Lost: LA X

Lost returns, finally. I’m a little late but I’ve finally caught up. I’ve never recapped this show (or any show like it) but I will do what I can.

In LA X 1 we learn that the explosion did and didn’t work. It seems to have created a split timeline or alternate dimension, one in which the plane never crashed and one in which they are back in their own timeline but still on the island. (My dad actually predicted this without having ever watched the show but maybe that’s just because he’s a Star Trek fan and we’ve that story in many forms.) The one thing we can’t see in this alternate story is Michael with his son (since the kid is all grown up now) but maybe Michael will come back to us yet again.

It was cute to see Rose and Bernard together on the plane (and nice to see how they ended up separated). One thing that occurred to me was that they decided it was their right to change everything. But what about what Rose and Bernard (and John) want? Rose had cancer and was going to die and being on the island healed her. Shouldn’t she and her husband have any say in whether the future they chose (staying on the island) should be changed?

I like the way they teased us with the possibility of the plane crashing again. It was nice to see some old faces (CHARLIE! BOONE!) but would have been nice to see some others (Ana Lucia, Shannon, Danielle, Naomi). Desmond on the plane was confusing since he wasn’t on it originally and they had met prior to the plane ride (while Jack was running stadiums).

Apparently the smoke monster won’t attack you if you’re in a circle (black circle of ashes?). Which is interesting and strange all at once.

Juliet is officially dead (she does have V to deal with after all). John who made Ben kill Jacob is apparently the smoke monster (so he’s actually dead then?) and Jacob can come in ghost form to give Hurley instructions.

A couple of things I particularly want to commend Lost on. The first was the way they did the sound when Kate woke up. Everything was muffled (and for a moment I thought my computer was having a problem) but we got to really hear the way she was hearing. The other is a more general comment of the show overall which is that it is not afraid to have it’s characters (no matter how attractive they are) look sweaty and disheveled. On most other shows you watch and think “how is it that they’ve gone through a bomb and their hair is perfectly intact” or “how can they hike through the jungle and not be the least bit sweaty or dirty.”

In LA X 2 the plot continues as Hurley takes them to a cave where Kate promptly gets lost and Jack follows suit moments later (well, lost and then imprisoned). But in the other life, Kate remains badass (perhaps more so than she was on the island).

I’m sad for Sawyer losing Juliet but she wasn’t my favorite person on the show and we’d never really gotten to see their relationship develop so I wasn’t as invested in that either. I totally forgot about the Miles talking to dead people thing. Why didn’t Jacob come to him?

Jack’s father’s body has been in a “mix up” and was never put on the plane. Slash it was lost completely. It was definitely put on the plane since it ended up on the island so what we’re seeing is the two storylines sort of combining into one while running separately.

Who is the British chick? And the stewardess? It’s been a while and I’m a little rusty on my characters.

I love that Sun is pretending not to know English again after we all know she does. You almost want to shake her but the Jin we know now is not the Jin who never reached the island. Weird to think of him as something of a thug.

I don’t like that we don’t get subtitled for the guy who doesn’t speak English at the temple. Sure, there’s the interpreter but that’s only when he’s speaking to someone else. When he speaks to the interpreter we get no translation at all, which is strange since we’ve always been given an explanation for what Jin and Sun say. And then there’s the whole lack of explanation for forcing Sayid’s face underwater while he’s unconscious and even as he regains consciousness and struggles for air. All they had to do was give an explanation and they would not have fought. Then again, it does appear that they killed him so it’s hard to say. Or at least as dead as a character can be on this show which, as this episode has shown us, isn’t necessarily all that dead.

Welcome back Claire and way to get her and Kate into the same storyline. I guess without the island Kate can’t really redeem herself.

The two children with the British girl, are they supposed to be those two kids who were taken from the tail end of the plane? I’m going to have to look up their names now.

The news of Jacob’s death causes a frenzy of activity to prevent HIM from getting in. Meanwhile Ben and the smoke monster discuss Ben’s killing of real John. It’s weird to see John talking about himself but not as himself. So we see that the smoke monster is sentient and it wants to go home, wherever home may be. The smoke monster mystery just gets stranger and stranger.

Anyone else find it weird that Jack and Sawyer keep going after the same women? First Kate then Juliet.

It’s interesting to hear Jack as the idealist and John as the practical one. At least in regards to the walking aspect of his life. But John remains the spiritual one talking about how the spirit and the body are not the same.

Sure enough, the episode ends with Sayid coming back to life. So, is he a vampire now?


2 Responses to “Lost: LA X”

  1. sarah Says:

    This show made my head hurt, as usual. There are now so many more unanswered questions that I feel they don’t have time to wrap up in 15 episodes….ugh.
    -I do like the 2 story lines about what would have happened if they landed , it’s almost like 2 seasons in one…it will be interesting to see how they tie it together.
    -I have forgotten so many characters and who, what, where , when and why, etc.
    -Still mad they killed off Juliet, I wanted to get more answers on her and I loved her and sawyer together.

    • ax20 Says:

      I kind of see something about how they all end up connected and things don’t change much regardless. (We’ve already seen Claire end up with her baby instead of having it be adopted, the baby is named Aaron, and Kate is already more connected to Aaron than anyone else.)

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