far as Payson goes….in sports, if you don’t use it , you lose it. Realistically, it would take Payson a VERY long time to get it back,that is why real elite gymnasts take only one day off a week and they still say after that day off they are a little rusty.

    Chole-you are right that Payson never proved herself on a national level. Now, high school kids would never recognize a national champion gymnast in a non-Olympic year unless they were die hards or gymnasts themselves. While I loved gymnastics back in high school, I would have had no idea who anyone was unless it was following an Olympic year or had known about them from previous Olympics. So, it’s very believable that Payson wasn’t recognized until that Heather geek googled her. ( I guess high school is over for Pay then)?

    Going on the MIOBI timeline, it’s already 2010 because the mentioned the winter Olympics the week Lauren was in China…in reality then, Payson still has the 2010, 2011, and 2012 nationals/worlds to prove herself…we’ll see how they do it-I agree with our fabulous blogger here, when she said a while back they should have left the dates out altogether because you know the writers will F it up.

    Anyone else sad next week is the last week despite these 10 episodes not being as great as the first 10? I am….

    • ax20 Says:

      I do feel the need to say that Payson has definitively proved herself in the national scene. She didn’t win a Nationals but that isn’t the same as not proving yourself. (For example, I can not only tell you who won nationals this year in real life but I can tell you who else finished on top: Bridget Sloan, Rebecca Bross, and Ivana Hong came in 1,2,3.) She came in second in the nation at the nationals before this one, she beat the world champion in a meet almost immediately before this nationals. If you remember, when they went to LA, however implausible it may be that anyone knew any of their names, everyone knew her name on the red carpet. Little kids were asking for her autograph at the opening of episode one. It makes sense that the kids in high school didn’t know her but only in so far the majority of people would not recognize anyone, not even the national champion.

      • sarah Says:

        lol-you have a MUCH better memory than I do…totally forgot about the kids in episode one and her being recognized on the red carpet(I know you loved no one knew who Emily was there too). Looking back on your statement, yes , she did prove herself to us die hards đŸ˜‰ I really started becoming a die hard after the 04 Olympics(eventhou I watched every event of every Olympics prior to that)….speaking of which….NBC is only airing one effing hour of the American(scam) Cup this weekend and I don’t get Universal Sports so I am less than pleased. grrrr….

      • ax20 Says:

        you might be able to catch the whole thing on one or both of their websites. That’s usually the case but I’m not sure.

        UPDATE: You can in fact watch the entire American Cup on
        You can also watch the downhill and super g ski races. I think skiing may be my new favorite sport to watch.

  6. Nancy Says:

    The reason Emily lost her scholarship because the National Committee found out she has a job. Emily’s family been depending on her scholarship money to pay the bills. When Emily chose gymnastics over everything, I’m very glad that she stood up for herself and her friends.

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