Well, after debating on this one for a while, I’ve finally decided to add a movie section. Even though it doesn’t technically fit, I figure most movies eventually play on TV at some point and they’re both visual mediums so why not?

So to kick start the movie section is Fame. It’s a nice crossover since we’ve got Kay Panabaker of Summerland, Kherington Payne of So You Think You Can Dance, Meghan Mullally of Will and Grace, Kelsey Grammer of Frasier, and Debbie Allen of So You Think You Can Dance among the cast. So there’s almost a connection right?

I was really excited about this movie. Although I’ve never seen the original, what could go wrong with a movie that has awesome dancing and singing? And there were parts that were fun to watch, but overall, it was missing something. There was no character who really grabbed you and drew you in. Least interesting of all, to me, was Kay Panabaker’s story. I’ve never particularly liked her as an actress but I just felt like her character had no personality. Then there was Malik’s story which was sort of just spouted out in random spurts but not really explored. (In truth, the parts of the school about acting just weren’t as dynamic and interesting as the singing and dancing.)

My main issue with this movie is that it simply tried to do too much. There were too many main characters, too many storylines, too much time covered. It followed a large group of students from auditioning for the ultra-competitive performing arts school through their senior year graduation. I think that the same types of stories could have been covered without following them through four years which right off would have made it feel more cohesive. It might have been a better idea to show their auditions and show their senior year. But the large cast was the bigger issue. I’ve watched the entire movie and I can’t tell you the names of the majority of the characters. With everything that happened, they could have made two movies and still had things to spare for a third. I wanted to know more about the characters, their pasts, their ambitions, their PERSONALITIES. It was so focused on the school that most of the personality that drives a movie was lacking.

The best part of the movie for me was Meghan Mullally’s performance (particularly at the karaoke bar). She can sing! And as always, she’s a lot of fun.

What did you think of the movie?


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