The Secret Life: Mistakes Were Made

Ricky finds Adrian in school and he thinks she knows about him and Amy. He wonders why she didn’t text him back all weekend. She was busy having sex with Ben. Now the score is even. She gloats and says she won’t apologize. He shouts that he hasn’t slept with Amy and he only kissed her.

Ben is working and he looks sad. Ricky is late meanwhile. Ben thinks he and Ricky won’t be friends anymore.

Ricky sits on the floor when he gets a call and he says he’s on his way. Bunny tells him to take as long as he’s on his way. She advises him not to let anything com between him and a friend. Ricky says what happened and Bunny looks at Ben in disgust. Or shock. Ricky actually looks miserable.

Amy’s friends are shocked that she didn’t feel anything while kissing Ricky. Amy cares that Lauren kissed him. They don’t understand why she’d care if she has no feelings for him. Amy doesn’t love him but she doesn’t want him to be with her best friends. John looks like he’s going to cry. What about Jimmy? Amy says she’s over Ben. Maybe he’s too nice. They say he’s not that nice. He slept with Adrian after all. Amy realizes Adrian must know about the kiss. They offer to watch John while she talks to Ben or Adrian.

Ashley is with Griffin’s cousin. She’s fifteen, the age when Amy got pregnant. Her parents don’t know he’s home. That’s something he would do, hide her. Like a Christmas present. He loves sneaking around. She didn’t want to set the precedent of asking permission to see him. She says she’s invisible most of the time because she lacks a baby. He suggests a baby. But what if they get caught and he can never see her again. She says he’d have to sleep on the floor or couch. No physical contact. She doesn’t want a guy to ask if he can kiss her. So he kisses her.

Lauren and Madison love taking care of John. They want to take pictures with the baby. They decide they’re too young for babies. They think about it though. (They talk too much!) It’s Jesse calling. She says she never wants to have a baby to reassure him. Madison plans to call Jack and say the same thing.

Ashley and Griffin’s cousin are wowed by their kiss so they kiss again.

Meanwhile Anne and George are in therapy with Lauren’s dad. They argue about mistakes and who is and isn’t a mistake. He wants to get remarried to Anne. But he’s had it. He wants a commitment at that moment. George storms out. George is soo honest he’s amusing. His feelings anyway. Anne tries being honest but it’s really anger. He doesn’t generally say what he thinks because that’s not the point. As a friend of a family, the issue of control keeps coming up. She can’t control life. She can only live her life. Give up trying for control. You can’t choose how people love you, feel the love. She gets all teary-eyed. Are mistakes just lessons? Everyone makes them. Life is a learning process.

Ben and Adrian are upset about what they did and are talking to their friends about it. Grace comforts her. (Wow, big of you.) Adrian thought they slept together. She screwed up everything for everyone. Grace points out that Adrian did the wrong thing again. She slept with Jack when she shouldn’t have (which is why she slept with Grace) and she shouldn’t have slept with Ben. Grace doesn’t understand why Grace feels guilty about sleeping with Ben. Grace says sex outside of marriage is a mistake in and of itself. Adrian says she doesn’t know why they became friends. Adrian says she’s no better. Grace says maybe if she didn’t have sex with every guy she knows she’d feel better about herself. Tom tells her he loves her as a friend. Adrian leaves. Tom is angry at Grace. She’s supposed to be a Christian and she made her feel better.

Bunny and Ben’s dad talk. Leo doesn’t understand why Ben would do that. In comes Betty. They have a question for Bunny though: would you be her maid of honor? She’d be honored.

Alice and Henry talk to Ben. Has he ever been beaten? They’re all shocked about it. They think Ricky might beat him up. Ben hopes he does hit him even though he doesn’t think he will. They leave to figure out a way to help.

George comes in to take Robby. He doesn’t notice Grant until she introduces him and he chooses to assume Grant is gay. In comes Ann. Lauren and Madison come in holding John. Where’s Amy? Where’s Ricky? Amy is with Jimmy. She ignores her call. He didn’t call her because she had a condom. He thought she lied. He’s upset about it. She says she wasn’t lying, she doesn’t plan to have sex again. How did she get pregnant anyway? The usual way. The condom was just in case she made a mistake? No, but you never know when you’re going to make a mistake. He’s determined not to complicate his life with sex. She feels betrayed by Ben and Adrian. She really does like him. So he kisses her. Way to uncomplicate things. She thought she was a bad kisser. He assures her (with kisses) that she is not.

Ben looks for Leo but only Betty is home. She brings up what he did but he tries to sidestep. She asks how he could do it. He says “do I want to talk about a mistake I made with sex with a hooker.” She walks out. In comes Jack to protect Ben (Alice and Henry called). Ben wants him to hit him but Jack says no. That’s not what he does. Amy will never consider going back with him. He’s lost her forever. Girls don’t understand those kind of mistakes. Grace never forgave him. Well now he understands how those mistakes can happen. He loved Grace but having sex with her ruined everything. Now eh likes Madison for real. But what’s the point of a relationship is there’s no chance of a future? He’s just going to let it go. In comes Leo. Bunny is worried about Ricky but he’s completely cleared out of his apartment.

George and Anne are trying to get in touch with Amy. Anne sees Ashley getting two bottles and questions her about it. George assumes he’s gay still. Anne wants to know when they have guests. What did they decide with the shrink? Anne says don’t pressure her about sex so he says ok.

Madison and Lauren wonder why neither of the guys are calling them back now that they’ve made their declaration. They have to go home. They can’t drive passed eleven. George will cover for them. They tell him that Ben slept with Adrian.

Tom shows up to comfort Adrian. He walked all the way over and he’s tired, even if she doesn’t want to talk to him. He’s back with Tammy. He’s here because Grace was mean. She doesn’t want him to stay. He’s trying to make her smile. She loves Ricky and she was so angry that she wanted to get back at him. Tom says he should have called and talked to her before doing something stupid. He would have told her revenge isn’t the reason you have sex. People mistakes all the time. In comes Grace. They were looking everywhere for Tom. Grace wants to talk to Adrian. She wants to apologize for being mean. She says it’s hard to be sympathetic after she warned her. They all keep sabotaging themselves. Ben calls, she’s excited. He wants to talk. They’re looking for Ricky. Is something wrong? No one has seen him. They hope to keep speaking together but first they need to find Ricky.

George tells Moose he’s taking Amy’s keys and she comes in and gives it to him. She points out all the places he has to drive her places. He makes her sit down. She has to be home at eleven. George asks where Ricky is. Amy reveals that Jimmy saw the condom and therefore didn’t call her. George thinks Grant is gay. Amy reveals that he is not. George runs to Ashely’s room. Anne talks to Amy about going to Jimmy because she’s done with Ben. She thinks everything was straightened out. She thinks he likes her. And she likes him. He’s funny. (I haven’t seen him be funny yet.) Jimmy calls. Really, it’s like 8 seconds.

Ashley says he’d like Grant. He thinks she’s 14. She points out she just turned out 15. Would you like to get to know him, he’s hiding in my closet? He’s in love with her. He thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world. He’s 16. He trusts Ashley completely so if he wants to sleep on the couch he can. He leaves. Grant says he has to go, it’s a test. George approves.

George finds Anne moping in the kitchen. He talks about their happiness in the beginning. He’d be very excited to be with her.

Ben worries. Leo assures him they’ll find him. His mom has some ideas. He knows how to take care of him. He’ll come around. You have to talk to him. He kissed Amy. Well, you’re not with Amy. Losing a friend by doing something dishonorable for no reason is painful. Don’t blame it on Adrian. He thought he’d be over her being with Ricky but it bothered him more over time. He wanted to be with her, he loved her and supported her. She was his girlfriend and she’d never be with him. So he wanted uncomplicatedness and fun. Maria. He likes her a lot. But she’s not around and she’s not Amy. And neither is Grace. He wants Amy. He didn’t plan it, it just happened. He feels like hell. This was his first time having sex. In a car with Adrian! Betty suggests taking a break. Leo takes the advice. She says she loves him. He tries to apologize but she stops him. She knows he didn’t mean it. (Yay, I like her now.)

Adrian stares out the window in despair and wills her phone to ring. It doesn’t of course.


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