America’s Best Dance Crew: The West

The final regionals competition is in the west. The west currently hold all ABDC title.

Hype 5-0 is from Hawaii. Nichelle from We Are Heroes is the guest judge. The one thing I think they are missing is big moves, otherwise they’re in sync, hard-hitting, and fun. Omarion says amazing job. Energy was enormous. He thinks they have what it takes. Keep up the confidence. Lil Mama: “Wow, perfect way to start the show”, they killed it. JC says they used the stage well.

Next contenders are Heavy Impact. Not my favorite group but they certainly are fun and they’re definitely proving to be better than the first round of auditions. Lil Mama congratulates them for their confidence. Great performance. Smooth out the sexiness. They’re athletic. JC thinks they’re interesting. They cleaned up their formations. They lost out in a few moments but overall good. Omarion said they stepped it up, they kept up the groove.

The Blended Projekt is an all-girl’s group, save for one guy. That’s unusual. They also have two of the show’s youngest competitors (one girl is 15). They are cloggers (tap?). JC thought it was fun but says they need to look tougher on the tough steps. This is the biggest crew. They use the stage well but needed a little more momentum throughout. They’re good at mixing styles. Omarion says they need aggressiveness. He thought is was cool but needed more energy. More fight. Lil Mama was low-mid tempo but they need to hit harder in the hip hop.

Break Efx is the only B-Boy crew. B-boy crews traditionally do well so I’ll be surprised if we don’t see more of them. Lil Mama thinks they are funkadelic but wants them to bring it harder, make it more complicated. Choreography was ok. Omarion recognizes that B-Boy is seriously athletic. He would have liked to see more foundation moves. It was cool. JC agrees, he saw a couple unique moves.

Poreotix, the final group is a popping d robot group. A little slow for me. The song is Taylor Swift and they have the Kanye West interruption. JC says it was a lot of fun, not very difficulty but lots of charisma. Lil Mama says best performance of the night, entertaining. It was an overall performance. She appreciates their cleverness and fun. Omarion says good time overall. Great job. So…I’m guessing they go through.

My guess is Hype 5-0 and Poreotix make it straight through. The results…Crew number one through is Poreotix. Second id Heavy Impact. Well I got 50-50.

Finally, the showdown. Blended Projekt first, I think they took their critique to heart and are just going for it in the hip hop. Then Hype 5-0 who are still funny. Break Efx has a lot of big moves. Now I’m not sure who I want. Too bad we can’t just kick out all the easters and take only south and west. (I say that as someone from the east.)

Finally, the last group making it to nationals: (so much cheesiness in Mario’s speech…) Hype 5-0.


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