Sherlock Holmes

I’ve been meaning to see this movie for a while now. I’ve never read the Sherlock Holmes books but my dad is a big fan so I’ve certainly heard a lot about them.

I’ve heard mixed reviews and I find myself mixed on the movie as well.

In this movie, Sherlock is hired to track down a missing man, the redheaded midget, by a woman he’s been fascinated with for years (she’s outsmarted him twice!). The case quickly leads to something bigger than what Holmes expected, including the dark arts and resurrection. What first seems like a simple case could lead to a mass murder.

Some parts of the movie were very exciting. It started right in the action, with a case that both established Sherlock and Watson, their relationship and character, and set up the rest of the movie (though it didn’t seem to do so at the time). Other parts of the movie were too slow. The first half hour (after the case), where Sherlock had no case was uneventful to the point of boredom. I know he gets depressed when he has no case (if you read the diagnostics section of the New York Times Magazine–it’s a real life House column–there was an article regarding the diagnosis of Holmes’s condition) but it doesn’t make for interesting viewing to watch someone sit around moping for a half hour.

Once the real case began (or began again) the movie got much better. The characters came alive, there was always something to watch and pay attention to, and tons of excitement. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the cinematography, particularly the slowed down action scenes, but it didn’t detract enough from the movie that I couldn’t appreciate it.

I like the way they managed to combine both the personality and story to make a full, well-rounded movie.


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