The Secret Life: The Rhythm of Life

Everything is a bit delayed thanks to the Olympics (by that I mean because I’m watching it so seeing everything else will come a bit late).

Cards between the fathers (including Ricky). He’s spending time with John. George is touchy with him. George more or less bullies Ricky into playing poker. George seems angry and finally he comes out with it: you kissed Amy! (PS Adrian’s dad is in the room.) John wakes up before the father’s can finish discussing it.

The girls are at the mother daughter dance where the psychologist is the only one dancing. Anyone else feel bad for her? More because she doesn’t seem to realize how strange she is to have everyone staring at her as she does the chicken dance. Everyone claps in a mortified sort of way. She welcomes them to the dance. She wanted them to have a night out together and fun. “It’s great to be alive!” Adrian and her mom cringe. Amy and Ashleigh wants to leave but Anne says they just arrived. Ashleigh is angry at Amy and makes some comments but she doesn’t clarify. Madison pulls Amy onto the dance floor to talk about how she thinks the dance will affect their grades. They wonder about Jimmy. Lauren joins. The mothers are alone! Amy tries to convince her friends that she’s not a bad kisser. Anne tries to get information out of Ashleigh. Grace’s mom approaches and Ashleigh uses the opportunity to leave. The moms are awkward. The girls realize the moms are blabbing and panic. Grace and Adrian talk. Adrian is paranoid. Adrian wants Ben to go back to Amy but Grace says no. Grace says Ricky is in love with Adrian so she should forget about Amy. Adrian thinks there’s more, Amy isn’t as innocent as everyone thinks. Grace doesn’t think Jimmy had sex with Amy, just that Amy is a bad kisser. Adrian doesn’t believe that’s the reason. Grace likes being the more aggressive one. Alice joins the conversation to grill Grace about her feelings for Ben. Adrian is convinced Amy is having sex. “There’s only one way to tell who Amy’s sleeping with…” We meet Alice’s mom now and they continue talking about weddings. Alice’s mom causes lots of awkwardness. Anne announces that she and George are getting married and then she leaves. “Good for her, even if most second marriages to the same person never work out.”

Ricky rejoins the dads and wants to know what happened: Ashleigh told. He was helping her learn to kiss. Ricky says she’s not so naive or easily taken advantage of. It was a favor he wanted to keep secret. Ricky makes the argument that he was just being a good guy. Ricky insists he was just helping. He says it was like kissing his sister. Rubin asks what he will tell Adrian. He insists he be the one to tell her. Rubin will let Ricky tell her. Maybe what he’s saying is true?

Jack is studying when he gets a call. It’s Madison. He feels bad for treating her like he’s only going out with her to sleep with her or because he broke up with Grace. He likes her. She’s fun, smart, and special. He wants to slow down and get to know each other. She wonders if he’s drinking. She asks if he’s breaking up with her? Then she asks if he has to be such good friends with Grace. He’s hestant but says if that’s what she wants. It is.

Ben and Henry are also playing cards. Henry just doesn’t understand the game. He doesn’t actually want to learn, he wants to talk about Grace and then go sleep with Alice. Alice arrives, Henry wants to go. Alice spreads the parent’s gossip. Alice then spreads the girl’s gossip. He says it wouldn’t have been right to have sex with Amy. She already has a baby, they’re not married, and what if she got pregnant again. Alice thinks that’s why he broke up with her: the fear of getting her pregnant. Does he have the same fear for Grace (because of Grace’s success with birth control). Apparently about 25% of the girls who get pregnant young have another child within the next year or two.

Ben’s dad comes in and Ben wants to talk. Time to rehash the conversation we just heard. He thinks he had a breakthrough. His fear isn’t rational, it’s stupid and ridiculous. He wants to go tell Amy and they can talk through it to get to a better place. He likes Grace but it’s not like kissing Amy. And it was fun with Maria but he loves Amy and doesn’t like being apart from her. His dad suggests he sleep on it. His dad says this may not be the solution, it may not sound better to her. It might be stupid to tell her. He can see Ben is going to ignore his advice. Feelings are complex! If he keeps going back and forth Amy won’t trust him. There were other reasons why he broke up with Amy. He begs him to keep thinking about it.

Ashleigh is all alone. Lauren’s mom and Madison’s stepmom talk about their daughters’ sex lives. She thinks it is hard to make good decisions when surrounded by friends making bad ones. Grace comes over to Ashleigh. Grace is glad to hear other women chose the wrong first guy. Grace spills the news Anne shared. Ashleigh is surprised but pretends she isn’t. GOSSIP MUCH! Amy finds Ashleigh and they share the marriage news. Adrian wants to talk to Amy alone and asks if Amy has a condom. Amy gives it to her and Adrian is convinced this means Amy is having sex. So much for definitive way to tell.

Ben calls Amy’s home and George picks up. He offers to bring pizza for them. Ben mentions Anne’s news which George is surprised about.

Anne explains to the girls that she said it because she felt like she was being judged. Amy says “welcome to my world” and Ashleigh says “you created your world.” Ashleigh reveals the kiss to Anne. The evening is over and the counselor is still the only one on the floor. She uses a Holocaust guilt story to make them all dance. Seriously? That’s not okay, no matter what your motivation. Why wouldn’t you share this story in the beginning? She wants to create a great moment of bonding to get the teens through high school. She asks them to join her on the dance for the various things that could make you unhappy. Everyone is staring at her throughout this speech and when she’s done she pulls Anne onto the floor, who pulls Ashleigh onto the floor. On goes everyone else. I think this is supposed to be a moving moment as they actually do some Jewish circle dancing to Havah Nagilla.

There’s a knock on the door and Amy answers it to find Ben with pizza but she scares him off by mentioning kissing Ricky. George asked why he did that. They discuss why Jimmy didn’t call. Amy is sure there’s nothing wrong with her, there’s something wrong with the guys who don’t like her. She wanted to prove that she could get the guy that every girl wants: Ricky. She’s glad, because it wasn’t as wonderful as she expected. She thinks he’ll always be a good dad but he’s not ready to be a good husband or boyfriend. But she never thought about Adrian who has been really nice to her. She does think Ricky loves Adrian. George thinks he will be sleeping in the bedroom. Amy says the marriage rumors aren’t true.

Grace gets a call from Adrian who is peering out at Amy’s house and sees Ben sitting in front of Amy’s house. Adrian is sure Ricky is sleeping with Amy. Grace thinks Ben and Amy are getting back together. Adrian is going to go find out. Adrian thinks maybe she should sleep with Ben to get back at Amy and Ricky. Grace insists she not do it. Grace says she shouldn’t do anything until she knows what really happened. Adrian’s dad wants to know if she spoke to Ricky. He’s doubting Ricky and his family. You can wait until he wants to introduce his family, pressure could make him run in the other direction. She storms out of the house and knocks on Ben’s window. He’s just thinking. Does he need company? Yeah. She gets in. You can see the flirting begin. Ricky is calling Adrian but she’s left her phone at home. He texts her “I Love You.” That’s a big step right?


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