Lost: What Kate Does

The crew wonders how Sayid could be alive. Sawyer wants to know how many guards are in the place because he’s thinking of running.

Meanwhile in alternate world we see Kate’s escape with Claire. She’s forcing them to go while Claire begs to go and the cab driver is the one to run out of the car. Of course, Claire takes a moment to run as well and Kate is left in the cab all alone.

They help Sayid outside and they catch him up. Sayid thinks Jack saved him but we all know that the island’s voodoo really did it. The Others leader and translator wants to speak to Sayid in private. Jack is not so cooperative and demands answers. They say after they speak to Sayid they’ll answer their question but Jack is skeptical so of course the guards begin beating him. So Sawyer gets a gun and says he’s leaving, they can do whatever they want with the others.Kate is all “James” but he’s not listening. He tells them not to come after him. Where’d Sayid go? Kate says she can bring him back, she can track him, she can make him stay. Some of the others and Jin offers to join.

Alternate-world, Kate drives up to a chop shop with the cab. She needs something to get her cuffs off and he helps.

They blow something over Sayid’s mostly healed injury and begin electrocuting him. He doesn’t sound as strong as he usually does. Then the master dude heats an iron rod and burn him (cauterize the wound?). It’s a test of sorts and Sayid passed. (Seeing if he’s the smoke monster?) PS- this is a lie.

A-W Kate finds Claire at a bus stop and returns her stuff. She asks where Claire was going but Claire doesn’t want to tell her. Finally she does and Claire tells about giving up her baby for adoption. Kate offers a ride and she gets in.

Kate asks why they want the group to stay in the temple. They try to ignore Kate’s info but then they take her advice. They find a trap that looks like Russo’s. The guy leading them is upset because Kate doesn’t remember him. She knocked him out when she escaped three years ago and he’s pissed. (Right, that’s something to be upset about. She could have killed you. You were holding her prisoner after all.) So she knocks out their Others escorts, takes a gun, and escapes.

Sayid is returned to Jack and Hugo and Jack goes to demand answers. They say Sayid is infected. Jack disagrees. They want Jack to give him a pill that he must take willingly. They weren’t torturing him, they were diagnosing him. They say this is a chance to redeem himself for those who died helping him. What if Sayid doesn’t take it? The infection will spread…

They want to know what Sayid remembers from his death. Jack wants to talk to Sayid privately. Sayid agrees to take the pill if Jack wants him to because he trusts him.

Kate searches for Sawyer. Jin wants to know where Kate’s plane landed because he wants to find Sun.

Alternate-world Claire and Kate make small talk about handcuffs and the nice neighborhood. Are they really still driving in the cab? Claire is worried about the reason the adoptive parents didn’t pick her up (supposedly they got the date wrong). Claire asks Kate to come inside. The husband of the family left the wife so now she doesn’t want the baby. She can’t do it alone. Claire goes into contractions.

Kate finds Sawyer at the Dharma village where he is digging up artifacts from his past with Juliet. He finds a memory box of sorts and nearly cries until he senses someone there and pulls a gun. He lowers it when he sees that it is Kate.

A-W Kate takes Claire to the emergency room. Real smart, leaving that cab outside. Is that Ethan helping her? Wasn’t he always on the island? Aaron (she names him suddenly) likes to move around a lot and that sets the machines of but all is well.

Sawyer and Kate talk. She came back to the island to find Claire and bring her back to Aaron. (So the moral being Kate will be in Aaron’s life one way or another.) She apologizes for leading to Juliet’s death but he says it isn’t her fault and some of us (meaning him) are meant to be alone. He was going to ask her to marry him.

The master has a translator because he must remain separate from the people he leads because it makes it easier for everyone. He was brought to the island. Jack didn’t give Sayid the medicine because he doesn’t know what’s in it. They tell Jack to trust them, Jack says he can’t even trust himself, so he swallows the pill. The master does a less efficient but still effective version and of the Heimlich maneuver and then tells him there’s poison in the pill. Well then, that should make him give it to Sayid.

In A-W Someone has come looking for Joan Hart (aka Kate) and Claire lies to protect her. Kate thanks her. Claire thanks her back. Why are they after her? Kate says she’s innocent.Claire would believe her. Kate says goodbye.

Sawyer is all lumbering and goes into his ex-house.

They give Jack tea. He drinks and ask why they want to kill Sayid. They believe he has been “claimed.” By what? There’s a darkness growing in him and once it reaches his heart, Sayid as he knows it will be gone. They’re sure because it happened to Jack’s sister. (He has a sister? Oh right, Claire. Forgot about that detail.) Scary Lost music (I met a guy whose father does that!)

They attack Jin to look for Kate. He’s one of “them” so they can’t kill him. Jin steps in a bear trap. They are about to be shot when Claire saves him. Finally meet her for real!

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3 Responses to “Lost: What Kate Does”

  1. sarah Says:

    More questions, less answers….glad to see Claire back-do you think she is the modern day Rousseau?

    • ax20 Says:

      My question is what time is it exactly because the men say that Rousseau was dead for years. We saw when she died, how long ago was that relative to the current timeline?

      • sarah Says:

        God, GREAT question(I didn’t get a new email about this comment)…..I am sure we won’t find out tonight….see I forget the little details like that…….ugh……do you plan to watch tonight with the games on? I am going to DVR it and try to get it in before the good skaters come on tonight.

        -Do you remember where Aaron is??? Did kate leave him with Claire’s mom before she went back to the island???

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