Life Unexpected

Well CW, I have to hand it to you, this pilot was well done. And if it is any indication of the show to come, you definitely have me as a fan.

Lots of the fast-talking that I enjoyed in Gilmore Girls can be found in this show, particularly among Cate, her fiance, and Lux. The show has some very real characters that you could connect to and root for, in their own, uniquely quirky ways.

Shiri Appleby, I didn’t know you could act! And her character in this show as Cate, the disc jockey and teen mom who gave up her baby who comes back at 16 to get her signature to become emancipate, is SO much more interesting than her Roswell past. Another WB alum is Kerr Smith as Cate’s fiance. They have great chemistry and he has FINALLY grown into his looks.

The dad is the slightly lamer character in the bunch, in my opinion, because he does seem like the typical jock who amounted to little in his life (though when the judge says “you own your own business” instead of “you live above your bar” it doesn’t sound so bad). But the way he bonded with Lux was really sweet and he had his moments where you could see a glimmer of more for him. I wonder how he really ended up where he is.

I do hope we get to learn more about Lux’s past (and how did she get the name Lux, by the way?) and her time in the foster care system. It’s interesting to see the other side of the story, where a girl gives up her child thinking she’ll be taken care of only to find out that it was probably way worse than it would have been had she raised the baby herself. I say interesting because the general feeling is that the teenage parents give up their babies (sometimes) in hopes that the babies can find a better, more supportive home where the parents are prepared to raise and care for them.

Anyway, if you didn’t catch this premier (I completely missed it but found it online), I recommend you check it out. If this is a sign of the quality to come from the CW, then maybe the network will really build an audience. (The show premiered to a higher audience than Gossip Girl did but a lower audience than Vampire Diaries but I’m hoping food word of mouth will help it spread.)


3 Responses to “Life Unexpected”

  1. sarah Says:

    I REALLY liked this…I also watched online this weekend after reading several good reviews. They have a lot they can do with this show by doing several flashback episodes for Lux and her parents…While the CW recycled former WB/CW actors, I think they did a great job with the casting as well. I think it’s basically a shoe in to get picked up for next season based on the premier numbers.

  2. Moondancer2190 Says:

    I liked this show. I saw all of the reveiws and how it was juno meets gilmore girls and thats one of the things that drew me in but it was actually more of the plot line Foster child reunited with her birth parents that can’t seem to grow up since in the gilmore girls Lorelai and Christopher can’t seem to grow up that much either thats a way its similar

  3. Dixie Kendrick Says:

    thank you kindly for such a cool post. I am in love with the Vampire Diaries to bits, marvelous to see that there are people out there alike

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