The Secret Life: Just Say Me

Amy calls Ashley for a glass of water but Ashley hangs up. She calls her dad to ask him next (she’s thirsty, tired, getting a cold, mom would get her a glass of water). She used to ask for a glass of water when she wanted to talk. Ashley is talking to Ben about Amy. He cares about her. Ben says she’s a mom who needs help. Ben calls Adrianne to tell her that she can do something for Amy: get her a glass of water. Adrianne’s on it. Tom calls Adrianne but she isn’t interested, as she’s told him. So Tom calls Jack who thinks it is Grace. Jack calls Madison who ignores the call. Adrianne bangs on the door until she is let in and rushes to give Amy water. Adrianne says she can still get Ben back but Amy says it’s over. Adrianne is behind her either way. It sounds like Adrianne is going overboard. Now can Amy call Ricky to tell him that they are friends? Ricky thinks this news is bad. (Lots of phone in this scene and actually this was really well done.)

Grace approaches Jack and Madison to ask how they are. Madison says they aren’t dating. Madison says they’re just friends and nothing more. Madison wants Grace to take him back, she’s looking for a relationship. Lauren agrees. Amy arrives and Adrianne arrives. Ashley arrives as well. Lauren explains that Ricky will always cheat. Grace says there’s always someone willing to sleep with someone. So Grace suggests…(masturbation?) Jack and Ricky wonder what the girls are doing. Ricky doesn’t like them being friends because Adrianne used to put a lot of energy into sex to keep him from Amy. Ben says he’s fine without Amy because he has hope of sex now. Alice sees the girls’ group and goes to find out what it is. (But not before fully making out with Henry/Hank.) Lauren doesn’t agree with it. Grace hates the word masturbation. Instead it’s “Just Say Me.” Substitute for sex not a relationship. Grace says it has other benefits. Alice reports that the boys have joined the 52% of teenage boys not having sex in high school.

Ben and Henry discuss their dislike of this “campaign.” Ricky insists it won’t work. Apparently all the girls in school are talking about it. It’s about “taking control of their lives and the hormones that make them make bad choices.” They want Jack to do something to stop Grace. Jack says Ricky should talk to Adrianne. He tells Adrianne that last time she held out on sex he went elsewhere but she points out that no one else will sleep with him. Amy thinks the campaign won’t work (so Adrianne agrees). Ashley doesn’t like this battle of the sexes and she doesn’t want to separate herself from half the population. Alice reports that it’s spreading.

Alice is informed that she’s out of TAG (christian group). Jack is sure solitary sex isn’t okay. She starts chanting and everyone joins in. It’s weird how they pretend that this is a girls only thing. Alice is wearing the stickers that say “Just Say No” but Henry thinks they’re embarrassing. If she doesn’t take them off, he won’t sleep with her again. She smiles and says “well, you made your choice.” Amy’s mother never mentioned it. They talk about the origin of the masturbation idea: Grace’s mom. Amy basically doesn’t want Adrianne to come over. She’s not okay with Adrianne around John, she’s not okay with anyone around him.

Ricky wants to talk to Adrianne, he’s upset about this no sex idea. She’s not like those other girls. She says maybe she wants to be. She likes pleasing herself, not everyone else, she doesn’t know if he really loves her…Ben tells Amy he supports her not having sex with others guys because he doesn’t want her to sleep with others.

Shawn Johnson shows up again and she says “Just Say Me” is about self respect and not putting others ahead of your dreams. Apparently that was a scam with Alice.

Grace’s mom is called into school about the “Just Say Me” campaign. I’m not sure why that’s an issue to call parents in for. You’d think that a school that had a teen mom just a year ago would be happy. The guidance counselor doesn’t think it’s appropriate in high school. Grace doesn’t see the issue. Her mom didn’t mean for her to share it with everyone. Grace says this is a good thing. Trying to do good doesn’t always mean doing good. Either she removes the stickers in the school or she gets suspended. Can a guidance counselor do that? And for this? Joe is upset.

They discuss the plan being abstinence for a week. Ashley thinks everyone thinks about guys too much. Amy’s too embarrassed to “Just Say Me.” Ashley doesn’t believe her. Amy says it’s personal. Ashley says it isn’t a decision. Amy says she doesn’t do anything without thinking about it. “Really, have you met your son?” George is thrilled that the girls are sharing secrets. It’s a milestone in their sistership. Everyone goes to their room. George calls Anne to tell her about the secret and she tells him what the secret is. He’s unhappy to know. Anne points out that all women do it, just like men. Anne wants to talk to the girls about it. She thinks it’s ok. Anne is sad that Robby will never know his grandmother.

And we get the everyone satisfied in bed look. Not as thrilled by Thursday though. And apparently they wear the same pajamas everyday. And then Grace dances to Constantinople. No idea where that came from. Meanwhile, Joe is selling Just Say Me gear. Amy starts playing her tuba (?) and John seems to like it. He should, it’s courtesy of that instrument that he exists. Amy calls Adrianne to come over, maybe she does have room for a new friend. They could try, for Ricky and John. Amy lets Adrianne hold him. That’s actually nice.

Madison wrote a novella about masturbating. Lauren baked cookies with her grandma. Lauren gets asked out, which is kind of nice for once. Madison nearly crashes into Madison. Madison and Jack decided to go out as long as Jack and Grace are still broken up. She might have Lakers tickets.

Ricky doesn’t believe Adrianne and Amy are really friends but she says they are. She’s not sure she believes he loves her. But maybe he does.

Is Just Say Me over? Ashley isn’t sure she wants a boyfriend. She’s not miserable because she wants nothing. She’s that cool.

Ben is surprised that Adrianne and Amy are friends. Donna then approaches to ask Ben to help her with her Italian. Jimmy shows up because he heard about the campaign. He wants to hang out after her shift at work. Adrianne can watch the baby and they can go out.

This was such a weird episode.


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