Make It Or Break It: Follow the Leader

Emily is once again rushing around (de ja vu from episode two?), today they will be naming the National Team Coach and by the way the Rock is the National Team Gym. Her mom ruined her jacket and they’re going to be late. Inappropriate Chloe moment as always about things she’s done. (Really Chloe, unnecessary and uncomfortable!)

Kaylie’s mom reminds her dad to be supportive, not a manager. In walks Kelly, she’s mean, methodically insulting each girl (though ther insults are much the same as they were at nationals). They talk about the advantage of having their personal coach for the national team coach. They are sure it’s Sasha. She sees Payson around and says it’s pathetic. Lauren snaps back about Kelly having no friends (minus potentially blackmailing Nick, Lauren’s come to Payson’s defense multiple times now). Kaylie tells them to shut up. Summer invited the press and it’s time. Sasha is apprehensive, Payson ensures him that he’ll be chosen, he has more members on the team than any other gym. He responds it should have been four. He asks her to be assistant coach but she turns it down immediately. In walks Emily, late as always with her mom calling attention to them. They announce the coach and it’s…Marty Walsh. Lots of shocked looks all around. Kaylie is pissed. Kelly says she can abdicate her title because no one expects her to keep it. She knew he would be coach. Payson is upset and thinks Sasha deserves it. But people don’t always get what they deserve. (Just about everything is a reference to her injury.)

Someone approaches to speak to Emily and her mom. It turns out she’s failing math (somehow it doesn’t shock me that she isn’t the smart one cause now they can say “poor Emily, she’s so poor she can’t afford a tutor”), she needs a B in math to remain on the team. They are role models now, the whole world is watching. Right.

Marty approaches Kaylie to congratulate and he’s looking forward to being her coach. She’s not and walks away in a huff off teenage brattiness.

What will the Rock girls do? They decide to meet at Emily’s work. Razor is a jerk at the Shack (what is up with him? why’d he do a 180 personality wise? this is not the way to win back your girl!). She’s waiting for the others and she reveals that she’s an elite gymnast. He’s upset she never told him. “How long did it take you to tell Damon?” She never told Damon, her mom did. The crew arrives, including Payson. They think Marty will be playing favorites with Kelly. They want to get rid of him. Payson points out she’s not part of it. She is done with the drama. Well, with her help or not, they come up with a plan: National committee members are observing the next day so they can make Marty look bad. Really bad. (Payson would never have agreed to that. She was the first one to cheer on Emily in episode one after all.)

Kaylie is angry at her mom for sleeping with Marty. But she doesn’t tell on her. Alex Cruz thinks Lauren’s dad paid off the committee. He plans to take Marty down by looking into him. (Realization by Kaylie and Mrs. Cruz that this might reveal their illicit past.) Kaylie tells her dad to stop managing her career or trying to get involved in the politics of the Rock. He says he’ll always be there for her. (This is actually a sad moment.)

Emily moans about math and Razor turns out to be smart. Who knew? He suggests getting high. She says no so he says he was joking. (Mhmm sure.) More Razor awkward, slightly douchey. Did you know? Razor was a mathling before he joined a band. Which he reveals to her mom who asks him to tutor Emily. Of course. Well played Razor.

Marty talks to the team. They represent the nation. He says they’ll be held to high moral standards. (Cue disgusted look from Kaylie.) Kaylie convinces Emily to ruin Marty. Lauren spreads rumors about Marty being Handsy. Kaylie says he hates being looked in the eye because he thinks it’s disrespectful. Emily says he has bad breath. (Wow, that’s big.) The national committee is watching and calls him aside.

Sasha finds Kaylie as she leaves and asks what was going on. He knows she was sabotaging. He expects to be respectful to Marty. She insists she can’t work with him. He says she will get kicked off. She’s number one so she’s the leader and has to set the right example. She’s failing miserably right now.

Marty comes up to talk to Payson to say he’s sorry about what happens to her (he is partially responsible if you think about it). He’s never coached anyone as talented and determined as her. She still has a lot to offer the sport if she’s ever interested in coaching. She cuts him off, she’s not. (Not like she’d coach with him anyway after his betrayal.)

Lauren and Carter talk about Kaylie coping with Marty. He says she’s over him. But then he gets a call from her. He comes running in his awful truck and Kaylie looks miserable. (BTW, when did Payson become Kaylie’s best friend? They hardly spoke last season, if you think about it and all of a sudden Payson has been her best friend forever.) It shouldn’t be like this, I should be on top of the world! What can he do? He can tell her why. He says he felt like he wanted to be with her more than she wanted to be with him. So he wanted to hurt her? He keeps apologizing and they make out. Because that seems like a good idea. He stops her before they go too far. Why can everyone else cheat, lie, and have sex but she can’t? (Well look how happy they are.) She kicks him out. She can hate him but they’re soulmate and he won’t give up on her.

Emily comes home to find Razor ready to tutor her. He obviously knows about math based on what he said yesterday but she still seems shocked.

Payson sits moping. She surfs the net all day. Her mom suggests she coach. Payson feels like it would be admitting defeat and she can’t yet. I’m in denial too…

Emily’s mom can’t fix the jacket. Emily doesn’t want her involved in gymnastics, she tends to make things worse. (PS Remember how Emily couldn’t have qualified for nationals?)

Marty starts talking about a competition in London (also known as Worlds?). Kaylie, Emily, and Lauren are all called forward but they’re not going. Kelly is. Kaylie throws a fit: you can’t do this!

They’re taking the team photo tomorrow, what will Emily do about her jacket. They’re all pissed. New plan. Kaylie is telling her father the truth. What about her family, Emily asks. What about her? She’s telling her dad after practice.

Payson is back at the Rock. Kelly says she’s sorry about what happened to her. Payson was a challenge, unlike Kaylie. (She does seem at least partially genuine here.) Being obnoxious was just to psych her out, not personal. Payson tells her to leave Kaylie alone. Kelly says Sasha will never be picked to coach because of what happened to Payson.

Meanwhile, Alex is going stir crazy behind the glass. He doesn’t know what his place is anymore. His place is at home, as her father. Kim says Payson lost everything in the blink of an eye but at least she has her family and this is when you realize that family is everything. (Ah Mrs. Keeler always the smart one.)

Payson goes to Sasha’s trailer and she’s angry for him not saying it was her fault. He says he should have known, the ones who are the most dedicated are more likely to compete with serious injuries. She blames herself. He tells her to sit. There was another girl while he was coaching in Romania, named Emilia, age 14 that fell off bars and hit her head but she wanted to go again. He made her sit out but he let her parents decide if she should go to the doctor. They took her home and she died. He will never forgive himself. She will never forgive herself for ruining his job, she never realized her injury could hurt others. He says she’s a leader and should get the girls to stop. What if she doesn’t want to be a leader. Why is it her job? It’s not her job but maybe it’s her calling. (Oh Sasha, remember when you seemed so mean?)

Alex looks at pictures and in walks Kaylie to talk to him. He asks if she thought he neglected her as a daughter. He thinks he was worse than other parents who over-push their kids. He’s glad she fired him. He doesn’t want to be the one who doesn’t realize what he’s got till it’s gone (secret life anyone?). If he loses her he loses everything. She promises he won’t.

Summer is giving Emily the math test. Summer asks about the national team jacket. Emily explains the ruined jacket. Summer has something to show her. There are 3 dozen cards from her mother to Marty asking him to come see her. See, Marty didn’t just happen to find her. That’s cute in a corny way since the cards are huge decorated craziness. In comes Emily and thanks her for being her mom. (Chloe is dying the jacket.) Hugs and cuddly moments.

None of Sasha’s girls at the picture. They debate getting in because Marty would win. In walks Payson who tells them to go out and take the picture. It turns out Payson is the drama, it’s her fault. No matter what they won’t get Sasha but they know Marty and they know he’s a good coach. She gives them a speech about how badly she wants what they have, who cares who the coach is? She shames them into going. They haven’t been their best, they don’t deserve London. Be the athletes she spent her career training with. Payson says “we” are still going to the Olympics, even if not the way they planned it. Payson and Sasha share a proud glance. Emily’s mom gets her a perfect looking jacket just in time. Summer has Emily’s results. Summer got her a new one. (Figured.) Marty has Kaylie step in the middle. Kaylie smiles at her parents. Kim says she’s proud. Payson says she will be in next year, as the new national champion.

The episode should end here but instead we cut to a scene of Emily and Razor in the Shack. Emily got an A! And she hugs him in thanks. Then Damon calls. Razor tells her to say hi (genuine or a way to remind Damon that he’s there to see her?) and she tells Damon she misses him.


8 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: Follow the Leader”

  1. sarah Says:

    First off, this episode was light years better(if it can be) than the premier.

    Amen to remembering Emily couldn’t technically qualify for nationals…go away, no one cares about your boy drama. Also in no way surprised Marty didn’t ‘discover’ her…please.

    I don’t want to admit Payson is done either…I saw on my TV guide she does go see some fancy back specialist next episode or the one after…

    I laughed hysterically when Lauren was warning the girls about Marty being “handsy” I had a feeling she was going to be the one to say that…

    Now, something I found interesting….Kelly tells Payson she’s sorry and seemed sincere-or am I just totally sappy and dense?
    However…as she’s telling Payson her injury cost Sasha the national team coach….what about Marty’s top gymnast getting shot up with cortisone??? Will that piece of the puzzle come back into play? Did Marty even know? What if the committee finds out? Could be interesting…no? I am sure the writers aren’t as good as we are thou….lol

    • ax20 Says:

      She did seem sincere, up until she mentioned the whole coaching thing.

      Remember that cortisone isn’t illegal in gymnastics so there isn’t anything wrong with Kelly Parker using it. It’s more of an intimidation thing (“look how she never gets hurt or feels her injuries”) and publicity thing than anything else. Long before Payson abuse with cortisone she was using it.

      The other thing is this: Marty was the coach that brought the Rock girls (save for Emily) up to National Team Standards. Sasha was coach for 40 days. Meaning anything that happened with them is mostly Marty (except that Sasha upped Lauren’s difficulty).

  2. sarah Says:

    Very true…I knew cortisone isn’t illegal-I can’t even imagine how much cortisone Nastia has had in her ankle….lol…I see now I didn’t make what I was trying to say clear at all (towards the end of the work day and all)- I wondered if Kelly’s cortisone use is covering up a much more serious injury like it was with Paysons? Would that come back to haunt Marty if she gets a serious injury as well?

    You are also 100% correct, obviously if the national team coach was chosen the way it is in MIOBI land, Marty would be the obvious choice, as really technically his ‘4’ girls made the national team…however, USAG seems to not care about the injury’s Karolyi’s gymnasts sustained lol

    • ax20 Says:

      Actually, Bella Karolyi had a very difficult time establishing himself when he moved to America and it wasn’t until he was lucky that he managed to get himself to where he ended up. And even then there were issues that pushed him out. (based on his autobiography anyway) Of course, Karolyi’s record speaks for itself so it is anything but surprising that he was chosen. He revolutionized the sport, coached the first gymnast who got a perfect 10 (and like 7 in that one competition), and brought glory to US gymnastics when it was believed that US gymnasts could never compete internationally. And nowadays it is Martha, not Bella, who runs the national team and she was never as controversial.

      I doubt anything will happen with Kelly Parker injury-wise since she is a side character who serves only person of antagonist for Payson (who otherwise has no one to really compete with/fight with) and to push the characters together every so often since they have to unite against her. But how interesting would it be to have Payson and Kelly sitting together in the injured gymnasts’ arena?

  3. sarah Says:

    ok, sorry for the repeated posts…It’s a slow day at work and none of my friends watch this show or know anything about gymnastics…maybe I need new ones? 😉

    I have read Sey’s book but have yet to read Bela’s book and it sounds like a must… completely agree he was the logical choice. It’s just after hearing the things about them being so strict on diet(or lack there of) the things Moceanu had said, and the well known disaster and misery of the 2000 Olympic team, makes you wonder… Plus I have read that Marta has been notorious for over-training and tiring the girls out prior to the games, which makes sense based on the 04 and 08 results, althou it seemed the 08 team was more banged up than 04…but yes, def. way less controversy around her. It will be interesting to see who their successor will be…

    As far as MIOBI…you are probably right…I just think Kelly is a great character(and one of the better actresses on the show) and would like to see more of her, but I do forget(because I don’t want to) that she is a ‘side’ character. Yes, it would be quite the episode seeing Kelly and Payson behind the glass, like with the 99 worlds trials(I think that is the one) where there were like 6 girls watching and petitioning to the team but you could tell they were all all sorts of pissed off.

    What I would LOVE to see thou is more Lauren/Kelly cat fights obv. , but then have them unite(which I have a sense could happen) and make some European divas(khorkina-esque) life hell…but I guess that can’t compare to Emily’s love life(eye rollz)….

  4. Cindy Says:

    Payson had better make it back to gymnastics. The show cannot last multiple seasons if she’s never a gymnast again. It’s also too sad to watch her miss out on her dream. I still think Lauren is the best character. I love that she can be so principled about some things — sticking up for Payson — but also play so dirty. She’s fascinating. I want them to delve more into her relationship with Summer, especially now that the Summer and her Dad are done. Where has he been, by the way?

    • ax20 Says:

      On a list of characters we’re wondering about:
      Becca (three seconds of screen time doesn’t count)

      ps- who loves that Marty just won’t go away?!?

  5. sarah Says:

    LOVE that Marty keeps coming back to torment Ronni Cruz, you know something is going to blow up there…Kaylie seemed pretty ok with everything at the end of Mondays show.

    As far as characters…
    Brian-I think he is going to remain a background character appearing sparingly, at least for the next few episodes.

    Steve-oh you know he will back at some point, probably to buy Lauren a spot on some world teams(she actually would be great for a competition like the worlds format was this year to specialize on beam). I would love to see another fallout fight with Steve and Summer for sure. I agree with Cindy, I would like to see why Summer is still sticking around and more about her and Lauren’s relationship…I mean she did say in the finale that while she left Laurens father, she didn’t leave her. Summer knows what a headcase mess Lauren is and her holy roller-ness would never allow her to abandon a troubled child in need, right? lol

    Leo-they said in the finale he would be back to coach at the Rock, he seems very unimportant now that everyone knows about Lauren and Carter and there is enough drama with Emily and Razor and Damon…let’s not beat this deadhorse.

    Becca-I like Becca and would like to see more of her…wouldn’t it be interesting if she really comes into her own as an elite level gymnast and watching Payson deal with that? It would be either mega jealously to where Payson would put a pillow over her head in her sleep or a really touching, sappy sister act as Payson leads her sister to the dream she couldn’t achieve(althou I really do think Pay will be back, maybe not soon, but eventually-they just ordered 10 more episodes for the summer)!

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