The Secret Life: Loved and Lost

Ricky is cleaning up, someone threw something through a window. They realizes it was Adrianne. Ricky has to pay for it because they didn’t call the cops so they can’t report it to the insurance. Ricky calls Ben because her cell phone doesn’t work so he needs her house number. Ben is taking the day off from school because Amy’s back.

Amy is sure Ben is going to break up with her. Ashley thinks maybe Amy wants to break up and suggests that George call Anne to make sure he doesn’t lose her.

Ricky arrives at school and tells Adrianne she has to pay. She’s furious about the fact that he slept with others. Ricky thinks Adrianne wanted him to get fired. She doesn’t have the money and doesn’t know what to do. Ricky then goes to Ashley and they talk about the custody battle. He doesn’t want Amy to be able to take John whenever she feels like it. Ashley says John deserves better than that. She also says to leave their decisions about Amy separate from Adrienne.

Lauren and Madison tell Amy about Maria. And Ashley knew about it and didn’t tell. Amy says she has a secret, Jimmy. They heard because of Griffin. Amy and Ben see each other in the hall and awkwardly hug. “Hi.” “Hi.” “So you’re back.” “I guess I am.” “You guess.” “I guess.” Amy says let’s go, break up with me Ben. He wants to go somewhere after school and talk but she doesn’t want to. She has a new boyfriend anyway. She pushes and pushes so finally he says he’s breaking up with her. And Amy gets the condolences of everyone in the area.

Ricky approaches her to talk.

Jack and Grace talk and her wonders why she’s okay with him seeing someone else. Grace then tells Madison she’s okay with them dating and she wants to keep them both as friends. And she wants to continue the dead parents club.

Adrianne finds Grace and reveals how she broke the window. She wonders where to get the money and asks if Grace can loan it to her. Grace says she can’t. Ricky wants to pay for the window and he realizes how he did something wrong. Bun suggests that Ricky speak to Mr. Boykevitch about it to work something out.

Ben wants to go to talk to Amy. He doesn’t think that what he did was wrong. Ricky says not to bother because it’s over. Ben asks how much the window was and Ricky shows him (how much is it?) and Ben just hands over the money. Ricky says there’s no free money. Ben doesn’t want John to miss out on money. He cares about John and that’s why he broke up with Amy.

Adrianne comes to Grace’s home and Tom is glad for her to wait because he thinks she’s hot. Tom is willing to give her money, just between them. He loves her. He always has. She says she’ll pay him back.

Amy is upset that Ashley didn’t tell her but Ashley says it wasn’t her business. Amy says she’s fine about the break up. It is what it is. Ashley points out that they shouldn’t break up just because of people they live far away from. Amy admits that she exaggerated about her “relationship” with Jimmy. George wants to know what else to do for Anne. Ashley suggests driving up but he decides to take the dog for a ride instead. They’re sure he’s going to Anne. Amy wants to go for a ride too and asks Ashley to go watch Ben. Amy says she won’t give Ricky custody because Adrianne hates her.

Adrianne comes by with the money. He’s upset because he got the money too. So they make out. Obviously. He says he won’t cheat on her ever again and she says she can’t take that again.

Tom and Tammy have broken up, did you know. The parents discuss why: Tammy wouldn’t sleep with Tom. Grace reveals that they have phone sex. He says he loves Adrianne more and thinks Adrianne will have sex with him. Tom walks in and says he loves Adrianne and she loves him. She came to him when Tammy never had before. Grace says she’s going to fix things.

Ben is out with Maria (I thought she left) and they kiss when Amy shows up and introduces herself. She wants to apologize for how she left things. She says thanks and good luck and hopes they can still be friends and she hopes he will still come see John. Ben says he’s looking forward to meeting Jim. Maria is all mopey that he may still visit John. He doesn’t think he can have a girlfriend who has a baby with another man. Maria wants Ben to come back to Italy but he says he has to stay in school.

Jack dances awkwardly and Madison shows up to make sure they’re still going out. They’ve never gone ON a date before. They’ve slept together but not dated. She feels like he’s only dating her because Grace won’t sleep with him but she will. She wants to have a boyfriend more than have sex. He asks her to stay and dance, They’re both pretty awkward.

Adrianne finds Grace at home. She’s angry about getting money from Tom. She’s giving it back. She was desperate. Her dad walks in just in time to hear the tail end of the conversation. Her dad points out once again that she has to make up with Amy. She has to accept Adrianne being around John. Her dad takes her car keys and insists she make up with Amy.

Madison and Jack had enough dancing so they make out. He wants to make plans but she has to think about it. She can probably get other guys too. So Jack calls Grace but she can’t talk because she has a family emergency. So he dances alone.

Grace tells Tom to call Tammy to apologize. He still thinks Adrianne will be with him.

George did go to see Anne. She’s glad he came. He wants her to come back but she says they haven’t resolved anything. (She’s an awful mother, just for the record. She has two other children too that she just left.)

Adrianne asks Ashley when Ricky is leaving so she can talk to Amy. She made her brownies. She wanted to say sorry about Ben and that maybe they should be friends. Adrianne says she wants to be friends. She really is in love with Ricky. Adrianne finally realizes that a single decision can change your life.

Ricky and Amy are all tense together. Amy says she’s been thinking about the agreement. He’s sorry for bringing it up. He was scared he’d never see John again. She worries that he’ll change his mind about seeing John in the future. They say if either of them have to leave they’ll sit down and talk. They have to realize they’re a family even if they aren’t a couple. They both still want Ben to see John if he wants. Ricky readjusts Amy’s hair and they stare at each other…


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