Chuck is back! If you haven’t been watching this spy-comedy, now’s the time to catch up and watch because there’s so much that is great about it. I would add it to the list of shows that didn’t get enough publicity when it started, this time NBC is responsible, but thanks to a deal with Subway (the Subway campaign), the show has come back and here’s to hoping that its ratings pick up. (Though, as we saw with Dollhouse, one lucky break doesn’t mean it will get another.)

Chuck Bartowski is an ordinary, but very smart, guy who works as part of the Nerd Herd at the Buy More store when an old college friend (the one who stole his girlfriend) sends him a disc with the Intersect, which carries all the CIA’s secrets, that implants itself in his mind. This allows him to see things related to that information and “flash” on it, meaning he sees the CIA’s database relating to whatever he saw–so he can spot assassins and criminal masterminds and recognize them, among other things. Agent Sarah Walker and Major John Casey are sent to retrieve the data. When they realize the data is in a person, they are given the responsibility of protecting him.

There’s so much to love about this show, from Captain Awesome (the boyfriend of Chuck’s sister Eli) to awkward best friend Morgan Grimes to the super-cute relationship between Sarah and Chuck. Not to mention the office politics of the Buy More that could be a show of its own (web series NBC?).

The first episode of the premiere was just okay, a lot of setting up and explaining which always slows things down a bit, but episode two really picked up again. You can’t help but feel bad for Chuck though, even though Bryce is dead, he still can’t seem to avoid being overshadowed.


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