Make It Or Break It: Loves Me Loves Me Not

Chloe and Emily talk about Valentine’s day. Damon hasn’t called in a whole 3 days! This is Emily’s Valentine’s with a boyfriend. (So suddenly like a hundred boys like her. Right.) Emily probes about Chloe’s mystery guy but Chloe isn’t revealing Steve anytime soon. Lauren meanwhile is trying to get her dad to reconcile with Summer. He doesn’t think she’d forgive him. They see Chloe and Lauren mocks her clothes. Steve tells her to be nice. Summer arrives and they are all awkward. Good.

Sasha and Kaylie discuss her degree of difficulty. Kaylie is all my double back beat Kelly Parker and Sasha’s all yeah but the Chinese. Nicky agrees with him and offers to help Kaylie up her difficulty and strength.

Summer asks Sasha about Valentine’s Day and Sasha says he’s opposed to office romance. She thinks they should have a party for the club to avoid temptation for the gymnasts by having a party.

Ike flirts with Payson about hating V-Day. Bad candy. Payson says it’s a made up holiday and he wants her to cut class. But they cut yesterday!

Emily calls Damon (mid-gym time of course). No answer. Sigh.

Summer approaches about how the no dating rules is not really a deterrent. She wants to talk about abstinence. Sasha is really naive and thinks they are not interested in dating. Summer wants to be all Christian, God is the authority. Sasha asks if she practices what she preaches because he finds that unlikely. He thinks his gymnasts need devotion to the sports and a coach who needs nothing less. Right. But he agrees about the party. He will talk about the sacrifices required to be an Olympic gymnast.

Lauren talks to Kaylie about her and Nicky. Lauren quite pushing. Kaylie says she’d never go after a friend’s interest. Emily sees what Lauren’s doing. Does no one else?

Payson and Ike discuss whether or not they believe in love. Payson does. Apparently. She’s been in like. That’s cute. Lauren arrives in her fancy car. What is Lauren about to do? Lauren asks about Ike. YOU CUT CLASS? She sees the tabloid picture of Kaylie kissing Nicky. Payson denies having a thing for Nicky because Lauren says Kaylie and Nicky are into each other.

Emily shows up at the Shack and there is Razor with a huge pizza box valentine. She thinks he’s asking her out and he says it’s a Shack promotion. He’d never do anything that cheesy. He asks what would have happened if he hadn’t left. He thought they had something. She agrees. But he went away. And Damon and her get each other…At least he’s not being such a jerk. She asks if they’ve spoken but he hasn’t either. He’s not telling her something: Damon is the hot and cold tortured artist, he drops out when he’s cold. But who would go cold on Emily? (Me!) Razor pulls out a guitar to make up a song for her. How long has he been working on this? Oh, and there are people there. The gist: Nothing rhymes with Emily. It’s pretty bad. Phone rings and he’s awkward. He runs out with a pie. Is Damon in town? Razor finds Damon at the police station. Why hasn’t he called? Response: Sigh.

He bought a mixer that was hot. He’s back because he couldn’t sign away his songs to the pop group. He plans to sing his own songs. Razor gives him a talk about not blowing Emily off. Damon wants to prove he’s enough for Emily. Razor says he’ll think about helping him and leaves him in jail.

Summer walks in on Sasha playing games. She says he doesn’t act human. She doesn’t feel heard or respected. He makes fun of her religion. He doesn’t think an abstinence talk from her would help. She doesn’t think about sex. Yes she does! She probably thinks about sex more than he does. So he kisses her. She asks if that’s the famous self-control they’re known for? And people like her can’t understand.

Kim runs into the Rock with some cookies while Payson waits in the car. She notices Kaylie arriving early. Summer and Kim talk about V-Day. Sasha says he will be busy on the floor all day. Kim recognizes the awkward tension. Kim isn’t sure how Payson’s doing in school. There’s no parent’s viewing area in high school.

Nicky trains Kaylie which involes him lying on her and pushing him up. Payson walks in, sees it, and leaves. Nicky walks out to find Payson in the car and has a Valentine’s box of candy for her. How’s high school? She mentions Ike. Great not having to worry about no dating. Kim arrives. Is she interrupting? No. He watches sadly as they drive away and throws out the candy.

In class Payson receives a rose from Ike. She’s all flattered. He’s mean to the nerdy girl who then says she knows what Payson is going through. She wore a backbrace for 6 years because of scholiosis. Payson says she doesn’t care if people stare. It’s the gymnastics that she cares about losing. There’s more to care about! She used to be scared of everything to she decided to do everything that used to scare her. If she wants to do things and be visible, she can call her.

Time for the Rock festivities. He decides it is a good time to speak about sex. But he seems to not be able to discuss it and calls Summer up.

Payson hangs with Ike and friends. She wanted to thank him for the rose. He didn’t send it to her. Who did? He thought she sent it to herself. The romantic gestures isn’t his thing. She’s sorry she thought he was capable of making a gesture at all. He’s afraid to believed. Well she believed in gymnastics and all she got was a backbrace. She got discipline, pride, self-respect. Trying to be something is better than being nothing. He’s the patron saint of pointless Ike. But as she leaves they get caught and are all sent to the principal.

Back at the Rock. Summer talks to them about losing their virginity and how the first time love rarely lasts. Only sleeping with your spouse empowers you. Statistically it shows a more satisfying marriage. TOO MUCH PREACHING! This is Candace Cameron Bure’s dream job. Lauren thinks it was embarrassing. Kaylie thinks it was a good idea. Kaylie points out that she can’t wait.

Kim is upset with Payson for getting detention. She says she finally gets that she needs to find something to believe in and fight for. She thought her choice was gymnastics or nothing but it’s gymnastics or everything else. She can’t be someone who doesn’t care. She needs to find something to champion. “Don’t say damn.” “Yes ma’am.”

Kaylie all alone at night and Nicky arrives. Carter has left her a Valentine. She says to Nicky that they had a couple moments but that can’t happen. Payson is her best friend and after what happened to her, she’d never do that. He spoke to her and she said she had a boyfriend. He thinks she was trying to get rid of him, which means she likes him. Nicky was recruited by Denver and he’s decided to go. He can’t handle the drama and distractions at the Rock. (Between Lauren, Payson, and Kaylie, fair enough.) Kaylie thanks him for showing her that she could have feelings for someone other than Carter.

Carter and Emily talk about Carter’s romantic gesture. He thinks it was stupid now. She doesn’t think it’s stupid. Will she ever be able to forgive him? Emily won’t know. It’s hard to trust someone with your heart and when that trust is broken…Emily wonders about Damon.

Chloe and Steve are at some sort of wine tasting. Steve sees the other rich people mocking her and he steps in. Awww. This pairing is so cute. Chloe says Summer has it all but he says not her sense of humor or style. Chloe has a good sense of quality and she’s smarter than people give her credit for. He proposes going elsewhere, where you can actually drink more than a sip of wine.

Razor bails Damon out and tells him to talk to Emily who followed them and asks for the truth. He says he was going to call. She should have known he was the kind of guy who her mother dates. She’s been afraid he was dead or dumping her. He promised not to lie to her but she says they have nothing to talk about. And Razor should have told her the truth (no he shouldn’t have it would have just seemed like obnoxious meddling). Emily is overly dramatic.

Sasha is in his office and Summer comes in. If he can lose control then they’re bound to. Which is why he changed his mind. He was about to say it was good and she says it was inappropriate and won’t happen again. The phone rings and they both reach to pick it up…He gets it.

Payson has Heather over. Heather sent Payson the rose. In comes the Rock girls too. Payson’s thrilled about a sleepover.

Carter is alone at Lauren’s and finds a gift from Lauren: she framed the picture of him and his mom. Guess who comes home? Steve and Chloe. Hehehe. Nice. Lauren never comes to the attack so they won’t get caught. I actually feel bad about Carter.

At the sleepover, they discuss being friends and teammates. Lauren tries to push Kaylie and Nicky again but Payson reveals that Nicky left. Kim talks to her dad and she thinks that finally Payson seems like she’s going to be okay. Sasha is on the other line. He has news, an orthopedic surgeon friend of his out of country has developed a new procedure that could fix Payson’s back. Kim doesn’t look happy. I KNEW IT!

(I could see them doing a storyline about Payson being afraid of injury once she returns.)


13 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: Loves Me Loves Me Not”

  1. Jardine Says:

    Yeah but the ‘being afraid of injury’ storyline has been covered somewhat by Emily.

    I think Payson could be training at Denver with Nikki. Maybe a divide amongst team members at the Rock? e.g. all Payson sees is the gold she badly wants and doesn’t want to let go of any chance of it, now that she has felt what that’s like?

    • ax20 Says:

      I don’t think the injury storyline was really covered since it was like two seconds long with Emily (and had zero explanation or real journey) and therefore wouldn’t count it out as a possibility. I think it’s also different to just be generally afraid versus being someone who is totally confident and fearless and suddenly becoming afraid and cautious because of an injury.

      Besides, it’s clear they aren’t shy about recycling storylines. How many love triangles will we be subjected to?

      • sarah Says:

        I think it’s also different to just be generally afraid versus being someone who is totally confident and fearless and suddenly becoming afraid and cautious because of an injury.
        —-100% agreed and they could actually make a real storyline about that….Emily’s thing was BS, as if everything with her.

        LOL-Love triangles!! Seriously…enough. Remember, thou, this is ABC family….the same network that produces Grey’s , Desp. Housewives, etc. clearly a network that LOVES LOVES it’s love triangles ……..don’t see them going away, sadly.

        They really should hire us to help them out….

  2. sarah Says:

    Not impressed with the episode as a whole, but I am glad Nicky is going to Denver(wish he would take carter with him) and that plot point is over….I want to get back to the cat fights of competition and some national team drama.

    LOVE Chole and Steve…hilarious Carter had to witness that…and I cannot WAIT for Lauren to find out and what she will be up to when she does…since she hates Emily as much as we do.

    Ok, ABC Family let’s relax on the abstinence and stuff…

    Sasha and Summer and Emily and her drama can just be done because no one cares.

    Payson…I was SO glad she totally called Ike out for being a loser and she’s back to her old self and accepting her fate. Of course we knew they were going to pull this miracle doctor thing…I read a spoiler that she does indeed have surgery, but back surgery(as we all know) is NOT something that is easy to recover from and I know they will make it like some minor surgery like an appendectomy and that will piss me off. 100% agreed on the Payson being afraid of hurting herself again story line…I think that is the right way to go. I like Jardine’s idea too but I don’t know if they’ll pull that….I could go for a little drama bet. her and Kaylie as she tries to come back?? no???

  3. Jardine Says:

    hmm you’re right sarah. dont think the storyline i suggested works too well now.

    but some extra thought while reading your comment was that payson definitely can’t get back her form so soon, since she has missed so many trainings, so there’s definitely parts about her being disappointed and trying even harder, which i’ll love.

    • sarah Says:

      I will like to see that too, Jardine….I just want them to portray something realistic …back surgery is long and painful process and I want to see that. Also , I just thought about your Denver comment…it WOULD be quite the scene to see her train with Kelly Parker…I could go for that!

  4. Jardine Says:

    Yeah I forgot about Kelly Parker!

    Well, I’m all for her training at Denver mainly because Nikki Russo will be there. I’m just such a sucker for romance 😀

  5. Jardine Says:

    I love competition too, so I really hope Payson gets that surgery done!

    • sarah Says:

      Yes, I would also like them to get back to competition…with the in house competition, Denver meet, and Nationals there was some good, juicy competition….something this season is SERIOUSLY lacking, clearly. Hopefully that meet against the Chinese will be worth the wait…..

  6. Malaika Says:

    anyone else want to see sasha do gymnastics? just to demonstrate a move or something. this is my new goal for the show, though i doubt it’ll happen.

    • sarah Says:

      I’d love to see them try to get a stunt double that can actually do gymnastics with as skinny of arms as Sasha has…that’s why we won’t see it lol

  7. Chloe Says:

    what does it mean by damon ‘bought a mixer that was hot’? and why does it land him in jail? (forgive me if it sounds like a stupid question but i’m really clueless, thanks)

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