ABDC: Nationals Week 1

This week the top nine crews must dance to chart-toppers (aka songs that have come in at number one on the music charts). Because the west has won every season, I feel like we’re going to get a lot of “we want to be the first ones to make it for our region…” After the crews dance their way onto stage Randy Jackson graces us with his presence to reveal the banners. Wow, he’s made time for us even with American Idol going on?

The crews will perform in sets of three by region. One group per region will be voted into the bottom for face off.

Hype 5-0 is first to perform to the monster hit “I’m Gonna Be.” It does not surprise me that Hawaii has hip hop. It also has A LOT of drug problems. And if you’ve ever watched Lilo and Stitch you know that Ohana means family. Well, I think they got a little cheated with the song (surprising considering it was Black Eyed Peas) but it was a lot of fun. Lil Mama says the energy dropped but they’re still clean and passionate. But show us the passion. Bring it! Represent, turn it up. Omarion likes that they include their culture but it felt like they were nervous. Be intense! JC said the intensity was missing. Smash rm right now! The moves resembled each other too much throughout.

Next up is Heavy Impact with the song “Say Ah.” Did you know that they’re big? Who thinks hip hop dancers are typically small? Ballet yes, hip hop not so much. Fit yes, because then you can fully see their movements. Which, it felt like you couldn’t here. And the impact was not heavy. Omarion says “yeaaah” they captured the music with energy. Isaac’s backflip was beautiful. JC says this is a good platform for them. The steps were too “one and two…” Lil Mama doesn’t see them as gimmicky. Take it to the next level. Clean up.

Finally for the west, Poreotix with “Day and Night.” Showing why they were the first pick at regionals, clean, funny, and interesting though maybe no “moment.” JC appreciates the way they tie the lyrics to the choreography. Great isolations but the whole routine was isos. Find a little something else. Lil Mama thinks they are clever. Intensity is amazing and respectful. Grow! Omarion agrees with JC, he wants to see more.

Of the west…the first crew safe is…Poreotix. No surprise there. The second one safe is…Heavy Impact. (So same as last time.) Hype 5-0 will be fighting sudden death once again.

For the south, Swagger Crew is up with “Hard.” I do feel the need to point out that doing well within the south does not prove you can stand up to the west and east. Lots of moments but nothing super awesome. I’m sad to say the one girl seems to be the weak link in the group. Lil Mama doesn’t know what it is but they’re losing the swag. They’re transition was out of place. She’s shocked. Omarion says the choreography was mediocre. JClikes that they’re are is to fight through their pain. Good job showing off the girl. One dimensional routine but good intensity.

Jungle Boogie is part two of the south doing “How Low.” The girl in the crew reminds me of LaurieAnn Gibson. Energy to the max. I like that they don’t make such a big deal of their one girl though she does wear a different outfit. They had tons of excitement and JC says they just woke everyone up. Started with huge energy and it didn’t stop. So fun. Loved it. Lil Mama totally totally totally agrees. Animal instincts! Girl keeps up with the guys. They know how to pace. Omarion wants to give it up to Rocky for keeping it all in line. Nice to include the African stuff. Good job.

Royal Flush is the last of the south, performing to “Down.” Another crew with just one girl but she is one of the better women I’d say since her stuff actually looked clean. This group, though it barely made it through before, may have redeemed itself this time around. Omarion said this time the cards were used creatively. Watch their cleanliness. JC liked that they did a lot and were playful. Lil Mama says well improved. Transitions on point, musicality too, ready to evolve. They all appreciate them.

Of the south…the first crew safe is…Jungle Boogie. As expected. The second one safe is…Royal Flush. Swagger Crew will be fighting sudden death for a chance to save themselves.

In the east…first comes Saltare doing “Hotel Room Service.” This is the jump roping group. I hope they can show us something more than last week. I feel like the jump roping is super cool but it’s not enough to watch for so long. They need to find more choreography and have less jumping. JC says they wowed him again. Fun routine. Omarion agrees. They represent. Lil Mama commends them on staying true to themselves. Great group. I wonder how long until they’re like “look the rope is cool but we need more actual dancing.”

Second from the east is Static Noyze with “Whatcha Say.” One of the guys injured his back. That choreography was really interesting and to a fun song. They really used the song. Omarion says they’re the most diverse group. They had a love triangle story going. It was great. Lil Mama says season five is bringing diverse crews and they’re one of her favorites. Impressive. Make the best pop more. JC thought they’d have to rework everything because of the injury. They’re experimental. It was a performance.

Finally, the last contenders are Blue Print Crew performing to “That’s Not My Name.” Anyone else think there’s an issue when they say “being the first foreign crew in America’s Best Dance Crew…”? Tough song but they made it a lot of fun. Lil Mama said they’re strong performers. They can dance. They moved fluently and elegantly. JC said strategically they were on point. Well structured. Great reveals. Omarion said brilliant and he enjoyed. I think they’re safe.

The east has really picked up this week. Of the east…the first crew guaranteed to next week is…Blue Print Crew. The second one safe is…Saltare. (So same as last time.) Static Noyze will be fighting sudden death once again.

Time for the final competition done to
“Tik Tok.” Each group actually pulled out something pretty cool for their performace. Group number one was perhaps the weakest. During the break the judges decide who is safe.

Going through to next week is…Static Noyze (first as I thought they’d be) and Hype 5-0. So Swagger Crew is home first and their banner falls. (This part of the show is far less dramatic than they think it is.)


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