I read a really interesting article today that I felt the need to talk about.

If you’ve watched this week’s episode, you know that Chuck and Sarah have, for the moment, called it quits and are pursuing other love interested (Shaw and Hannah). This has apparently garnered anger from a number of fans who have decided to boycott the show in order to force the show’s writers to make the storyline the way they want it.

To me this seems like the most counterintuitive response to the show. For starters, I’m not sure why everyone is surprised that they’ve introduced new love interests, much less why people think boycotting the show is a good plan.

First, if you know anything about TV, of course Sarah and Chuck aren’t together again. The majority of the show’s drama has always been the will they won’t they of Chuck and Sarah. Of course we are supposed to want them to be together. And of course we’re supposed to be sad that they aren’t together. But think about Ross and Rachel on friends. How long did it take to finally and permanently get together? Hannah and Shaw are not permanent cast members. They won’t be there forever. Likely, much of the drama will be things like Hannah thinking Chuck isn’t over Sarah and Shaw thinking Sarah isn’t over Chuck. Ultimately, they will break up (and Shaw and Hannah will probably disappear from the show) and one day, should the show stick around long enough, Sarah and Chuck will end up together (and if they don’t they’ll make sure to build it up so that we can like the newer pairing like they did to transition Clark and Lana to Clark and Lois on Smallville). This is how TV works. Nearly always. Current examples: House and Cuddy (House), Shawn and Juliet (Psych), Castle and Beckett (Castle), Cappy and Casey (Greek), Leonard and Penny (Big Bang Theory), Michael and Fionna (Burn Notice), Nathan and Sophie (Leverage)…you get my point. Also, if all you like about the show is the relationship between them and nothing else, there are other shows with great love stories so go watch one of them rather than throwing a tantrum about this one.

The second part of my “I don’t understand fan reaction” is the boycott. Now, how close to cancellation was Chuck? It took a Subway Campaign (and Subway throwing in funds) to save it for another season but the show, while doing decently, is certainly not out of the woods yet. If viewership drops, they’re not going to say “how can we rewrite the show to make people happy?” It’s easier to just write another show then rewrite an existing one. Here is the thing that viewers forget: the writers, not the viewers, know the story arch for the season (and/or the show as a whole). So they can’t just change things on the whim of the viewers because then the rest of the season wouldn’t make sense. By the time there is an opportunity to change the show (aka next season) it will be too late and the show is canceled.

What are your thoughts?

(The original article can be found here.)


One Response to “Chuck”

  1. I miss weeds Says:

    Does anyone know when season 6 is intended to be on The telly?

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