When In Rome

Ever since watching Veronica Mars, I’ve found myself appreciating Kristen Bell (I didn’t see the show while it was on TV but afterward). Forgetting Sarah Marshall was also a pretty good movie though I don’t think it had much to do with her and a lot to do with everything else. And I was sad to see her character, Elle, killed on Heroes, because I think her dynamic with Sylar was really interesting. So I decided to check out When In Rome with my friend to see how she does in other things. It didn’t look great but it looked cute enough.

When In Rome stars Kristen Bell as Beth, a young curator who doesn’t really believe in love (thanks in large part to her parents) and therefore throws herself into her work. When her sister gets married in Rome, Beth meets Nick, the best man. She thinks they’re hitting it off until she seems him with another woman. Further disillusioned about love, she goes to the fountain outside and takes a few coins. What she doesn’t know: if you take someone’s coin they fall in love with you. Which sounds great, until you have five different guys chasing you all over New York City.

The movie is everything that you would expect from watching the commercials. It’s cute and has some funny moments but it’s nothing to write home about. Bell does a good enough job in her role but she certainly isn’t what makes the movie. I’m not sure comedy is her best role really. I think she does better in the slightly more serious roles. Or maybe TV is more her thing since my favorite roles of hers have always been on television.

If you love to watch love stories then this is the movie for you, otherwise I’d wait to watch it on DVD.


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