ABDC: The East

Regionals part two is in the east. I hope it’s a little tighter competition this time around. The East has also never managed a title (so where have all four winners come from?)

You may have missed it but Mario Lopez stumbled over his words.

Kevin from the JabbawackeeZ is the guest judge for audition rounds.

Legendary Seven is the first group and has two guys from a previous crew from season one called Status Quo. I will say their tricks are pretty awesome. (So could losers just change their crew name and re-enter?) The tricks were great but I think some of the performance was a little too slow. Omarion says WOOOOW. That’s how you’re supposed to come out. Lil Mama says it was really smooth and technical. She wants more difficulty in the choreography. JC said they didn’t waste any time. It’s nice to see their enthusiasm. They proved something. (They keep comparing it to Status Quo but it’s only two of seven guys in the group!)

Group two is Draztik. Their audition is ok but it doesn’t show us enough about it. It is cool that the groups get some good advice that they can employ before competing to remain on the show. There’s something very interesting about them. I like how they sort of use the men and the women differently but still equally. I hope they don’t end every routine by saying “Draztik!” Lil Mama says they definitely made her proud. They worked together well, paced through the music. He liked how they highlight one another. She says they need a little bit more of something. JC knows what she means. He says it was tight and clean but it lacked a unique, memorable moment. Omarion felt that in the beginning they remained in the center too long and that will make it more dynamic. Be like superheroes throughout.

Next is Blue Print Crew (from Canada). Should that even be valid for America’s Best Dance Crew? Lil Mama looks so different at Regionals to the point where her speech and her appearance did not match. Interestingly this co-ed crew has more women than men which is unusual from what I have seen. This group is also very interesting and I’m liking this week’s regional competition much better. JC says he was feeling it. It summed up what he wanted from the last group. He enjoyed the whole thing. Omarion felt that the girls did it all in the beginning. The energy has to match. Lil Mama congratulates them and says that they had the best audition in NY of their day. They gave them that times ten now. Dimension was the word she was looking for earlier and they have it. She hopes they explore the stunts.

Static Noyze is filled with dancers of all genres. Another theatrical group that includes some ballet. Lil Mama says they’re one of the most well-rounded crews. She likes their transitions. Omarion could tell that they have so many styles but he thinks that could be a disadvantage. He doesn’t think the emotion is there. JC disagrees completely. He thought it was very thoughtful and intellectual. He thinks they cared about doing it their way. He was surprised that he bought both styles that they mixed.

The last crew before decision time is Saltare (Jump). This is strange and interesting. They’re a jump-roping group. They’ve apparently won world championships. I’m torn about this performance. On the one hand it was super cool and really difficult. On the other, it was really limiting to have to use the jump-ropes the whole time. Omarion says he’s so impressed because the timing is so crucial, one slip and it’s over. JC says they handled their full time prop masterfully. It was stunts all over the place but they will have to work on the choreography more because that was stunt-heavy. He was entertained. Lil Mama says it’s difficult to make it when you have a new element. She did think it was choreography, it was just a different style. (But was it dancing?) Lots of wow and impressive moments.

Now who should make it into the finals? Blue Print Crew and Saltare are my first picks. The first crew to be safe is…Saltare. Second is…Blue Print Crew. I hope Legendary Seven makes it too. Time for sudden death…

DDraztik is first and something about it seemed slightly off to me. Legendary Seven has lots of stunts in theirs. Static Noyze is last and I’m not all that impressed.

The thing that I dislike about this regional format it that I think the East crews were all better than the South crews and I’d rather have seen more crews from the East go into the finals instead of an equal number from each.

Anyway, the results are in and the final crew going through is…Static Noyze. Well, not my pick but I’m not surprised. They like innovation in this show.


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