The Secret Life: Till It’s Gone

So if last week’s episode was called “You don’t know what you’ve got” and this one being called “till it’s gone,” it’s clear that the episode will be the fall out of last week. Sort of at least.

Ben’s dad walks into Ben’s room expecting to find his Italian friend but Ben is reading in bed. (Also known as she’s hiding.) Ben says he’s studying, the book he is reading was Betty’s. Ben’s dad finds a condom in Ben’s drawer. And sure enough, there is Maria, in the closet.

Ashley and Griffin are hanging out. She and her dad ask if he’s sure he’s gay. He assures them he is. George is uncomfortable with Griffin sleeping in her room. Ashley’s never had a sleepover.

Ricky wants to sleep with Adrianne and she says they’re not having sex until they work some things out. She gives him a few kisses to reward themselves for all the things they’ve accomplished. Ricky is really trying to convince her. Adrianne saying doing it is a reward for getting married. She’s afraid to have sex and lose their progress. I see her dad liking this sleepover idea.

Claire’s mom is making out with her boyfriend. In the bedroom of course. When he gets a phone call that he ignores until it keeps ringing. She assures him that he can take it if he needs, he says he doesn’t. She asks if he has a girlfriend and he says she’s his girlfriend. It was his mother on the phone.

Grace is setting up her own sex nest of flowers and candles. Jack calls to say goodnight. He offers to sleep over but she says she’ll be ok. Is she taking up her mom’s masturbation suggestion? Because otherwise, only the girl cares about candles and flowers.

Ben makes out with Maria. He says stop, she wants to be lovers. It’s America! In walks Leo, Ben’s dad. Oh my god I want to make her shut up. This whole conversation is very uncomfortable. He calls Ben out for a moment to say “do you know who her father is!?!” Meanwhile she calls her father to tell him to get Ben for her.

Amy and Anne are grocery shopping. Amy’s thrilled to be away from the babies. Anne is tired. Amy thinks Mimzy is doing great but Anne says she’s not. Amy sees a cute boy. He doesn’t know who she is and smiling. She’s just having a little fun, it isn’t cheating on Ben. A man sees Anne and is shocked to see her. She tells him to go. He wants her to kiss him but she says she can’t she’s sort of married. This man was Anne’s old boyfriend. The man’s brother forwards Anne’s emails of what’s going on. He insists on the kiss. Meanwhile Amy talks to the boy about cheese. Pomento cheese to be exact. He suggests a picnic. His dad pointed her out, he’s the man who stopped Anne. They were high school sweethearts. He gives Amy his number. He’ll just call her Pomento from now on. Anne decides not to buy any of the stuff in their cart.

George sees Adrianne’s dad outside and they take a drink together. George doesn’t understand why Anne is upset. Maybe the baby brought them back together regardless of whether or not he was a son.

Adrianne wonders about hearing George. Ricky wants to leave because they won’t be having sex. It’s too boring for him. She realizes it was because Ricky wanted to see his son. He’s upset. She says he should do something about getting joint custody. She says she’ll call if she sees Amy. He’s trying to make the no sex thing work. Yeah, trying very hard, asking her to have sex every minute.

Ashley is getting pampered by Griffin who reveals that he wants a boyfriend but that’s unlikely in high school. Even though he’s okay with it, doesn’t mean most others will. He saw his brothers go through a lot in high school and wants to avoid that. Ashley doesn’t think you can have meaningful sex in high school. Ashley and Griffin decide they aren’t ready for boyfriends.

Grace is doing her hair when Jack walks in. He sees all the flowers and candles and thinks she was cheating and she doesn’t care.

Grace’s mom Kathleen and her boyfriend Jeffrey are together when in walks his mother. The mother likes Kathleen. Awkwardly funny. He’s shocked that she’s a republican. She reveals cheating on her husband.

Ben worries about his relationship with Maria. What to do? Maria is fun. Ben wants a sex-life. He needs someone to talk to so he calls Adrianne.

Ricky brings a girl (Ruthie from Seventh Heaven) to his apartment. They don’t want anything serious. Just sex of course. Yeah Ricky, that’s likely to work out well.

In walks Amy and John. How is she? Fine. Anne and Robbie is still at Mimzy’s. Amy reveals that they weren’t at Mimzy’s the whole time and he’s upset. She’s obnoxious and whiney as always (no wonder Ashley is his favorite). She got her license. Amy has the car that David gave her. He’s upset that she got her license without him. So it’s Ashley and George vs Amy and Anne. Adrianne calls Ben to tell him that Amy is back. Adrianne talked him out of breaking up with Amy. He keeps doubting, she keeps talking him into it. She says relationships aren’t always fun. Do you really want to give up after all the effort put in? Adrianne says maybe they’ll have sex soon. Adrianne’s dad advises her to stay out of the business next door. Adrianne assures him that Cindy is uninterested in George. She says he demand that Cindy stay. Adrianne wants them to stay together.

Ricky is at work (Ben just left). The woman working there knows he cheated on Adrianne. There’s no reason, only justification, for cheating on someone you love. She advises him to stop. Ben comes in to say Amy’s back and Ricky gives him the same speech about why he doesn’t want to break up with Amy.

Jack talks to Tom, he’s waiting for Grace to come down. Jack asks Tom if they can be friends. Tom says he thinks Grace is cheating on Jack and Tom insists on money to reveal the name. He reveals that she’s having sex with herself, by herself. Blew his mind with that one.

Jeff calls Kathleen who is cleaning. She feels vulnerable around him, which he likes. He said he loves her. (Do you think they’re going to have an abusive relationship on this show? It seems like the only storyline that hasn’t been done.) Grace tells her mom she’s so happy about masturbating.

Amy apologizes to Ashley about overreacting when Ashley got the room. But that’s okay, she has a license and a car, she’s free. And she has a new guy in her life. He’s mom’s high school boyfriend’s son. The guy mom was with in Chicago. Ashley tells George to call Anne asap because she’s seeing her old high school boyfriend. Ricky arrives and he’s angry that she hasn’t called him. He’s going to go to court to make sure she can’t take off with him anymore.

Adrianne is watching and gets a call from Zoe, the girl who slept with Ricky. She slept with Ricky last night, to return the favor of Adrianne sleeping with her boyfriend. Adrianne is, understandably pissed.


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