Friday Night Lights–Up to Date!

Finally caught up and just in time since there’s an episode next week! I’ve got a few final thoughts about the show:

-it turns out I still didn’t know how old everyone on the show was. Landry and Matt weren’t the same age? And Julie? I’m not as surprised about her, she acts so young, but still. Maybe they should have talked about it being her freshman year of high school or something in the beginning of season one.

-JD McCoy suddenly became a jerk in season four which is unfortunate. Dude, coach protected you, even if he upset your fragile little family by calling CPS. My favorite moment was when he’s yelling at Matt that Coach shouldn’t have put Matt in during State when everyone knows JD was sucking it up and Matt was the reason for their comeback.

-I felt so sad for Luke when he had to switch schools. Sure he was kind of a jerk with Julie and JD just before but he was so sad when he had to leave and he’s working so hard for a good reason. (By the way, notice how everyone seems desperate to get out of Dillon?)

-The new cast members are a pretty good addition. I kind of wish there’d been a better transition, like more characters introduced earlier on in the series so that it didn’t seem like Landry, Devon, and Luke were the only ones relegated to East Dillon. And how old are all the new ones? I was iffy about the fact that the show would be following the Taylors rather than the players (most shows would have coincidentally had everyone end up in college together and follow them) but I’m finding that I really like it. It’s a nice change. Though I miss the old cast a bit and would love to hear from them more. Not sure how I feel about Becky just yet though, the whole her and Tim thing makes me uncomfortable even if nothing really happened yet. I really want Tim to DO SOMETHING. He’s so frustrating. But I guess it’s hard for me to put myself in his mindset, coming from his background.

-Tyra cried every episode! I mean, I don’t think she got through a single one without crying. Which is why I’m slightly torn. I liked her character because I think she represented the struggle between upbringing and having higher goals well but man did she cry. I think something that’s interesting is that Tyra and Tim’s lives were supposed to be so awful and then it turns out there’s a whole section of Dillon (East Dillon) that’s even worse. Maybe they’re supposed to be there?

-How do all the recent Panther alums feel about Coach Taylor losing his job and why did no one speak up for him? (I mean, clearly Matt’s pissed but who else?) Because he sort of gave the worst speech ever for himself. Tami should have spoken. Conflict of interest or not, she is a much better speaker. It’s funny that Joe brought JD to Dillon just for Eric and then replaced Eric.

-I hope East Dillon makes it to State and beats the Panthers. How many losses does it take to knock them out of the playoffs? I guess that depends partially on other upsets but I think they’ve got 3-4 losses now and in previous seasons after 1-2 losses it was always like “one more loss and we’re done.” But then again, they’ve always been a little over dramatic about their football. I’m glad to see Buddy in his newer role as not such a jerk.

-With the number of injuries we keep hearing about and seeing (Jason Street, Grant the Agent, Jess’s Mom, Smash, etc), it would be nice to see what they do for injury prevention. It would also be nice to see how people get on the team. Recruiting isn’t allowed (and while obviously some have been recruited) so there must be tryouts and stuff right? Let’s see that.

-Last comment, Grace Taylor is a little funny looking. Which is awful to say because she’s a little girl but her head is huge and her hair doesn’t quite cover it…


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