Make It Or Break It: California Girls

More pictures for Kayley. Now this I actually recognize, it reminds me of Nastia’s Max Azria stuff. Nicky is unhappy because he wants to practice while they want him to kiss her hand. Summer insists they wrap up the shoot but MJ isn’t listening.

Emily and Chloe freak out because they have their own parking space. It means they have arrived! They’re a fancy pansy Rock family.

Summer keeps pushing. Lauren complains that Kayley is selfish for taking away time for her practice. She then suggests to Carter that Nicky and Kayley might be hooking up. Lauren is jealous of the photo shoot. Sasha arrives and orders them out. Now!

Payson is crutching around the gym and gets to the beam where she walks through her routine with her hands. Kim is upset with Sasha because he gave her a book that made her think she could come back. Cut to Payson dreaming of her routine or really just the landing which is better than her usual one. Lauren interrupts to ask why she’s there at 7 am when she doesn’t have to. She’s training of course! Stupid question Lo. Payson is working on her mental routine. Sasha says the book was to help her back not return to the Olympics.

Chloe talks to some other gym moms about the awesomeness of having your own space.

Kayley is informed that she and Nicky will be taken to an LA party. Nicky refuses. He’s not happy to be paired with Kayley, she’s not a serious gymnast. Kayley points out that she’s the gold medalist and he’s only won silver.

Payson coaches Emily about finding her inner winner. Emily mentions Damon and Lauren says he’s with all the supermodels. Seriously, so you want no friends.

Summer speaks to Sasha and wonders if maybe Payson could manage to come back. Some bigger forces. Sasha’s just not a man of faith. Well, of anything but facts anyway.

Nicky brings Payson a paper with an appointment for the best back doctor and his dad can get her in. He says they understand each other, gymnastics is everything. He’s rooting for her. (AND HOLDING HER HAND!)

Kayley works on her routine, Lauren talks about how Kayley is too good for them now. Kayley invites Payson and Emily to LA with her, in your face Lo! I don’t know when I suddenly started calling her Lo. It’s shorter I guess. Though we know she finds her way there (is that what the blackmail with the cortisone was for?).

Lauren brings up the LA party with Nicky who isn’t in the mood to go. “We’re going to have a great time!” Lauren forces him into it, as expected.

Kim and Payson talk about going to the new doctor. Everything is lining up perfectly! They even have a way to LA already!

Lauren realizes that Carter’s been living out of his car for a week. His dad is no longer willing to pay. Lauren has an idea about where he can stay. Living out of his car is ridiculous.

Chloe and Brian (he does exist!) listened to classical music because it’s food for the brain. She’s reading some magazine about improving your life. Oh Chloe Kmetko, while you were getting your advanced degree didn’t you learn that you can’t believe everything you read? Emily gets permission to go to LA. They are living it baby!

The Keelers discuss the back doctor. This will be the final doctor, they can’t keep going through this.

Lauren reveals her master plan. I think it is their attic. She says no one will be around anyway. And she’ll be in LA anyway. He says he’ll be gone when she returns. I’m confused, does she actually like him still? Because she’s kind of rude to him even when she’s being nice to him. She needs to learn to be a bit more subtle.

The girls are living it up in LA, Payson with that awkward neckbrace and all. Kayley ogles boys and Payson says she thought she was done with that. Well, without Lauren in her life, the drama is much decreased. They all admit it’s a nice break with her. (Back at home Chloe preps for her date.) The girls walk the red carpet. Emily admires Kayley’s ability in front of the camera but when asked who she is she says no one. (Chloe searches for her man and fears it is someone older. Then she realizes it’s Steve!) Payson walks the carpet, they ask about her, and then she pep talks Emily into getting back out there. She even gives her a little shout out. Cute. And Damon shows up to see. If they’re trying to keep their relationship a secret, they shouldn’t hug in public. Lauren shows up with Nicky on her arm. When asked if they’re dating, Lauren says that’s for them to know and the press to find out. The girls are not happy.

At the date, Steve offers Chloe an out. They make fun of each others’ false profiles. Oh how weird would that be if they end up together (Popular anyone?)! I can’t wait for Emily and Lauren to find out.

Back at the party, Kayley and Payson are upset. Nicky pulls Payson aside to talk to her. He assures her they aren’t together. He compliments how she looks. She’s sure this is going to work out (BTW, anyone else notice how thin she is?). He gets pulled away by MJ. Emily and Damon meanwhile talk and Damon seems to be avoiding. Kayley pretends they’re a couple for the camera. Emily is approached by someone from the Olympics who I don’t recognize but she turns him down in favor of Damon. Damon is jealous of all the boys who like Emily (why do they like her btw?). He didn’t get the record deal he expected. (Well he’s only like 17 he has time.)

Chloe and Steve finish up their date. Steve suggests Emily get a new car and offers to help get a good deal for her. I actually kind of like this pairing. (Much better than the Sasha-Chloe rumors.) They agree to keep their date a secret. He’s really cute when he’s not being awful.

Some guys talk Kayley into drinking more and Lauren approaches. She’s overheard that there’s an after party but Kayley tells her off and leaves.

Damon finds out that the big band that wanted to do his music was a pop group. He’s all mopey and mean to her. And I would feel bad for her if I liked her. She tells him about her awful coaching experiences. She doesn’t understand why his situation is so awful. Why can’t he just sing his own songs? He’s not as brave as her.

At the party we see drugs going around, a joint maybe? Lauren is about to head up in the elevator when some paparazzi step in, anticipating the shot of athletes with drugs so she makes an excuse and gets out of the elevator instead of going up. Now, will she call Kayley to warn her? Cause saving her from that could be a way in, at least a little. (In real life, I would understand her being angry but on this show it’s getting annoying since they don’t do anything. Think Blaire and Serena when they’re fighting. That’s big. Lauren and Kayley’s fight either needs to end or be taken up a few notches.)

Kayley is handed the joint and she doesn’t know what to do with it when Lauren bursts in and pulls her out. Just in time. (Good job Lo!) Nicky meanwhile goes to say goodnight to Payson. She’s sure she’ll get good news. No one believes it but she’s sure he believes it. She says it means a lot to her. They’ve been training together forever and he used to think of her as one of the guys but then one day, he saw her do a trick. He thinks there’s something so right about them being number one. And the kiss we’ve all been waiting for! They’re so cute. (But Nicky, no dating!)

Kayley asks how she knew they were coming and Lauren explains. She says she knows she did a horrible thing. She explains how awful she really felt after sleeping with Carter. She lost her best friend and she had no one to speak to and it wasn’t a good night for her. Kayley says she missed Lauren too. They can see how it goes, as long as she has nothing to do with Carter. Lauren promises. They hug. (But then Kayley discovers he’s living there? By any chance?)

Emily tells Damon not to keep secrets from her. She doesn’t care what he’s doing in life she just wants the truth. They make a pact to “go for it!” And support each other. And tell the truth. Damon is going to return to the pop group and accept the offer.

At the doctor, Payson is super excited. In comes the doctor who says he spoke to the Boston doctor. They agree Payson’s condition is inoperable. (I didn’t see that coming.) Payson is devastated but I still wouldn’t count her out.

When Emily asks Chloe how the weekend was she sidesteps the date with Steve. She did get a new car!It starts by pressing a button!

Kayley comes home and sees the article about the athletes busted for drugs. So close Kay! Lauren gets home and Carter is still there. She brings him food and says he can stay as long as he wants. He doesn’t want Kayley to know and she agrees. (Well that will come back to bite you.)

The Keelers come back to find the dad home. He’s there to hug Payson. They all have a group hug. Kim realizes she was hoping too even though she knew better. Payson lies down and sees that she has a call from Nicky but she ignores it and cries instead. (Much better scene to end on than a Damon-Emily date.)


One Response to “Make It Or Break It: California Girls”

  1. sarah Says:

    First off, I LOVE that you name checked Popular…I was thinking the exact same thing and for hilarity purposes I could go for Chole and Steve together…oh will Lo be mad then!

    100% agreed on Kaylie and Lauren…step up the fight to Blair and Serena levels or get over it already.

    I dunno, I wasn’t thrilled with this episode, I liked last week but didn’t like the premier and I think next weeks looks better….this week was so unrealistic…like I am SURE a bunch of minors were going to get to go to an ‘A list’ party with booze unsupervised by any parents…ok and like Sasha would really let a party trip to LA happen after last years kegger disaster? please. Also, let’s not forget she’s being treated like an Olympic champion instead of winning her first nationals-where are Bridget Sloans mag covers?? Oh yeah, there aren’t any aside from Inside Gymnastics….

    I don’t even want to discuss the Carter living situation, well all know how this will turn out and I still dislike Emily too and her mantourage…

    Poor Payson…I was suspecting this doc was going to have bad news, but I agree-I am not counting her out either. I have read a bunch of diff. spoilers that are all saying different things. I can’t wait to see her in high school next week thou-Kim Keeler be careful what you wish for, ‘normal’ teenagers aren’t the greatest thing either! lol

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