Make It Or Break It: Hope and Faith

Kelly talks about the win in London. They’re like a family. Lauren, Kaylie, and Emily moan and Sasha tells them to act like champions. We’re also informed that in one month the US is going to China. Marty is asked who will go and Marty says the best will go. Kaylie says liar. Sasha berates them for their screw ups. He points out that they won without them so they need to prove that they are needed in China. Those who go will be considered the ones to watch for the Olympics. They need to do whatever they are told. He says their career depends on this (if ever there was a more false statement). The girls then decide to ice out Kelly Parker. This is Kaylie’s idea. Lauren questions Emily about her mom’s new boyfriend. Lauren leaves to “protect what’s rightfully hers.”

Payson meets with the doctor. The doctor says they should be afraid because the surgery carries a small risk. Out of 100 procedures only one has failed. Payson wants to go for it. She could compete again this year. When can they schedule it? In the next couple of days. Kim says no. Payson says it is her decision. Mark says it is a family decision and will be discussed at home. The doctor stops Kim to see if she has any more questions. Kim asks if she has any children and she says she doesn’t.

Emily is upset that her mom kept the prom dress. Emily feels like a charity case. Emily thinks he might be married but Chloe learned her lesson when a man’s wife shot her with a paintball gun. No, he’s a gentleman. When things are serious introductions will be made.

Kim and Mark talk. Kim is upset. The surgery was decided the minute they walked into the hospital. The surgery is too risky and even if she’s fine, the chances of her being great again are minimal. They agreed, no more doctors! They have a huge argument where she tells him to go back to Minnesota and stay there. Payson overhears it.

Kaylie and her parents look at pictures of her parents on vacation. Kaylie plans to use her double Arabian to win over the judges. (Out of curiosity how many elite gymnasts generally cannot do that move?) She and her mom discuss Marty. Kaylie assures her she won’t say anything. We’ll see.

Lauren comes to the Kmetko’s to talk to Chloe. This should be AWESOME! She sees a sign that says “I am a winner, I work hard, I deserve” and makes eyes. Lauren brings up her dad to say that shes doesn’t have a mom and she thought of Chloe. Ever since Summer broke things off with her dad he’s been back with womanizing, he has a sex addiction. She says he goes to different strip clubs and he sleeps with different women every night. Summer was his true love. If only they could get back together. What should she do? Chloe recommends professional help. Let him know she loves him and that his actions affect others. (Chloe makes an obvious slip: I’ve been told I’m easy…to talk to.” When Lauren leaves Chloe calls Steve and gets his voicemail.

I’m noticing that Becca is MIA at the table. Payson says she doesn’t want the surgery. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She says she’s tired of hospitals and doctors. And gymnastics? I…think…there…are…things…in…life…that…are…more…important… I bet you do. Kim hugs her. Mark knows something isn’t right.

Practice. Marty comes in to talk to work. He tells him that he doesn’t need to stick around. Sasha is looking after his girls. Sasha points out that his girls weren’t taken to London. He just asks that he looks at them objectively. He’s objective but they pissed off the national committee. they have to bring their A game.

Kelly Parker skips over. Lauren says she’s like a recurring zit. Focus on China now. No one missed you in London Kaylie and no one will miss you in Beijing (I agree.) Fine tuning and perfection today, Marty says. Make It Count! Kelly Parker and Kaylie discuss their new floor routines. Kaylie’s score now beats Kelly’s. Off course, she has to be able to do it in a routine not just by itself. Kelly is not pleased.

Kim and Mark talk. Mark says Payson wants it. Kim asks Payson and she says no and starts crying. She doesn’t want it because it is tearing them apart. Kim says they love each other no matter what. She can see how scared her mom is, from the person who could always give her strength and hope. If she’s that scared then she’s not brave enough.

Emily fiddles with her leotard in the bathroom. Lauren quotes Emily’s sign. They discuss Marty and Kaylie. Lauren, you’re not even quoting the sign right! Out comes Kelly Parker who was of course hiding in the stalls. She heard everything.

Kaylie is about to do her routine when Kelly brings up her mom and Marty. Rumor! She says her teammates told her. Now that got her. Kaylie runs to Lauren to ask what she told her. Marty comes over to order her to do the floor routine. Sasha gives her the behind the scenes nod. Emily says she’ll loses it if she gets any more drama. (Is that a promise for us?)

Steve calls Chloe and they talk (on the phone/in person). Chloe knows that Lauren knows. (They don’t know that we know that they know…Friends anyone?) What to do? Of course, Emily comes out and hears the whole conversation. (Why did she leave during practice?)

Kaylie is about to do a double Arabian but she falls on it. She asks to try it again. Marty suggests taking the move out. She insists. She needs to show them she’s getting better. He says she needs to trust him and she asks how she’s supposed to trust the man who had an affair with her mom.

Emily confronts Lauren. Why didn’t she just tell her? Lauren thought Emily knew and didn’t want Lauren to break them up so she can have a rich stepdad. Emily and Lauren get into a shoving match. Marty breaks them up and has Emily go to vault and Lauren to bars.

Kaylie drives away and Sasha tries to stop her. Summer tells him what happened (Lauren told her?). Emily is about to go and her mom walks in. She runs to do it and lands on her back. (I’m not sure that really ever happens. Kelly is proud. 2 down, 1 to go. Kelly wants to know how any of them can focus with the mothers they have. She mentions Lauren’s mother abandoning her and Lauren throws chalk in her face. In walks Sasha who punches Marty in the face.

Kaylie needs to pack and get away. Her mom asks why she told him and she says she feels like she’s betraying her dad. She made a mistake asking her daughter to keep the secret. She’s sorry. Kaylie says she’ll quit the national team. Her mom says she won’t let her pay the price for what she did. She’ll tell Alex the truth.

Kim approaches the doctor to find out more. She’s trying, she has faith. The doctor says she has an abundance of faith in a negative outcome. The choice must come from inside. She has to go.

Emily storms into her non-bedroom. Mr. Tanner mom! What about the Rock’s no dating rule. It doesn’t apply to parents and pot, kettle, black. Chloe says she’ll call it off because it upsets her. Does she have feelings for him? It’s not worth finding out. The day was a disaster! Emily gets a call. It’s Sasha calling them back.

Kaylie’s parents talk.

Sasha calls the girls in. He says he screwed up. He set a bad example. Lauren says she thought he was awesome. They haven’t blown it. Sasha and Marty agreed that the practice was private and will remain so. They will have a clean slate tomorrow but they can’t focus on anything else tomorrow. ROCK ON! That’s right, they have their own cheer.

Kim envies Mark for being able to get behind the surgery. Mark says he has fears too. But he has hope. It’s like jumping off a cliff for her. Maybe she should go with fear and she’ll find hope. She was afraid every time Payson learned something new and when she let her take the cortisone. She knew she was hurt and she shouldn’t have let her take the cortisone. This is her fault. She ruined Payson’s life and she can’t make that mistake again. He tells her she can’t hold herself responsible and she can’t let that prevent Payson from taking her one shot to live out her dream. You can hope. This is the right thing to do. Let’s deal with it together. (WHO ELSE LOVES THE KEELERS? Except, really, where is Becca?)

National Committee day. Sasha gives them one last talk. Lauren sticks her vault. Kaylie finishes her bars mistake-free. Kelly does beam. Emily does her vault just fine, much to my chagrin. Kaylie on floor does her double Arabian perfectly. She hugs Sasha and there’s an unhappy face from the judge.

Payson goes in for surgery. Her mom tells her they’ll be there on the sidelines when she goes to the Olympics. Payson thanks them for believing in her future. (How upset would you be if they decided to make it that the surgery messed up?)

Marty gathers them for the final decision. The following girls…Tara, Rene, Kelly, Lauren, Beth, and Andrea. Lauren is thrilled for herself. Kaylie and Emily are shocked. Lauren says it won’t be as much fun without them. Kelly says Kaylie’s reign is over and no one cares.

Sasha yells at the judges and one judge says they’re confident in the people they’ve taken. Why mess with success? His girls are inconsistent. They know about what happened at the practice the day before. They want to project Kelly as their image. They weren’t thrilled with Sasha coming out of gymnastics. Kelly and Marty can be counted on. It is a sport of discipline, they let their passion rule them, so the national committee will stick to the girls they can keep in line.

Kaylie sits and the floor in the locker room and Emily joins her. Kelly can’t believe it and they don’t know what happened. Emily feels like it was finally all going for her, she felt like she really deserved it. What now? Lauren joins them and says she hates Chinese food. Kaylie wants to know what they saw in Lauren but not her. She’s the national champion. Kaylie storms off and so does Emily. Lauren is left sitting alone. (I actually feel bad for her again.) Sasha yells at Marty. Who told them about yesterday? Marty says he didn’t. He has his word.

Kaylie and Emily asked what happened and he says the judges’ minds were predetermined. Sasha says it’s politics. They think the Rock is a rogue gym. If they think they’re renegades now, they haven’t seen anything yet. (Another excellent last moment!)


7 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: Hope and Faith”

  1. Chloe Says:

    they wouldn’t let the surgery be messed up – especially after all that talk about letting your fear go, about faith etc.
    can’t wait for payson’s return. with her back on the team, joining sasha’s side of course, she’ll be able to lead Emily and Kaylie to achieve what they deserve.

    i really hope that the theme for the upcoming episodes is along the lines of discipline and working hard to get to the top, rather than resorting to all sorts of politics and messing with people’s minds a la Kelly Parker that we’ve been seeing so far.

  2. Chloe Says:

    i usually love some boy drama, but this episode is great for a change.

  3. sarah Says:

    This episode is why I love this horrible show!!! I was getting a little sick of the episodes having NOTHING to do with gymnastics, but every part of this episode was great.

    Love the Keelers as well, as this episode portrayed a real struggle that families face with medical decisions….and where is Becca? Even in the start of the episode where Mark and Kim are arguing she says Payson went to pick up Becca(guess Payson can drive now)?

    Chloe, I agree….I don’t think they are going to have Payson’s surgery not work, but as I said previously they need to show her struggle and her comeback and do a little research on recovering from back surgery….with Payson back then there really will be NO room for Emily 🙂

    I was surprised they left Kaylie off the team based on her practice, but she is a bit of a ‘headcase’ eventhou Lauren did throw chalk in Kelly’s face(which I LOVED). I did believe Marty when he said he didn’t say anything to the national team committee, because I think it was Kelly Parker….

    Now the million dollar question…while in the bathroom tormenting Emily, Lauren checked the stalls to see if anyone was in there… Does anyone else think she saw someone(not that she would KNOW it was Kelly in there) in the stalls and purposely mentioned Ronnie’s affair hoping it would get out and take Kaylie off her game? Because remember in the season premier she was talking to Summer about Kaylie and started effing around with Carter to mess with her head? I kinda think Lauren let the cat out of the bag on purpose…..thoughts, anyone? I am slow at work this week so entertain me 🙂

  4. Chloe Says:

    hey sarah, i was wondering that exact same thing! lauren obviously checked the stalls. i don’t know if she’s the reason behind everything, including telling marty off to the national team committee. nothing was mentioned about nikki russo. do the guys get to train in china as well? i want him back – really love his disciplined attitude towards training.

    i like it that they separated lauren from the rest of the team, so that now it’s head on between The Rock and The Annoying.

    • sarah Says:

      oooo I never even thought that maybe it could have been lauren telling instead of Kelly or Marty…I would HOPE she wouldn’t but you can never put it past her!! I think it’s a interesting plot twist to separate from the rock girls…the writers will be able to do a lot with that.
      As far as the guys in China…in ‘real life’ gymnastics, aside from Nationals, Olympics and Worlds there are a lot of separate womens and mens competitions, which is probably what this is. I miss Nicky too, I liked him so much better than Carter. Let’s hope Monday is as good as last weeks!

      • ax20 Says:

        Though they were unhappy about Lauren’s behavior too (throwing the chalk in Kelly’s face). They must have taken Lauren since this way they could argue that they weren’t just blocking out all of Sasha’s girls while stills giving the biggest insult.

  5. sarah Says:

    Yup, you are right…they had to take SOMEONE from the rock and since Kaylie was a headcase and Emily SUCKS…Lauren was the obvious choice…

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