Mercy: Can We Talk About the Giant Elephant in the Ambulance

I don’t generally recap Mercy but I had some random thoughts that I decided to share.

James Van Der Beek is the special guest star of the episode. My immediate thought about him is that sarcasm doesn’t suite him. Every sarcastic line delivery just feels super-off.

Michelle Trachtenberg on the other hand continues to impress me as an actress. Her ability to play evil Georgina and then being the innocent Chloe convincingly just shows that she has a lot of range. I would not be sorry to see her reprise her role as Georgina though. It’s a little weird that Chloe hangs out with Veronica and Sonia considering they’ve got like a 10 or so year age difference.

I loved the title of the episode “Can We Talk About the Giant Elephant in the Ambulance” but I loved it less when she said it out loud. (Maybe they always do that but I’ve never noticed until this episode.)

The theme song is great too. One of the better ones on TV at the moment, though not necessarily the most appropriate for the show’s tone.

Also, Grandma from Gilmore Girls is excellent as Sonia’s rich patient when she takes. Emily Bishop is stately no matter what part she plays. I like that storyline a lot. (It’s nice to see more about a patient than their short stories in a single episode.) I didn’t know Emily Bishop was in Dirty Dancing. Anyone else think she and the rich, party boy son may have an affair at some point? It would be sad since she just moved in with her police officer boyfriend, but it does feel like they’re setting it up.

Finally, I am unsatisfied with the ending and Veronica getting the guy. Too predictable.


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