Past Life

If ever there was a show I was skeptical about, Past Life is it. The show, about a doctor who solves crimes by delving into her patients’ past lives. Dr. Kate McGinn, along with her ex-cop partner, Price Whatley, help their patients piece together their regressions (flashbacks to their past life, typically traumatic ones) to discover what is bothering them. In the first episode we see a boy who has flashbacks of being killed and discover that he is the reincarnation of a girl who was kidnapped, along with her sister, and killed. The sister however, was still alive and through their detective work and his memories, they were able to find her again and arrest the killer/kidnapper. In episode two, a young woman’s regressions help free a man from death row.

I’m surprised to say that I actually liked the show. For a change, the show actually gave a little bit of background and personality to the characters even while sticking to the procedural format of the show. We have only been given a minor glimpse into the full cast as Kate (notice that Kate is a super popular TV character name lately) and Price have been the only people we’ve met for more than a few moments but I suspect that with time that will be remedied.

What the first episode lacked in twists, it made up for with flashes of regression and the second episode

The show’s inspiration, as with so many TV shows these days, comes from a book, the Reincarnationist. Having never read the book, I can’t compare the two but it might be something to check out. From the summary that I’ve read, I like what they’ve done with the show and am glad they didn’t follow the book (it seems to complicated to translate into a TV show).

Will you be checking this show out?


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