Greek: I Know What You Did Last Semester

It’s back!!!

The ZBZs are burying something. Earlier…

Everyone is nervous about what happened 9that they might have burnt down the house). Kappy calls, he’s buying his books. She wishes he was over. And he is!!! Hiding! And she sort of knees him. Yeah. Rusty arrives to wonder who the two random people in his apartment are: Dale’s interns. Rusty must get to the KT house. 3 of his brothers were expelled. Ashleigh is less peppy than Casey, unusual. She and Fischer broke up. Ashleigh’s avoiding. They talked constantly over break. Casey thinks it will work out! Rebeca isn’t nervous, unlike everyone else. She made up that she reminded Ashleigh to blow out the candle. What to do for the guys who left? Get back at the other house. Rusty offers to take over as pledge educator. Bad idea?

Calvin isn’t happy about what happened. Grant said he’s ready to come out. Evan runs into Rebeca and it’s awkward silence. Katherine is upset about her new living situation. The investigation is still going on. Meanwhile they’re doing a fundraiser to help fix the house.

Rusty tries to be educator. Not so good. They’re not interested in KT history. Until Beaver shows up.

The ZBZs have to go to the fundraiser (fairytale theme). Fireman shows up at ZBZ to give a fire safety pamphlet. It is official that the candle that started the fire was ZBZs. They have to go to the ball despite their freaking out.

Rusty says Beaver can’t come because he needs to be in charge to get respect.

Grant arrives but it turns out, he’s not ready to come out. Liar! Poor Calvin. He claims he didn’t have a chance. It wasn’t the right time. There probably never will be. Calvin says it changes everything they can’t keep waiting. They’ve already been together 3 months. He can’t be in a secret relationship. So, it’s over, even though it kills him. But they share a room!

Casey and Kappy discuss costume option. The girls are meant to look hot and slutty, so says Casey. Is everything ok with them? Yes, fine. She’s clearly freaking out.

Rusty is reading about how to become a leader. Calvin wants to crash over until another room in Omega Chai opens up. Rusty is glad that they broke up because he dislikes Grant.

The ZBZs remove all their candles. Even shows up to apologize for being weird. He thanks her for being there when he needed it. He wants to make sure they’re cool. She thinks having sex makes you better friends. (Rebecca points out all the supposed negative origins of fairy tales.)

Rusty seems to have their attention. Until Kappy walks in and takes over. And ruins it all.

Casey doesn’t like keeping the secret from Kappy. Ashleigh is afraid of when Casey and Kappy break up. She is pretty sure they won’t remain together.

Casey shows up at Rusty and Dale’s. She needs advice. Why did Rusty tell the truth about something he did when he was little when it wouldn’t have hurt anyone to keep it secret. It would have made things weird. How to make the guy’s listen to him? Confidence.

Grant suggests dividing the room rather than him moving out. Grant doesn’t want him to go but Calvin wishes he would realize it would make his life more real.

Dale scares the KT pledges and says Rusty is even scarier. Rusty drops a cleaver on a pledge’s toe.

Katherine and Casey talk about the worthlessness of men and how maybe someone in the house did it. But Katherine insists they left no candles burning. Kappy was late. They both establish that they have secrets that they’re not sharing.

Prep for the ball and panic. Casey reveals that the Gamma Psis know someone was in the house. There was no evidence that they were there except that Ashleigh still has Katherine’s clipboard. (Which explains the burial in the beginning.)

Rusty wants them to go to the ball and Kappy says they don’t have to. Kappy says he doesn’t have control like Wade did. Rusty said maybe he should support him. Wade is gone and blowing off Greek events won’t bring him back. The pledges deserve more. Rusty took the job because he loves KT.

The girls get lost in the woods. Dumb. Grant wants to talk. Calvin was right and he’s most concerned about losing Calvin so he asks to dance mid-ball. Even though no one is dancing. It’s a little weird but everyone looks and wonders what they’re doing. So Evan says to start dancing to support them. And they kiss.

Fischer cheated on Ashleigh again. Casey begins to think that she and Kappy won’t last. The ZBZs finally arrive and Kappy is there in full dress. Kappy suggests they go talk. Kappy is upset because he’s responsible for Wade’s suspension. The only thing that’s ok is they have each other. Casey tells him about the fire. He assures her that someday it will just be a really good story. She says it was Evan’s fault. Casey thought getting together would be easy but he says this is better. (I wish he looked a little less dirty.)

Rebecca and Evan flirt. He asks her to dance. Rebecca hates that fairytales set up false expectations. Love never works. They’re about to kiss when he sees Casey and Kappy together and stops. Awkward.

Kappy apologizes to Rusty. Wade’s room became the KT hall of fame. One of the guys failed to stay around.

Grant and Calvin are out. Can they shower together? They open the door and find two tiaras at their door. They’ll handle it. Rusty is thrilled.

Rusty and Dale find out about the grant results. Rusty wins! Dale is devastated. He shakes hands and puts on a smile though.


2 Responses to “Greek: I Know What You Did Last Semester”

  1. Malaika Says:

    Shows should come back from a break with a bang. This show did not. Boo.

    • ax20 Says:

      I didn’t think it was so bad, but the Casey-Kappy drama didn’t cut it. And the getting rid of Fischer off-screen was a little lame.

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