Miss America

I’ve never actually watched Miss America before (because why would I?) but this year, Amanda Kelley was Miss Massachusetts. She was my adoptive CA in college so I figured I’d watch for support.

The Behind the Scenes was a little lame since America was supposed to choose semi-finalists but didn’t actually get introduced to all of the contestants so I don’t understand. Also there was too much about Clinton Kelly and not enough about the contestants.

Judges are Shawn Johnson, Vivica A Fox, Rush Limbaugh, Katie Harmon (Miss America 1992), Dave Koz, and Brooke White. The judges are slightly random but whatever. It’s a little fun to see.

The girls introduce themselves at the start of the show and it’s hilariously ridiculous. Some of the things that people say about their states such as Miss New Hampshire’s “from the only state where you’re still free to be smart.” Some pointed out their sports teams and others their food. Michigan asked you to vote for her because Michigan has been through a lot. (I wasn’t aware that this was relevant to the competition but okay.) Amanda is from the state where you can “pahk ya cah in hahvah yahd.”

The problem with the format of this show is that we don’t understand why anyone was chosen to make it through. But the most interesting thing is that the 15th semi-finalist is chosen by the other contestants. Bet they’re all wishing they’d been nicer to everyone. The winner is Miss Oregon.

If they’re really concerned with viewers, why don’t they get better hosts. No offense Mario Lopez but Neil Patrick Harris would pull in far more viewers. Wouldn’t that be fun to watch? I might even be willing to sit through the entire thing.

Not loving winner Miss Virginia. Last year’s winner, though dressed in a cheap looking dress, is gorgeous. (I guess her saying the dress is a tribute to the military makes it a little okay.)


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