The Guild

I’m not the biggest fan of web shows, often because of how short they are but because I find that a lot of the made-at-home shows tend to be of a lesser quality (understandably so since they don’t have big studios to back their budget). Of course, there are exception: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog was fantastic of course. If you need a reason to love Joss Whedon (and have somehow missed all the awesome things he has done), Dr. Horrible is that reason. Neil Patrick Harris as an “evil” singing blogger? What could be better? The point of my mentioning Dr. Horrible is that the love interest in the show was played by Felicia Day (you might recognize her as the redhead from Epitaph One) who stars in a web series called The Guild. (She also writes the series, which means she’s just gotten a new fan.)

The Guild is about a group of Gamers who can’t quite cope with real life. Despite the show being only a few minutes long per episode, the characters are well-fleshed out. Day stars as Codex/Sid, the sweet and insecure girl. There’s also Vork the history-spouting leader, Clara the absentee mother, Zaboo the failed ladies’ man, Bladezz the high school model, and Tinkerballa the gore loving med student. Together, they form the Knights of Good.

The show has won a number of awards since it’s creation and it’s well deserving. It’s since been picked up by Microsoft so they no longer have to worry about funding but originally, the show was only kept running by donations. I hope that the show inspires more high-quality online shows.


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