Greek: Pride and Punishment

Rusty and Dale discuss the difficulty of Dale’s schedule. Dale is distant because he doesn’t have the money to fund his project. Everyone is staring at Rusty and a girl who is SUPER AWKWARD approaches to congratulate him. Dale tells him not to get too picky because the sorority girls won’t have the same reaction.

Casey is awkward around Katherine. Katherine wants her to apply for the VP of Judicial position. Casey has been so supportive and patient and she thinks she can trust her. Casey agrees. Katherine wants her to look into what happened with the fire. She is sure Casey can figure it out. She also gives Casey a clipboard. Evan arrives, awkward looks and the meeting begins.

Rusty shows up to class and goes to sit by a pretty girl. She’s a sorority girl taking the class for an easy A (because the professor is desperate to be liked). He tries to impress her with his grant award. In walks Ashleigh. She sits with him and they talk about his love life (while he helps her with a virus on her computer). Marketing rule #1- know your target audience. Which Rusty realizes can be applied to dating.

Casey runs from Evan. He tries to apologize and says it was important to get his house back. Way to rationalize.

Ashleigh and Rebecca talk. (Rebecca was just on Bones and she was so cute. It was so nice to see her be nice for once.) They discuss everyone being still nervous, except Rebecca who claims to be completely unnervous. What to do to calm everyone down and give them something else to focus on.

At their super secret meeting (Amphera), they discuss what everyone did. Cappy reveals what Evan did. They fight and knock over the sacred urn. Is there a way to remove a brother?

Rusty and Dale return Ashleigh’s laptop. She doesn’t remember Dale at all. Ashleigh suggests doing a nerd date auction. Ashleigh says it will help finding a girlfriend because you can sell anything if packaged correctly.

Cappy and Casey are eating Chinese together. Beaver wants Casey to read him Maya Angelou as a bedtime story. Casey thinks that she hurt Gamma Psi for the sake of her house, which is the same thing that Evan did. He says it’s different, it was an accident, Evan did it on purpose. Btu Casey is clearly still feeling guilty (which we should get because she kicked her VP of Justice clipboard away.)

Ashleigh is doing Rusty’s hair. He doesn’t get it. She says she’s making him nerd chic. Ashleigh wants to get him glasses. When he suggests that it’s only what’s on the inside that counts, she laughs at him.

Casey comes to Katherine who is cleaning the vomit of her roommate. Katherine says she intends to look into the songfest stuff because it was injustice no matter how small. Katherine says she misjudged her when they first met and she is sorry.

Cappy cuts in line to get to the Human Sexuality class but Rebecca has been waiting since 7 am. He says he’s seen her soft side. She said she’s had an encounter. It’s just sex, which is the only thing that works between a man and a woman. He suggests she should go for it. Until she reveals that it is Evan Chambers. They find out that there is only one spot left for the class, which they will compete for.

Rusty comes in with his nerdy glasses. Rusty works to convince Dale to join too.

Evan gets home to find Casey who apologizes for yelling at him. She asks how he deals with the guilt because she feels guilty too. He says there’s nothing he can do about it. She thinks she has to confess. He doesn’t feel that way at all. He feels bad about people getting hurt. He says confessing now wouldn’t help, it’s a mistake. But she says she can’t live with it anymore. (So basically, Evan used to be a good guy but he has since lost all morality. Way to go Rebecca, what a catch.)

Rusty walks around in full geek attire and finds Ashleigh. She gives him a flier to go over to Erica. She doesn’t remember him. But the nerd packaging seems to work since she says she’ll be coming.

Casey is talking to the Gamma Psi president Natalie. She wants to clear the air about how hostile things were last semester. Casey says she did it. And she’s taking responsibility. The president suggests they give up their house for them. She thinks that Casey couldn’t have acted alone so this is the only way not to get the entire house implemented.

Rebecca and Cappy are trying to flirt their way into the class.

Evan sees Casey trying to figure out what to do. Evan says Natalie clearly doesn’t want to turn her in, she must be hiding something. Maybe Casey should prove that Natalie was shady during songfest. Fight fire with fire, pardon the wording.)

Nerd auction begins. Most of the girls are awkward. Some blond is with Fischer apparently. Ashleigh kicks him out (Rebecca backs her up). Dana comes to talk to Rusty but in walks Erica. Dale has been convinced to join. Rusty is up first and lots of girls begin bidding on him. Erica wins with $50. Erica says Rusty and every other guy will cheat as soon as he gets the chance. Well, that seems counterproductive Ashleigh. She thinks all guys could be potential Fischers. She saw him blow of Dana.

Casey waits for Ryan, the judge who gave ZBZ a zero in the talent competition. She sucks up to him. She asks him how he prepares. She suggests that Natalie is his girlfriend. He says he and Natalie just slept together. In exchange for the zero for ZBZ.

Erica and Rusty talk. He reassures her that he is not a cheater. She bid on him to help with fixing their technology and tutoring. Poor Rusty, turns out geek chic isn’t where it’s at.

Rebecca looks thrilled that Cappy sees her go over to Evan. He asks her to walk away, even for the spot in the class, but she refuses. Beaver says that friends have to let their friends make their own mistake. (So Beaver isn’t always stupid.)

Casey meets with Natalie. And Katherine. She tells her the truth because she respects her too much to continue lying. She also reveals what Natalie did to get the zero for ZBZ. Katherine is furious. Casey says she wants to call it even.

Casey tells Ashleigh what happened and they’re thrilled. Though sadly Katherine may never speak to her again. (I actually really like her so I hope she’s still around.) Cappy arrives and she says Evan gave her the idea. He wants to know why the women in his life keep giving Evan a second chance. They have an awkward is it okay with you that I talk to my ex conversation.

Rusty is upset about what happened with Erica. Dale on the other hand had a good date with a fellow nerd. Rusty sees Dana and goes over to apologize. She’s upset. Dana says she even liked him when he was the anchor. Dana rants for a while. (I wish she would take her hair out of the Princess Leah buns.) She says she is a woman with needs and deserves a chance. He says he will never forget her name and wants to know if he could buy her coffee but she says he blew it.

Cappy and Evan find out they are both out of Amphera.

Rusty sits with Ashleigh in class and she apologizes. He says she deserves better than Fischer. He says nerds can be a jerk too. She says any girl would be lucky to have him.

Rebecca got her and Cappy both into the class. The professor is gay but Cappy isn’t his type. He apologizes to Rebecca for telling her what to do but he’ll be there for her when he screws her over.

Casey knocks on Katherine’s door to return her clipboard. Katherine says Casey is good enough to remain for the job since she bluffed so well to Natalie. The clipboard wasn’t hers because hers was slightly rusted and she misses it. She isn’t turning Casey because of the headlines it would generate. Casey says she could find Katherine’s clipboard if she keeps looking but Katherine tells her not to bother.


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