Make It Or Break It: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Payson is getting dressed and trying to hide her backbrace (they couldn’t let her wait until she was healed at least). Her dad is on the phone. She pretends to be thrilled about high school. Her mom suggests she might like it because there are so many clubs. Payson only wants to do one thing. She’s only going to high school because her moom is making her and nothing else. (Sullen teen Payson is weird to see.)

Carter is blasting music and while in a towel and she bursts in to lower it and then offers to do his laundry. He wonders why she’s doing this when he still loves Kayley.

Emily is online now. Some have good things to say but not all of them. And not the one she reads when the camcorder is on. Emily pretends to be unaffected by the negative comments but she is.

The Rock training montage, Kayley texting she slams into Nikki. He’s training she’s texting so he has the right of way. He suggests focusing more on improving herself than selling herself. She whines to Lauren about him and she suggests there’s a fine line between love and hate. How is Payson’s first day goin? (home schooled since sixth grade, no friends, mid year and a back brace…)

Payson gets invited to astronomy. Someone tells her she can toss it so she does. New love interest? (How many triangles can this show have?) Sasha announces that they are having an Open House Exhibition that everyone must partake in to support the club that made them superstars and to inspire kids. (I notice Emily has a real leo.)

Kim stops in and Sasha wishes she’s back. Summer is too organized. How’s Payson? She wants her to thrive not survive. She wants her to discover things to live for. Kim doesn’t like that they’ve forgotten why they love gymnastics. That was something Payson never forgot. Payson watches gym class. A cheerleader wants to show off her moves but the gym teacher has Payson critique her in front of everyone. She does so reluctantly. The cheerleaders start making fun of her. Ike, the guy who told her to throw out the flyer comes over to inform her of who the cheerleader is. He thinks Payson’s cool, she wonders if everyone is so mean. Well, I guess her day could be worse.

Emily face plants. She’s frustrated. Carter asks if he can get a job at the Shack. She can put in a good word. Sasha announces that the exhibition will be fun. They need to make it entertaining. Competition to motivate them, the winner must get the highest applause. Kayley and Nikki must perform together since they’re the new power couple: Kalikki. Ouch. My love for Sasha just tripled. Or more.

Emily can’t manage the vault again. She seems scattered. She’s upset by people’s opinions. What kind of people? Internet people. He points out that feeling the need to prove them wrong means thinking they’re right.

Payson doesn’t want anyone to know she was a gymnast. The cheerleaders show up to be mean about knowing how to tumble better. But Kayley and Lauren arrive to do better than the cheerleaders. To everyone’s applause. And I’m sure Payson’s chagrin. Lauren talks her down. Payson asks if they’re going to escort her to school. They know nothing about the real world. They see there’s a boy but she won’t talk. The girls are insensitive without meaning to be and Payson says she has to go. Emily says she understands being the new girl. Payson says she has nothing, Emily doesn’t know how she’s doing. Payson would rather Kim pick her up. Kim tells her there will always be a few mean kids but most are nice. Kim tells her there is nothing normal about her, she can do anything she wants. Payson can’t, she can’t be the person her mom wants her to be. She hates high school and hates her mom for making her go.

Shockingly, Emily is still monitoring the posts about her. Emily, what did Sasha just say? In comes Brian to tell her to step away. She wants people to forget about her past. Chloe has some ideas for the fun-off.

Nikki is doing his floor and Kaylie’s upset that he nearly killed her.

The mean girls welcome Payson and say they got off on the wrong foot. They want to take a picture but Ike interrupts. He stops cheerleader hazing. He suggests ditching. Ditch? Isn’t that against the rules? Oh Payson, what a concept. That’s actually so funny, it’s like a foreign concept to her. It’s kind of fun! In her last life the rules supported her goals, now she has no goals. What’s his thing? This. Hanging out. What does that mean? He doesn’t do anything, he just enjoys the ride. Everything ends. What will she be now? Invisible hopefully. He invites her to hang out tomorrow afternoon. But she has things at the gym. She still has friends there.

Kim can’t find anything because Summer has Sumerized it all. Wow, getting upset over the gym. She feels like she’s lost control of everything. She lost her job. It’s not what Payson lost but it is something to her.

Kayley and Nikki are still having difficulty working together and collide. They yell at each other. She doesn’t have to apologize, she won. Why do people think she wouldn’t have beaten Payson ?(umm she wouldn’t have her difficulty wasn’t high enough and Payson was way ahead with no mistakes until then). He says maybe she would have because she has the skill. He apologizes. He couldn’t win despite his work. She came out of nowhere. She’s been training 6 days a week since she was 5. And silver is nothing to be ashamed of. He doesn’t wish she was Payson. Truce? Kayley has a bullfight related idea.

Chloe tells Emily to stop obsessing over what people think. She says she wouldn’t understand because her mom doesn’t care what people think about her. Why is everyone judging her? No the issue is she is judging herself. Why can’t they be normal? Chloe suggests that Emily tell her own story rather than let other people tell it. No one can use it against her if she tells it. Chloe has an idea of what to do. She pulls out the old album.

Time for the open house. Lauren first. Oh right, she can dance hip hop. Payson does not look like she’s enjoying. Next is Emily. She starts with jump roping. Kim sees Payson’s sad face. She has a skill that only ten people can do. Since when and how have we not heard of it before? (You know when they had those huge announcers and stuff?) PS the skill was just a double illusion. I’ve never seen anyone do it but I don’t see why it would be any harder than a single one. Everyone loves her story even though it’s not much of a performance. Next is Kayley and Nikki. I notice that Nikki is doing all the tricks. Payson says in the middle that she has to go. Sasha catches her as she leaves to see how she is. He tells her she’ll find another dream but she says “I’m done dreaming.” (That’s so sad and you can see how crushed he is to hear her say that.) Carter looks a little jealous of their pairing and if they end up together I’m going to be a little upset myself. Seriously, must Kayley steal everything that was Payson’s? Lauren looks happy though.

Emily gets told by a little girl that she’s inspired by her story because she doesn’t have a lot of money either. And she wants an autograph. And Emily has a fan site. Emily is glad now. They’re amazing.

Sasha calls everyone together for the applaud-o-meter. Who will win? He doesn’t know yet. Sasha is calling a special sunday practice to make up for wasting time on their silly routines. That’s his idea of fun. Kayley apologizes about Lauren and then they wonder about Payson. Lauren suggests that Payson met a boy. Ike and friends are drinking and smoking, that’s how he stays unattached but she turns it down. Good job Payson at least she still has her standards though she looks thrilled.

Lauren is lying in Carter’s bed waiting for him. He’s drunk. She gives him water and points out that she’s the only one who cares about him. His mom died and she believed in him unlike his father. Lauren believes in him too if he focused on training instead of Kayley. He could be better than Nikki. Everything is right in front of him, he just has to take it. “You’re right!” He has to act like a winner, like Nikki. He’s going to start by getting his own place, he just got a job. She takes something of his (boxers? this is ABC Family! probably a shirt) to smell and hug and as she leaves he thanks her for believing in him. She then proceeds to go to bed in his shirt. What if he comes in? She looks sad but I’m not sure I care. (That was one of those scenes that probably shouldn’t have been the final scene of the episode.)


14 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: Are We Having Fun Yet?”

  1. sarah Says:

    They at least got 2 things realistic in this show….everything dealing with Payson and school-I loved seeing her break the rules. I also think it’s only a matter of time before the Keelers have a wasted teenager on their hands. The other thing? Emily’s online haters(maybe they found us?) lol.

  2. Malaika Says:

    As much of a b*tch as Lauren is, I love her character. Things are boring when she’s not up to anything. And as shitty a friend she may be to Kayley, her standing up for Payson is awesome. Even if it’s not really what Payson needs. And her meddling with the relationships in the show is just amusing. Selfish, of course, but actually, I’m enjoying her manipulations.

    Not surprised Payson ditches. She doesn’t care about school. Her passion is gymnastics, so why bothering being somewhere she doesn’t want to be. It’s kinda fun seeing her outside of the context of gymnastics.

    Kayley would never have beaten Payson. She didn’t have the drive or start values.

    Lauren on beam is a hilarious version of Wei Wei’s routine in Stick It.

    I don’t know why Nikki looked so worried before he lifted Kayley. He’s got to be able to lift way more than that to be a male gymnast.

    Emily’s piece is just, depressingly corny. Blech.

    Good on Sasha. I love that he occasionally gets to have fun too.

    Sorry, commenting as I watch.

  3. sarah Says:

    Malaika-agreed with everything you said! Lauren’s bitchiness really is the best part of the show -great call on her beam routine! “Bitch has buck teeth” love her.
    Emily’s routine was the stupidest thing I have ever seen.
    Kaylie beating Payson wasn’t possible unless she had eaten serious mat(had she not gotten hurt)…plus with Payson there Kaylie never would have thought it was possible as it is. I do like her and Nicky together, eventhou the romances are my least fav part of the show…

  4. Chloe Says:

    did you guys catch the sneak peeks? kaylie and nikki together? 😦 i really loved the payson and nikki pairing.

    • ax20 Says:

      things i dislike:
      kaylie and nikki
      summer and sasha
      payson and ike
      and kaylie pretending she could have beaten payson had payson not been injured.

      • sarah Says:

        I guess I am the only one that likes Nicky and Kaylie…I just can’t stand Carter in general and wanted him off the show last season.
        Agreed on everything else you just posted….summer and sasha??? wtf??? that makes NO sense. I like the idea of Payson having friends but I also do not want to see her with this Ike dude-hopefully she will find another cute boy instead.

        -Anyone else digging the Chole and Steve romance?? I guess I love it because Lauren will FLIP and it will be nothing short of hilarious and entertaining.

        Also-noticed next week is the valentines day episode-anyone know if they are taking a mid-season break or breaking for the Olympics?

      • ax20 Says:

        Not liking Kaylie and Nikki in the slightest. In part because it’s sort of like doing to Payson what Lauren did to her (sure, it isn’t sleeping with him but considering that Payson has never had a crush on a guy until now with him, it’s close.)

        Do love Chloe and Steve though.

  5. Chloe Says:

    i don’t mind sasha and summer because their characters aren’t that developed yet – i’ve no qualms about any relationships they get into.

    yup, love chloe and steve 🙂

    i hope payson doesn’t ‘turn bad’ because of a) seeing nikki and kaylie together at the gym and b) being with ike. i don’t want this to turn into a high school setting – get payson back in the gym asap!!

  6. Chloe Says:

    YAY kaylie and nikkie have nothing going on!

  7. Jardine Says:

    Hey, will you be doing the synopsis for the most recent episode? The last part isn’t on youtube so I’m looking forward to reading it!

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    • ax20 Says:

      Pictures are a little hard to come by for new episodes but I do try to go back and add some in where I can. I’ll try to include more.

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