Human Target

I really wanted to like this one. Fox has been doing so well all season that it is hard to imagine them really messing up at this point. Plus, it’s based on a comic book and I love comics. I’m not saying I dislike it, I’m just not convinced at this point with their newest action show.

Human Target is a man who acts as a personal bodyguard by insinuating himself into his client’s life and drawing out the threat to them in order to stop them. At the same time his friend, who works with him, thinks he has a death wish.

The action in the show wasn’t too bad and the train idea was both original and unoriginal (it’s so old school that it’s sort of original again). What the show is lacking at the moment, like so many shows in their early stages, is character personality and background. The most we know about Chance is that he takes risks and is observant. That’s just not enough to feel invested in him and his success. What made him this way? How did he train for and get into this position? Why would his friend think he had a death wish?

I’m willing to give this show a few more episodes (as I always am) before I make a final decision.

I’m also not in love with the cinematography. The train explosion was a little too slow for my taste, considering what was actually happening.


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