This episode of House was an interesting one because unlike every other episode, there was no medical mystery (well, to be precise, there was no mystery that we followed). Rather than follow House, the show followed Cuddy for an episode. Some may not like this deviation from the plot’s norm, but I actually really liked having the opportunity to get inside Cuddy’s world. (She’s been a little MIA in the show lately.)

We start with Cuddy waking up at 5 am and beginning her day only to find that nothing is going right: she is in bed alone, the baby is sick, she’s late to work, she has to deal with multiple House issues, she’s dealing with board pressure about a deal for the hospital that could cost her job, and someone is suing because Chase sewed back on their thumb which was more expensive than just closing up the wound (mind you, he was a carpenter, he needs his thumbs). Anyone who has ever wanted to be the dean of a hospital, this may cause you to rethink that ambition (almost makes you understand Richard’s alcoholism). With a lot of bluffing, blunt force, and craftiness, everything works out but for a while there, it’s a little doubtful.

I thought this was such a fascinating episode and I was glad to learn more about Cuddy (who interestingly enough turned to House constantly for support, though partially because he’s manipulative and wouldn’t leave her alone–but he was also sweet!) BUT I would have liked to learn more about her. I’d like to know more about her past and how she became the person she is. We have everyone else’s pasts and I think it’s time we get more of hers.


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