America’s Best Dance Crew: Week 2

This week the theme is music videos. They have to take big moments (signature dance sequence) in popular videos to recreate within their dance. The actual video will be playing at the same time which is kind of silly.

This week, the bottom two crews will fight for their lives. Two top voted crews will be guaranteed to next week. The two crews that are on top and are guaranteed to next week are Poreotix and Jungle Boogie.

Poreotix is first doing Umbrella by Rhianna. I don’t know if I’d consider that iconic but okay. The dance sequence does look cooler with a group instead of just Rhianna alone. There wasn’t as much of their signature moves and a lot of Rhianna. They’re good and talented but I don’t know that choreography is their strength, it’s more like they’re just a bunch of good dancers. JC says they’re funny with great reveals. They weren’t completely in sync on the umbrella parts. Fun but not super complicated. Lil Mama made it fun, they’re charismatic. Good but could be better. Omarion said he wanted something different, bring it to life more maybe.

Jungle Boogie is second getting Shakira’s Give It Up To Me, also not something I’d consider iconic but I do love step. I’m not sure. I was impressed by some parts but there wasn’t enough of their style either. (I’m surprised Shakira can step.) Rocky looked slightly awkward with the step. Lil Mama says she’s strong and powerful. She liked their appreciation of art and dance. Omarion wants to rock with Rocky. He’s surprised about the added “sexy-game.” JC thought OK but there were some off moments. He notes that some of the step moves were done tentatively (not something you can do, it has to be all out).

Static Noyze is assigned Little Boots’s “New in Town.” They use shopping carts as props. This group managed to add a lot of flare to their routine despite having to include so much of the video. Omarion says they looked like they have fun. He wished they were more creative with the carts. JC says they made them feel like they were watching the video. One of the girls “came out of it” a little. Lil Mama thought they took the challenge to the next level. Brilliant utilization of the prop in the beginning. They’re very in unison.

Saltare gets “Skake It” by Metro Station. I wonder how they will do this one with the jump ropes or if they will incorporate the jump ropes into the moves. Their rehearsal looks a mess. After the beginning where they seemed to have totally messed up, they do a pretty good job. I don’t think the beat for this song was so great in general. JC says they messed up in the start but they pushed through and made the rest work. This is the risk of using the jump ropes. Omarion is surprised. Don’t let it happen again. Lil Mama wants to see them prevail. The jump ropes add an extra challenge every week. (I will say it seems like a strategical mistake to have the girls doing that particular move when it likely would have made more sense to have a guy flipping the girl, which is how that move is typically done.)

Heavy Impact gets Colby Odonis’s “What You Got” which has popping (something that is particularly hard on a bigger body). I sort of feel like they did a good job but it didn’t look like popping it just looked like dancing. Omarion says “aight,” he most enjoys their grooving and vibing. They made more faces than popping. Lil Mama says they stepped it up from last week. They dominated. She loved it. JC says the mood was good but he didn’t love the popping but he did like the locking. It was ok.

Hype 5-0, the last safe crew, is given “Three” by Britney Spears. Again, if I were to think iconic video and Britney, that isn’t the one I would pick. It looked like they were going faster than the video (but in tune with the music, which is confusing). I think this was great. Lil Mama says the competition is just getting started. They got the hair and the drama of Britney. JC likes the use of the stage. Work on their levels more. (JC seems to be the unpopular judge.) The dismount was sloppy in one move. Omarion disagrees with JC. It was sexy but he felt it. He liked the girl on girl kiss. (I didn’t even notice it.)

Now for the battle for safety. Royal Flush first with “Evacuate the Dance Floor” by Cascada. The girl is having a difficult time with the break dance section. But come performance time she’s got it. They’re personal stuff is eh but their video portion is done well.

Blue Print Cru gets Omarion’s “I Get It In.” This seems unfair. Though I’m not sure if it’s an advantage or disadvantage. They’re off on a few sections but considering the difficulty of some moves it was pretty impressive.

Lil Mama thinks Royal Flush had a good performance and were tight. They played off the music well. The made the floor work work. Omarion thinks Blue Print Cru did really well. He was impressed (even with their couple issues). JC says Royal Flush had a hot open (battle faces on) but it died in the middle. Blue Print Cru is always tight and precise. Two great performances from two strong crews that are underappreciated. Underappreciated of not, the judges will have to choose someone to send home.

Do we really need a recap of the judge’s critique when we saw it two minutes ago. The crew going on through is…Blue Print Cru. No surprise even with the mistakes, they aren’t gimmicky like Royal Flush. We get it, you have cards but get over it.

(I don’t like how much less critique the bottom two get when theoretically they need it most. I also don’t like how much of the music video’s choreography that they had to incorporate.)


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