Psych has finally returned for the second half of the season. I’m pleased with both episodes because each one is actually about Shawn, Gus, and Juliet, which always makes things more interesting. I’ve always said that the heart of the show and its relationships is always the key to making it good. A lot of gun fights and no personality does not make for interesting TV (as Human Target clearly shows). This show is not missing that.

In “You Can’t Handle This Episode” we meet Juliet’s brother. He is basically Captain America and works for a top secret part of the army. Shawn is oddly jealous of him but maybe that’s just because he doesn’t like not being the center of attention. Rachel Leigh Cook also departs the show, meaning Shawn’s girlfriend Abby is no longer around. We all knew that was coming since Shawn and Juliet will eventually end up together.

In “Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers” we find out that Gus has a secret girlfriend. Shawn, threatened by the idea that a girl might replace him in Gus’s life becomes territorial. It turns out that Ruby has a secret of her own: she’s an adrenaline junkie. When one of their friends goes missing during a white water rapids rafting trip, Shawn suspects Ruby of hiding something.

The show is a lot of fun and in case you haven’t been watching, it’s worth checking out. Plus, you get to play spot the pineapple. (There is a pineapple or a reference to a pineapple in nearly every episode. There is even a blog called dedicated to pointing out all the spottings.)


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