The Blind Side

While on my trip to LA (which is the reason I am so behind on my TV-watching…I think I have like 44 hours to catch up on), my friend and I went to see The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock. I’ve heard a lot about this movie and have been wondering if it’s as good as all the hype. It is.

he Blind Side is a true story about Michael, an over-sized, quiet boy whose life has been exceedingly tough thanks to the rough neighborhood he’s grown up in and his drug-addict mother. But just on the other side of town is a well-off neighborhood and when one woman decides to take him in along with her own daughter, his life is changed forever. The teachers assume he’s simple-minded but not all are willing to give up on him. The one area where he’s found particularly intelligent is protective instinct, which helps him become on of the strongest defensive football players in history.

Sandra Bullock, playing the woman who took in Michael, does an excellent job. I don’t love her hairstyle in the movie but it suites her character who is hardheaded to the point of stubbornness, which is why she is willing to take in Michael despite the rumors and gossip it brings. Bullock has already won a Golden Globe, SAG Award, tied for Critics’ Choice, People’s Choice, and has been nominated for an Oscar.

I find it incredible that there are claims of racism in this movie, considering that it is based on a true story. One critic said it “begs us to feel sorry for black people and feel grateful that there are white people in the world who can take of them.” Basically he’s taking issue with the fact that a white woman did come to the rescue of a black teen in need. Sometimes movies are not aiming for a greater social commentary, sometimes they are just what they are.

The movie was believable and moving. While watching the movie my friend cried around 8 times. Even if you don’t like football or sports movies, I recommend watching this.


One Response to “The Blind Side”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Well after reading this, I think I’ll watch it! Thanks!

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