Make It Or Break It: The Eleventh Hour

It’s back. Nothing can prepare them for what’s coming next!

They talk about Payson in the gym. Payson walks in wearing her leo. Nick gives her a little nod. Her back is fine it was just a muscle strain. She goes to do bars. Sasha ways she can do it. She performs a flawless routine as they all watch with worry. And then wakes up in a brace and remembers that it’s all over. She gets up, clearly in pain. Outside her parents worry about her. Is her physical therapist pushing too hard? Payson says everything is great. Her mom doubts it. She just lost the only dream she ever had. Payson won’t talk to anyone. It’s only been a few days. Becca wants to watch the parade and the parents don’t want her to until Payson says she wants to see it. She feels great!

The parade, saluting Kayley (and the other Rock girls, sort of). Kaylie gets a car of her own. Payson watches and forces a smile, saying “she looks great doesn’t she?” Becca wonders where the others are, on a fire truck throwing candy of course. Lauren whines and says Kayley wouldn’t have won if Payson wasn’t hurt. Payson goes to get a napkin, refusing offers for help. (The outfit makes her look heavier than normal.)

A sign is unfurled for Kaylie and she receives the key to the town. (BTW Nicky got silver.) The day is Kaylie Cruz day! She thanks everyone and then Lauren jumps up to the mic to mention Payson. They say wait to see the celebration after winning gold in the Olympics.

Carter watches, Lauren approaches and blows her off. Nick doesn’t want to take a day off from training. Payson understood. Kaylie wants a break but it’s about her not for her. Her life is no longer her own. (She will be treated like an A-list celebrity.)

The girls talk while signing autographs. Payson doesn’t want to see them. Kaylie establishes that they’re still not friends. Carter comes up to congratulate Kaylie. She says thanks and looks upset. She’s fine though. Lauren says she hates drama.

Keelers at dinner. Payson suggests going with their dad, now they have no reason to remain in Boulder.

Emily sees Damon in the celebrations. Emily’s moping that it isn’t Emily Kmetko day. She worries about Sasha seeing. She wants to celebrate him going to LA. She’s so far beyond her dream (lies). He gives her a ticket to a “performance” of his.

Summer hugs Lauren. She’s so proud of everyone. Lauren gives a cookie cutter answer about loving Kaylie. She could be number one too. After all she and Kaylie always traded second and third. And it looks like hard work isn’t the way she plans to get number one. Lauren wants to talk to Sasha about Carter. What exactly will she tell him?

The Kmetkos show up at the Keelers with presents. Emily goes to see Payson. Her mom knows how easy it is to put yourself in a hole. Things could have gotten worse, Payson could have ended up in a wheelchair. Oh, Brian. Awkward. But Mrs. Keeler is up to that.

Payson and Emily talk and at first skirt over things. Payson apologizes for not calling them back, she’s focusing on her rehab. Emily says they miss her. She should come to the Rock so everyone can see her. She doesn’t know if she’ll have a chance they might be moving to Minnesota. Emily pulls out cards to play.

Lauren works on beam and falls while working on her own move. Lauren tries to scare her by talking about the pressure and Kaylie falls off. Emily brings up Payson. Nick asks how she is. But you know Payson, she’d never say if she’s in pain.

Nick goes to see her and says she looks beautiful. He asks how she is and she says great. She ate an entire banana split and didn’t feel guilty. He’s surprised at how she’s taking it. He’d just want to die if he were in his place. Lauren shows up too. Nick blames himself but she says she didn’t use the cortisone so it isn’t his fault. Lauren listens at the door. She tells him to get the remaining bottle so he can’t get in trouble and Lauren hears the password to her locker. Lauren misses her. The Rock isn’t the same without her. Payson says she has to get ready for physical therapy.

Wait is that…Kaylie actually doing a stunt! Sasha warns the agent not to overload Kaylie because she’s easily distracted. Kaylie clearly isn’t a real friend since she hasn’t seen Payson.

Sasha says he is lifting Carter’s suspension. His girlfriend came forward and said it was her fault. Lauren did it to help him. Shocking. Kaylie is angry. Kaylie has an interview now and she has no choice about it. She’s awful in it. It feels good to be the winner. Was she surprised that she won? She says she trained hard but she was surprised. What about Payson? Do you think she would have won if Payson wasn’t injured? Umm…yeah…I don’t know. Kaylie runs out on the interview and the gym. Going to see Payson now?

Kaylie apologizes for not coming sooner. Payson says she was never number one where it counted. Kaylie apologizes and starts crying about not coming. She thinks it should have been Payson and she always wonders if she deserved it. Kaylie worries about not being able to do it again. She’s scared of letting everyone down. Payson says she’ll be fine. Kaylie wants Payson to be her friend, she needs her. Payson says she’d like to help but she has other things on her mind. Kaylie leaves with another apology. (Is Payson supposed to feel bad?) The parents realize Kaylie was crying and Payson says she’s fine, just getting ready for bed. She’s brushing her hair and insists she’s great. Her dad says he admires the way she controls her emotions, it’s the reason she’s such a good competitor. Life isn’t about competition, feel things. He says goodnight. She says maybe she’s like him, he’s never gotten angry. But then she sees how he hurt his fingers after punching a wall when he found out she couldn’t compete.

Emily looks for Damon at the Shack and Damon is has left her directions to the roof where he’s set up a date. The Starlight lounge performance. It’s their last night together. It has to be unforgettable. She’d never forget him. They are super corny. They think about when they first met. Could she have imagined being with him then? No! Him? Yes.

The Keelers wake up to Payson smashing her room. Her dad says to let her get out her anger and not stop her. Becca wakes up too and they comfort her while Payson cries in her room.

Emily tells Damon he has to follow his dream. Neither would expect the other to give up their dream. But before he can say more, Razor walks in. He wants them to go to a party. (He is very different than when he left.) Razor wonders why Damon hasn’t told him something…about him and Emily. Damon is hostile. Damon tells Razor he’s leaving for LA because he sold some songs. It’s like Razor’s on drugs or something. Damon ends the date abruptly.

Becca works to fix Payson’s trophies. Payson says she’s feeling better. Better than great. Does it bother her that her mom takes Becca to the Rock? What does Payson want? It hurts so much to be here, it kills to think about stepping into the Rock. It’s everything she will never have. Her mom says the Rock is everything she’ll always have: maturity, discipline, knowledge, risk, trying, being a champion. She’ll always have and be it. She doesn’t feel like anything. But there’s so much she can do. She still has community, family, friends. If I were Payson I’d bust some more things.

Kaylie says she won’t notice Carter. (Lauren is in the wrong color.) Carter says he should thank her but he won’t considering. Emily and her mom gossip about Damon despite the fact that it’s practice. Her mom says she should go tell Damon that nothing is going to happen with her and Razor.

Summer arrives to ask Kim about Payson. She’s praying for them. Sasha thinks Summer should fill in for Kim while she’s on leave. Payson and her dad show up at the Rock. Summer doesn’t think she and Steve can work out. In walks Payson. She’s spotted by the gymnasts and everyone sort of stares and takes a couple steps until Sasha finally approaches. He’s been waiting for her. Champions are always welcome in the Rock. Returning Champions are also greeted with a round of applause and now everyone surrounds her. Nick is glad she came. She looks happy.

Payson and Kaylie sit outside. Payson tells her to stop. She’s angry at Kaylie, rage, bitterness, and jealousy. She doesn’t deserve it, she just won. Kaylie’s always had everything. She’s popular, pretty, money, boys. And she was okay because gymnastics was all that mattered. And then Kaylie took the gold and now she’ll never know. Don’t be sorry for winning! Payson is serious about this. Kaylie asks if they will be ok but Payson doesn’t know. She’s trying. Kaylie goes back in but Payson has one more thing. Kaylie is the champion, don’t forget or apologize for it. She beat Kelly Parker, she did it once she can do it again. Remember that when you doubt yourself. And now Payson actually looks like she’s doing a little better.

Nick arrives to get the stuff from Payson’s locker but it isn’t there. Lauren is there. She says she put it in a safe place. She has plans, we’ll see what they are later. (Yeah Lauren, drama free.)

Emily arrives in time to see Damon. She says she wants him to ask her to wait. He asks and she says yes. (But she’s totally gonna get together with Kaylie’s brother so if she hadn’t asked she wouldn’t become the cheater we all know she is going to become…)

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5 Responses to “Make It Or Break It: The Eleventh Hour”

  1. angiemaemae221 Says:

    i don’t think emily will actually cheat on damon w/ leo. maybe she’ll get a little flirty w/ razor, but i doubt she’d go out w/ leo. can’t wait for the rest of the season to air. this is the best show to watch while glee is on hiatus.

  2. sarah Says:

    This episode was a little slow in my opinion, but it proved how boring this show would be without Lauren….wtf is she going to do with the cortisone?? I mean seriously, Payson’s out and it’s not like Nick is competition to her….seriously bitchy and awesome what she did with Carter, althou I was hoping he’d be off the show.

    I guess now that nationals is out of the way to focus on….Payson will be focusing on rehab(focus is a word that needs to be added to a MIOBI drinking game). I don’t know how I feel about her and Nick together….he seems like such a tool.

    Best line? Mrs Keeler telling Chole Payson could have been in a wheelchair….I was hoping we’d maybe find out what happened to Brian….

    Kaylie was a pretty big brat when she went to see Payson the first time talking about how she can’t handle the pressure of being number one, and Payson was right, she was never number one when it counted…but at least at the end it showed there is a chance for their friendship-seems like Payson would have taken it better if Kelly had actually won.

    The promos at the end showed some pretty good stuff…hopefully it will pick up next week…thank god this show is back while Gossip Girl is on hiatus till March!

    • ax20 Says:

      make him help her get rid of Kaylie? or make him pretend to date her to get carter jealous? just off the top of my head…

  3. Belle Says:

    Okay, I understand that Lauren is a brat but, honestly? Payson and Nick have not only done nothing wrong but they never have! Half way through the show I was starting to half way like her with the while Carter thing. I mean even if it was a pathetic attempt to make him like her, it was a decent thing to do! But, by the end of the show she was the bratty Lauren again!
    Even though Kaylee is my favorite character, I have to admit it was pretty rude of her to talk to Payson about being number one. But I think it was just because she was overwhelmed and Payson is the person she could always talk to. Hopefully they can still be friends and I thought it was great of Payson to tell Kaylee exactly what she was feeling.
    And I like Payson and Nick together. Except for the fact that in the promos it shows they kiss and that could mess up Nick’s career. But Go Payson!!:]

  4. a Says:

    payson et nicky sont mes preferes

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