Ok, I’m more than a little bit pissed at ABC right now. Who’d have expected that after all the hate for FOX lately?

Mainly, I’m pissed because they’ve cut episode 11 and 13 out of Eastwick. Skipping episode 11 is the bigger deal since the “finale” episode makes absolutely no sense. Last we see them, Joanna is poisoned, Roxie is running for her life, and Kat is about to drown in the bathtub, in her own blood. Then all of a sudden they’re all completely fine–with no explanation as to how that worked out–and oh, by the way, they killed Jamie. Which we’re treated to in little flashbacks. Which makes me wonder how exactly episode 11 really went.

I’d rather the show have ended with them killing Jamie and making a pact and that be it. Episode 12, was so unfulfilling. And it brought up a whole new mystery that will go unsolved since there’s no episode 13 either. Couldn’t they have just finished the run or pushed the show to Friday nights to finish off?

What surprises me a little bit is that the show aired at number two in its timeslot, which isn’t too bad. And ABC admits to failing to promote it properly. So what if they’d actually done a good job? Could have saved them money and me irritation.

My one hope is that since it is doing so well in the UK all episodes will air, which means they’ll be up online, and I’ll get a chance to at least get a proper ending and resolution. If anyone finds those unaired episodes online, let me know!


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