America’s Best Dance Crew: The South

It seems the ABDC has decided to get into the act of holding auditions.

The first three weeks are Regional competitions (South, East, and West because apparently there are no crews in the North). The top three of five crews per region will go continue on to the final competition.

Week 1 is the South, where no title has ever been earned from ABDC. JC, Lil Mama, and the new judge Omarion (never heard of him…). Each group created a routine to highlight their skills and style. As always, the bottom crews will have a sudden death battle in the end to decide who will remain.

Hok, who was on both So You Think You Can Dance and ABDC, and won with the Quest Crew, joins them as they search out the talent. Who knew that he was British.

That first group, Jungle Boogie, which does Cranking, was not as impressive as the judges implied in their first audition. Maybe it’s just something about the editing but it looked like there were a couple good moves and otherwise the choreography was boring. It’s a lot better in their real performance on stage. Much more coordinated with better movement. It gets a standing ovation. Omarion was impressed but he and Lil Mama say they need to be cleaner. JC likes their high energy.

Group 2 is Ghost, they have a smooth style. What little we see in first auditions looks like the robot. Those are some tight red pants! If you watched you know what I mean. Their performance was really entertaining but they lacked the wow factor. JC says they added levels which is what he asked for. He warns them not to get too repetitive. He liked the drama but it was a little slow. Omarion felt like he’s seen it before. Push it further. Lil Mama agrees with them both, step it up and increase the difficulty.

Anyone else feel that Mario Lopez is the least consequential host ever?

X-Treme Motion is an all girl group with a different style. It’s apparently a lot of booty shaking which they call Bucking. And I think those outfits have made me blind. I’m not all that impressed with the routine. It was really repetitive to me. Lil Mama says it was high energy but they’re loosing their unison a bit. They use the stage well. JC thought it was fun but it started a bit generic and ended a bit generic. The middle was great. Omarion says booty booty booty. He enjoyed that.

Swagger Crew has one girl and she is taller than all of the guys. From what little is shown from the audition it looks kind of cool. Their style is more theatrical comedy. I didn’t see that in the audition but okay. Well there are the corny faces from the girl but otherwise. i don’t think it’s so much funny as sharp. JC says the girl is hot. The beginning was generic but then it picked up. But he’s never seen a line be done as something other than a ripple. Omarion says they have a name to live up to. They’ve got to swag. He enjoyed. It looks like they’re trained and studied but it needs to look like it comes from the heart. He wants to feel the passion. (I didn’t see that.) Lil Mama, shockingly, agrees. She says don’t focus on one section, make sure all of it is perfect to the T.

Royal Flush has been trying to get on the show for the last four seasons. It seems so scattered. This one guy has some awesome flips. This group also has the one female. And they really highlight her and put her in the front and center a lot. They use her to be the hot focus in the group it seems. Theirs is pretty cool. Lil Mama can’t seem to say anything. Is that a good stunned into silence or a bad? She said there was a lot going on, she’d like to see more choreography. It’s reading more as a crew than a dance group. Omarion congratulates for always trying. They shouldn’t have done the cards because it was corny and they should have been more creative. Props can make you forget about the choreography. JC says he really liked it. Hard work pays off. They did everything but they got a little sloppy at one point.

From here two crews will go through and the other three will compete for a final showdown. The results…the two favorites are: Swagger Crew (that was my first pick too) and Jungle Boogie (also my next guess). I’m not sure who of the last three I want. I think Ghost maybe. Or Royal Flush? Definitely not X-Treme Motion.

X-Treme motion is first and they still don’t strike me as great. Royal Flush also only impresses me in so far as the flips. Ghost isn’t so in sync. Based on the performances I’d pick Royal Flush. (I don’t really like any of them and if it were up to me I’m not sure I’d pick any of them.)

Final Results: The final crew to compete from the South is…Royal Flush.


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