Make It Or Break It: The Great Wall

Emily finds Damon at the Shack. Razor apparently has gotten another Roadie gig. (Does that mean the actor has found yet another TV show?) Damon needs the money to pay off the cost of the stolen equipment. They debate how much of a loser he is (let me resolve it for you, very much so). His charges were dropped though. In walks Leo (you know a character is coming back when they’re in the “previously on” despite not being in the show for weeks). He just got home for break, he was supposed to go to Africa but his parents need him because Alex moved out. I do feel the need to point out that he’s supposed to be coaching at the Rock now. Wasn’t that what the half-season finale said?

Kaylie stares longingly at a family picture when her mom walks in. Ronnie is trying to be really nice but Kaylie doesn’t want her to. Ronnie thinks they just need some time but it’s been a month. Kaylie thinks Alex hates her but Ronnie assures her that he doesn’t and that nothing is her fault. Does Ronnie still love Alex? Yes. Does he still love Ronnie? I hope so… Kaylie points out that even love doesn’t mean he can forgive her.

Leo came by for pizza and a hello with Emily. Emily assures him that they’re not dating. A lot has happened since Nationals. Leo says they’re robbed. Sasha says not going to China ends their Olympic hopes. (Right. Cause that’s how the sport works–or any sport. An international event years before the Olympics determines the Olympic team. Dude, half the people who will be competing aren’t even eligible to compete in this event yet due to age. Think on that.) The conversation turns to Payson’s surgery. Will Payson ever be able to compete again?

Sasha is pushing the group Kaylie and then Emily are the fastest but they’re not good enough so he tells them enough. So he points out how Payson never complained. And here she comes running to join them. She’s dropped a minute and she can do better, she’s going again. She’s back. (As Sasha points out, that’s the attitude of a champion.) Why is he working them so hard? Because they didn’t go to China? No. China is coming to the Rock for an in-house competition.

Carter and Kaylie discuss China. Shock! If the Chinese win they don’t beat the best if Kaylie isn’t there. When they beat them at the Rock, the committee won’t be ab;e to play politics. Carter also assures her that he’s moved on but he’s around if she needs.

Emily is doing a vault. And falls on her back. What happened to getting over the fear of the vault? Remind me when we actually did that? He gives her rough words about letting the whole team down and Payson reassures her that she’ll be fine. Easy to say when she’s not competing. She wishes she could! About a month probably until she can train again. Better to be safe than sorry yet. Payson just can’t stand wondering if she can do everything. She plans to do better.

Kim talks to a realtor about selling. Payson’s surgery was expensive (insurance didn’t cover it because it wasn’t expensive). The market is bad now, can you wait?

The moms discuss 2-3 weeks of fundraising for bringing the Chinese. They need to raise $30,000 for everything. (Food, lodging, transportation.) Chloe sounds like an idiot, so nothing unusual. Kim comes in late and is upset about the continued discussion about money. Bringing the Chinese is necessary. Kim is concerned about alienating the community. Payson’s career isn’t in jeopardy. They discuss Ronnie’s affair with Marty. So, fundraising ideas.

Kim talks to Mark about the money. Physical therapy is expensive. What if things don’t work out. Payson is at the therapist. Payson says she feels great. When can she start training? She can start…tomorrow. If she takes it easy. She won’t be the gymnast she was at first so she needs to measure her expectations. But when her mom asks when she can start she says she was told she’s not ready yet. (Is that fear?)

Sasha is working out when Summer comes in to suggest Bingo. They flirt a little. She’s excited about it. Sasha hasn’t even invited China yet. He’s sure they’ll come. He knows them. They’ll feel obligated to defend their victory. Summer is upset because they trust him. Sasha is sure the girls going to China can’t beat the Chinese. Summer points out that Sasha’s reputation as well as the Rock’s is on the line, not just the girl’s careers.

Emily whines about her ineptitude with Damon because she can’t do her vault. She for one doesn’t want to let her team down. Damon takes that as a personal slight. In comes the Cruz family. Chloe suggests the Shack for Bingo. Ronnie doesn’t like it. Sasha will find out that Emily has a job, Sure enough, in comes Summer. Leo offers Emily his sweatshirt. (Ronnie might notice that.) What if the moms tell? Summer is apparently the gossip in the group. Ronnie’s mean to her about it. She’s the one who told Sasha about Ronnie and Marty.

Emily is shocked that Leo has a scholarship. What Emily, you think you’re the only one who can get one of those? Leo is apparently a genius. He got a perfect Sat score. Damon is not thrilled to serve them. Carter is also working there. They ask about when Payson can start. She says she doesn’t know. She’s clearly avoiding. (Afraid!) Payson gets up to “check out the jukebox.” Kaylie is jealous of Carter as he flirts with other girls. Damon and Emily talk about Damon’s jerkiness. Damon can’t feel good about being with Emily if he’s not proud of himself.

Leo and Kaylie talk about how she’s being hard on Ronnie. She’s like Alex, tough on those with weakness because they hate their own weaknesses. Leo thinks people make mistakes. The people who love you most need your forgiveness, if you can’t you’ll end up alone.

Emily and Damon discuss Damon’s choice about not selling his songs. He points out that following his dream and selling his songs to the highest bidder aren’t the same thing. (Ok, point well taken.) He also points out that just like she’s doing her gymnastics her own way (job, boyfriend, etc), he needs to work for his dream his own way. Basically, she’s a hypocrite.

Sasha says good morning to Summer but she ignores him. She’s not in the mood. She’s not okay lying to the mothers. She can’t do this? The job or what’s happening to them? She thinks she should move on after the invitational. Kim probably will move on. Sasha insists the US will lose. The mete is on now and the US is winning. (We do see a 13 year old leading the Chinese team.) Did China win? Sasha apologizes to them about leading them to believe that China would come. China won! They will come. Time to really pick up the training. Kaylie recorded the event so they can watch. They can watch the Olympics and Emily finally thinks she can manage. Payson says they’ll all make it. How’d Lauren do? Payson is sure China will come.

Sasha makes a public statement “apologizing” to China and invites them to invite them to the Rock. Kim is surprised Summer went along with Sasha’s deception.

Chloe offers centerpieces but Ronnie is too particular. Damon is nicer to Leo. Emily apologizes for being mean. She can’t be around someone who will suddenly drop out. He says she can trust him. She says she ran after him. She “opened her heart which is really hard for her to do.” He asks her not to give up on her. Kaylie overhears and asks if Damon and her are over. Stop pushing each other away. What’s that about? You tell me, you and Carter. Does trying to be perfect screw up relationships?

Payson wants to know why there’s a for sale sign in front of the house. Payson needs a job so she asks Emily about getting a job. Kaylie offers her endorsement but she turns it down. (If only her parents had let her take the sponsorship money.) Chloe suggests rigging the lottery for them.

Summer asks Sasha to come to the fundraiser. The Chinese have not responded yet. He begins to wonder if he was wrong. Will they still believe in him? Of course because he believes in them most. She tells him not to lose faith. Maybe he should pray? He asks her to say one. For the girls. She already has. For the girls and her.

Bingo night has arrived. It’s packed but she hopes it isn’t all for nothing. Kim apologizes for being so hard on Summer. She’s been stressed. Summer says she won’t betray her values again. Kim asks if anything is happening between them. Summer says they don’t share the same beliefs. Summer says it would be weird for Lauren. Now time for the big jackpot. It’s over $20,000. Half to the winner, half to Rock. Kim doesn’t want to play but Kaylie insists. Kaylie acts strangely. Everyone is happy to help the Keelers win. Kim is sure she won’t win but the woman beside her says maybe tonight.

Sasha sits nervously in his office when he gets a call from China. The national committee calls and they are furious. They say they won’t let the Chinese come. They spoke to the coach who doesn’t want to mess up relations with the US. And there will be consequences to the stunt. He gets another call as he’s about to leave.

Kim is getting excited but Chloe’s ruined the napkin with the numbers on it. Ronnie checks in and they pass the number around as Chloe stalls. But telephone is never the best way to pass information. But they do manage and Kim is thrilled. Good thing the evidence was destroyed.

Summer comes to Sasha’s trailer and knocks on the door. News? The fundraiser made $10,000 for the Rock and $10,000 to the Keelers. And China has accepted their invitation. He wants to kiss her, she says she can’t, but they do anyway. Of course. Screw Lauren.

Ronnie is cleaning up when in walks Kaylie to say the decorations looked nice. It was a good night. And Ronnie has something to show her: the Seventeen shoot. Kaylie says she’s far from perfect. That’s their reconciliation moment.

Leo talks to Emily about the move she can’t get. The landing scares her because she can’t see her landing. You can’t always see where you’re landing. He can help her with the move if she wants. She hugs him as a thank you and Damon walks in with his guitar. Carter tells him not to assume it’s something. Damon is upset because Leo has everything. Damon goes to the recording studio.

Carter teases Kaylie about washing the dishes so she throws soap at him. Flirting with dish soap. Kaylie kisses him. (Sorry Sarah, you can forget that dream of Carter going.)

Kim is thrilled about the money. The physical therapist calls to wonder how Payson is. She’s had the go-ahead to train for a week now.

So obviously, Payson is in the gym, in the dark (because if you’re worried about safety, clearly training in the dark is the way to go), about to go and thinking about her fall. She steps aware from the bars and walks away.


5 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: The Great Wall”

  1. sarah Says:

    lol! I guess Carter is back for good….and didn’t you know that this years national team will be the 2012 team?? because none of them will get hurt or anything and no one new will come up…..don’t get me started.

    Emily can’t do the blind landing vault because she sucks plain and simple…we know this and so does the national committee and well, Lauren lol.

    I missed Lauren in this episode!

    Kinda pissed they didn’t show ANYTHING of the China meet….

    Really, Payson can train one month after back surgery?? Ok, MIOBI fantasy land writers….good one. oh and a big LOL to training alone in the dark is best if you are scared….so did Damon break Pay into the Rock as well?

    Sneak peaks weren’t up and I don’t watch greek so I have no idea what might happen next week….clearly Kim Keeler is going to be pissed into going into debt for nothing….also ,seriously if you were already broke would you even think about letting your kid have a surgery NOT covered by insurance, esp. if something went wrong???? Oh MIOBI….

  2. Chloe Says:

    LOL i think payson’s training in the dark because they wanted to portray that she’s really keeping this secret training in the dark. so we aren’t thinking that it’s another gym training session where all the girls are in the gym too, around her or something.

    sarah, what do you mean by “going into debt for nothing”?

    i really hope they don’t pursue that payson storyline. it sounds like emily and her vault all again. *cue flashbacks of falls*

  3. Chloe Says:

    i’m loving this episode as well btw. especially the perfectionist storyline – one i can really identify with. which is why i like leo over damon. but damon and emily’s feelings for each other are too strong to fulfil the fantasy of mine (- not a leo/emily fantasy but a making-leo-happy fantasy).

    hopefully leo doesn’t end up with kelly parker or lauren or something. that would be too hard to stomach. i’m also wondering if we’ll be getting to see ike and heather on the show ever again. and razor’s gone again – it’s like they conveniently let those guys exit and come back with the same gig reason 😀

  4. sarah Says:

    lol-I meant they went into debt for nothing if Payson is going to be too scared to actually go thru with training now that her back is better….cue the falls flashback-LOVE IT. I never get sick of watching Emily fall on her ass.

    I don’t see Leo ending up with Lauren but I would take Kelly if it meant her being a regular…I love her bitchness. I guess Payson re-dropped out of high school too….????? Anything is possible if you can train a-level skills a month out of back surgery…

    Also, where are they getting their timelines from? this season started right after nationals(which in real life is in the summer) and now they are watching the winter Olympics??? I guess it’s 2010 in MIOBI land, but that means another nationals should come before worlds….or maybe they will skip all that like anything else relevant…

    I am ok with Razor being gone, he’s a dork. Oh man, really looking forward to seeing Lauren reacting to Kaylie and Carter and more of Steve and Emily’s mom! I gotta check if those sneak peaks are up….I care way too much….lol

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