Lost: The Substitute

AW- Locke gets home from the airport. Still wheelchair bound, he gets out of the car on the can’s ramp, which, gets stuck midway (ironic because I was literally thinking “wouldn’t it suck if it got stuck”). He tries to ride off anyway, falls, and is hit by the sprinklers that go on. Out comes the mom from Unhappily Ever After (his one true love) to help him. Locke is in the bath and they discuss the annoyance of making wedding plans. She considers skipping it all for Vegas but he says she deserves it. Helen asks how the conference was and he says boring. She sees Shepherd’s card and suggests he call him. What are the odds of running into a spinal surgeon. Maybe it’s destiny. He just can’t get away from destiny. He is meant to walk.

Meanwhile, on the island…is that the smoke monster looking around? Yup now we see Locke pick up a knife and cut Richard down from a tree. Time to talk.

Wheelchair Locke goes to work, enters his cubicle and looks all pensive. He gets a welcome from his rude boss. Locke is caught in a lie about going to the conference. It seems he didn’t attend a single event. The company sent him on their dime. He asks for it to count as his vacation. It was personal. He gets fired.

Monster Locke gives Richard water and then apologizes for the way he treated him. He wants Richard to come with him. John’s a candidate. Or was. For what? Apparently Jacob was keeping secrets. Monster Locke says he’d never have kept it all secret. Join him and learn all. Richard says no. Are you sure? Monster Locke shows him a blond boy with bloody hands. The kid disappears in a glance. Monster Locke says he’ll be seeing him.

Ben goes inside the temple again and finds a crying woman. (I forget her name.) She wants to know what happened and Ben says she likely won’t believe him. Ben lies and says Locke killed Jacob as well. The woman takes the ashes in the center of the room into a pouch. Why did Locke take Richard? He’s recruiting. Well duh.

Monster Locke mosies on over to the old Others sight where Sawyer is now living. Living is a generous term, he’s boozing himself to death. James is all “thought you were dead” to which Monster Locke replies “I am.” Sawyer pours alcohol for Monster Locke who licks his fingers and Sawyer toasts to being dead. He’s taking dead Locke well. Sawyer doesn’t care about anything but the whiskey. So get out. Monster Locke tells him it isn’t his house. Living there for a while doesn’t make it his house. Sawyer knows it isn’t Locke because Locke was scared even when he pretended otherwise. Monster Locke says he can answer the most important question in the world. And what question is that? Why are you on this island? Sawyer’s response is because of all the things that messed up. Nope. Monster Locke says if he coems with him he can prove that there is a different reason. Sawyer decides he needs some pants.

Wheelchair Locke wheels his stuff out and there’s a problem. He can’t get into his truck because someone parked too close. He’s tries to open the ramp to ruin the car but it stall. Locke bangs on the car, it’s Hurley’s. He apologizes for parking to close. He’s not new, he owns the company. He offers to talk to the boss but when Locke turns it down he sends him to a temp agency that he owns.

The pilot covers dead Locke. Sun is there. Everyone else has gone to the temple where the Others are, it is the safest place. She needs to come to find Jin. He’ll be at the temple if he’s alive. Sun wants to bury dead John first.

Monster Locke plays 20 questions with Sawyer. The blond boy appears again and Locke is surprised when Sawyer can see him. He chases after the kid but trips on a branch and falls. Right at the kid’s feet who says he says “you know the rules, you can’t kill him.” In typical Locke fashion he says “don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Sawyer calls for Locke but instead Richard approaches. Richard wants him to go to the temple. Sawyer wants answers so he wants to go with Locke. He wants everyone dead. He won’t stop. He hears Locke coming and runs. Who is Sawyer talking to? Nobody. Ever catch up to the kid? What kid? Right.

Wheelchair Locke is at the temp agency getting asked what kind of animal he’d describe himself as. People person? He asks for the supervisor. It’s Rose! He just wants a job. He wants construction, she says it isn’t a good fit. Let’s be more realistic. What does she know about realistic? She has terminal cancer. She got past denial and got back to living the life she has left. So, let’s find him a proper job.

Monster Locke and Sawyer discuss books. Of Mice and Men is after his time. Is Lost trying to get philosophical for us now? Sawyer pulls a gun on Locke and says he wonders what would happen if he shoots. Locke suggests they find out. What is he? Trapped. For so long he doesn’t remember what it’s like to be free. He used to be a man. Sawyer’s doubtful. He knows emotions, what it’s like to lose a loved one. Shoot if you want, but you’re so close. It would be a shame to turn back.

Sun and crew set off with dead Locke in tow. He can’t change from Locke form any more. He’s stuck. They get to the cemetery and bury dead Locke. Anyone have anything to say? Didn’t anyone know him? Ben offers. Locke was a…believer. He was better than Ben who is sorry to have murdered him.

Wheelchair Locke wakes up and gets dressed. He debates over calling Jack and finally does. But when the secretary picks up he hangs up. Nevermind. Helen wants to know who it was. She’s glad he called but he says he won’t see Jack. He says he got fired. The doorbell rings. Helen goes to get it. It’s the lost luggage. Helen wants to know how he got fired. He didn’t go to the conference. He has Helen open the luggage that was dropped off: it’s his knives. She’s not happy. He reveals that he went on his walkabout. Or what was supposed to be his walkabout. They made him realize he couldn’t do it. He’s sick of imagining what life outside of the chair would be like. It won’t happen. There is no such thing. (So while Kate’s life sort of paralleled, Locke’s seems to have gone the opposite route.) Helen insists there are miracles but all she’s ever waited for was him. She rips up Jack’s card.

Monster Locke and Sawyer reach the cliffs and now they go down. Down there. Sawyer doesn’t intend to die so Locke had better go first. Her’s already dead after all. Locke is fine with that. Sawyer follows. This does not seem like the best ladder choice and sure enough literally as I type the words the rung breaks under Sawyer’s foot. And then the rope ladder he switches to falls off. Locke helps him on to the next bamboo ladder. So much for wanting him to die right? They reach the bottom. Sawyer doesn’t seem all that pleased. They’ve come to a cave of objects. (Scales?) What is this place? On a scale is a white rock and a black rock balancing each other. Locke takes the white rock and throws it in the water. What’s this all about? Locke lights a torch and they set off further inside. That’s why you’re here. That being…a scrawling on the cave wall.

Wheelchair Locke coaches girl’s practice. Then he teaches biology. Then he wheels through the crowded hallway and gets directions to the teacher’s lounge. Ben is there talking about the need to remove the filter. Ben teaches European history. Locke is substituting.

Sawyer wants to know who wrote all over the walls. Jacob. He’s dead. Monster Locke isn’t upset. The names are mostly crossed out but not all, 23-Shepherd for example. 8-Reyes, 16-Jarrah, 42-Kwan (Jin or Sun?), 4-Locke, and 15-Ford (aka Sawyer). We get a quick glimpse of when each of them met Jacob. He did meet Jacob, when he was a very little boy and miserable. He manipulated him into making choices that led him to the island. Each name is a potential replacement as protector for the island. He can do nothing, accept the job (protect the island from nothing), or leave the island and never look back. How? Together. Oh, well, thanks for clarifying. Monster Locke wants to know what he thinks. He’s ready.

This was one of those episodes that left me go “I see…wait, no I don’t.” I liked it though, it finally feels like we’re getting somewhere, even as new mysteries are piled onto the old ones we’ve been waiting on all this time.


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