Spartacus: Blood and Sand

So this new show on Starz took me a couple of tries before I found myself liking it. I’m not sure why I didn’t enjoy the first time around but I couldn’t even get more than fifteen minutes in. But I decided to give it one more chance. After all Sam Raimi and Rob Taipert are the producers and Lucy Lawless is in it (her role is not similar to Xena but it’s interesting because she barely looks any older).

Spartacus is a Thracian (a nation looked down upon by the Romans). When the Thracians are betrayed by the Romans they don’t take it well and try to fight back. But the Romans, more powerful, attack the Thracians. Spartacus, who led the attack, is particularly targeted. His wife is taken and he is sent to fight as a gladiator. After a shocking victory, a Gladiator trainer buys Spartacus (in hopes of using him to climb the social ladder) and makes a deal with him: if he does well, he can have his wife back.

Now that I’ve given the show a chance, I’m finding myself really enjoying. The love story is touching, though it would have been nice to get more of them together (maybe some flashbacks?) so we could really feel more invested in it.

My only complaint is the cinematography they use during fights for when people bleed. It suddenly slows down and just focuses on the blood and for me at least, it really slows down the momentum.

This show, not at all for children, has sex and nudity (as many cable hits do to drawn in more audiences) but it isn’t over the top and forced into more scenes than necessary.

Critics had mixed reviews of the show, some saying it was great, others saying it’s thin and lacks story. But viewership has gone up with each episode and I think that if you like history and action, you will enjoy this.


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