Lost: Lighthouse

AW Jack comes home and is getting cleaned up. He finds a scar he doesn’t recognize. His phone rings and it is his mom asking about his dad’s body. It hadn’t been found yet. They’re also missing his dad’s will. He asks when his appendix was taken out. When he was 7 or 8. He doesn’t remember. He has to go though. He drives to St. Mary’s Academy and finds his son waiting for him at school.

Regular Jack is staring at the water and in walks the Master. He was afraid Jack has left. Is that even an option? Jin, Kate, and Sawyer are likely not coming back. Hugo and Miles play tic tac toe meanwhile and then decide to get food. There’s a guy sitting at the pool. It’s Jacob. Isn’t he dead? He tells Hugo he needs him to do stuff and should write them down. Someone is coming to the island and he needs Hurley to help them find it.

AW Jack’s son is too busy with his headphones to listen to his dad. His son is reading Alice. Jack tries to bond with David over that but his son walks out. What is David listening to anyway? He just wants to get through their once a month together. Jack’s phone rings and it’s his mom. Jack needs to go over but David doesn’t want to come.

Sayid comes up to Jack wondering why everyone is staring at him. Sayid wonders why Jack disappeared after telling him not to take the pill. They say that whatever happened to Sayid happened to someone else…

Claire checks that the guyd are dead and then helps Jin out of the trap. She’s been out in the woods for three years, since they all left. She wants to get him somewhere safe but he faints.

Hugo is following Jacob’s instructions down a strange hieroglyphic covered corridor. The master catches him and tells him to leave. Jacob tells Hurley to say that he’s a candidate and can go where he wants. The master wants to know who told him but he leaves. Jacob tells Hugo he has to bring Jack. How?

Hugo goes to Jack and tells him to act natural. He does a cloak and dagger about leaving. Jacob told him to tell Jack that he has what it takes. Jack would know what that means. Where is Jacob? Kind of dead, he shows up whenever he wants but if you want to talk to him he’ll be where they’re going.

Jin wakes up on an old mattress. His leg doesn’t look good. He calls for Claire. There are many things around: a baby basket, explosives, a paddle. Claire brought one of them men who tried to kill Jin. Claire hadn’t killed him. Claire wants to know where her son is. They need to clean Jin’s wound. Has she been alone all this time alone? She says she’s not alone. She leaves and the man who tried to kill Jin says they need to go. He says Claire is going to kill them both if they don’t escape.

Jack and Hurley are sweat-filled and hiking when they find Kate. Who pulls a gun on them until she realizes it’s him. She’s looking for Claire. Something has happened to Claire. Kate is determined to find her. Jack suggests she come but Hugo says it can only be the two of them. She hopes he finds what he’s looking for and heads her own way, always a good idea on the island.

AW Jack arrives at his mom’s house and they look for the will. She offers him a drink but he turns it down. Good for him. How’s David? He was really upset at the funeral. (Did Jack always have a son?) David doesn’t communicate well, just like Jack at his age. But he was afraid of his dad. Maybe David is afraid of him. They find the will. Jack, there’s a Claire Littleton in the will!

Claire is doing some strange things like sharpening her ax. The would be killer wants Jin to release him. Claire comes in and apologizes for hurting Jin and she helps clean the wound. She’s been hiding from the Others. She wants him to tell him where Aaron is. He says they’ve never taken him. She’s sure they did. Multiple people have told her that they’ve taken Aaron. Her father and her friend. What friend? Jin are you still her friend? Of course. She is not the Claire we all knew and loved. Now it’s the Other’s turn.

Jack and Hurley are hiking and Hurley apologizes for “wrecking his game with Kate.” Whatever happened with them anyway? Hurley thinks Jack would make a great dad. Jack finds an asthma inhaler. Shannon’s. They remember the bodies that were in those caves. (I don’t.) What if they time traveled to dinosaur times and died and were buried there. Could the skeletons be them? Jack sees something and they talk about how they found the place. Jack was chasing his father’s ghost. The coffin is what he’s looking at.

AW Jack brings home pizza and soda. He calls for David but the place is empty. Jack waits up for David, calls his cell. He apologizes on the voicemail. He goes to his ex-wife’s to look for him (he still knows where the key is) but it looks like this house is empty as well. He discovers that his son is studying Chopin. And that he has pictures of the two of them up. He listens to the answering machine and there’s a message from a Conservatory confirming David’s appointment for an audition.

Hurley and Jack are still hiking. Old school. Hugo has a question. Why did he come back to the island? Why did Hurley? Because Jacob popped into his cab and told him to. Jack came back because…he was broken and thought the island could fix him. Hugo apologizes and Jack wants to know how much further. Not far. There it is in fact. A lighthouse. How have they never seen it before? They weren’t looking for it.

Claire asks where her son is. She’s holding the ax. She doesn’t believe him. They branded her and tortured her. Jin explains that Kate took Aaron with her off the island. Aaron is 3 now. The Other says he had nothing to do with it. He won’t tell anyone that he saw her. She starts crying and kills him anyway. Jin watches in shock.

The lighthouse looms. Jack and Hurley try to get inside but it’s jammed. Jack kicks it in.

AW Jack shows up to the conservatory audition where David is conveniently already auditioning. He’s very good. Jack watches him play and nearly starts crying. Some boy tells him that David is very good. It’s the master’s son? They discuss how their children are too young to have such pressure. How long has David been playing? Jack doesn’t know.

Jack and Hurley reach the top of the house. Now to turn it on. (It’s a mirror because there was no electricity when it was made.) Jacob isn’t around yet. There are crossed out names on the lighthouse thing. Jack sees his reflection and then something else flashes across. Jack notices the names and moves the arrow to his name. There’s an image of his childhood home in the mirror. Jack realizes that Jacob has been watching everyone all along. Where is Jacob? He doesn’t know. Why was he watching? Ask Jacob now. But he’s not here. Jack takes the telescope and smashes the mirror when he doesn’t get his answers.

In Aw, David is outside getting his bike when Jack comes to tell him he’s great. He says he missed a little but Jack says he sounded perfect. He was scared when he didn’t see him. David thought he could get home before Jack returned. He didn’t want Jack to know he played because he always made such a big deal about it. He didn’t want to fail in front of Jack. Jack talks about how his dad told him he didn’t have what it takes. He doesn’t want David to feel that way. He just wants to be part of his life. They go home for pizza.

Jack stares off at the water. They’re beside the lighthouse now. Jacob arrives to see how it went. Jack wouldn’t have been able to seen Jacob anyway. Jacob says whoever needed to come to the island will find another way. (Aka, they accomplished what they wanted, which Hugo realizes.) It was the only way for him to realize how important he is. He has to find what he has to do himself. Hurley wants to know everything up front. He had to get them away from the temple because someone bad is going to erupt. It’s too late to warn them.

Jin stares at the dead guy and Claire says he would have killed her. She hands him some water and he says he lied about Kate raising Aaron. He says the Others have Aaron at the temple. He saw him. (Why Jin?) How do you get in? There’s a secret way. She thanks him. If Kate had really raised Aaron, she’d kill her. In comes fake Locke. Claire knows it isn’t John, it’s her friend.

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2 Responses to “Lost: Lighthouse”

  1. sarah Says:

    It’s seriously like they are starting a whole new season with a whole new story line…not a final season. This show is making my head hurt and I am not enjoying it at all. I will keep watching because I want to know how it all ends but there is still SO much to wrap up they haven’t even touched yet….grrrr

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