More About Friday Night Lights

So I’m now into the third season of Friday Night Lights and have a bit more of a well-rounded opinion of the show. Meaning, I’ve found some things to complain about.

First, and this is the most ridiculous of my complaints, Tyra’s short haircut looks awful on her. Her longer hair was not quite right but I think that was lack of styling and the length was better.

Now to more important things:
Jason Street not in Season Three- it’s not that I particularly loved his character, though admittedly I’m curious to see what else happens to him and if he ever readjusts into a normal person. And what about the baby?

Smash in Season Three- I’m not sure how long he is around, as I’ve only seen a few episodes, but I think his current story is really interesting. Similar to Street’s with a glimmer of hope and ironic because of everything he said in season two. (Though one issue- Whitmore gave him an academic scholarship, not athletic, so even if he injured himself, he should still be in college at least for a semester or however long it would take for him to fail the GPA required. If he fails of course. So Smash, I say you sue Whitmore!)

Tyra and Landry in Season Two- I like the way they got together, though Tyra got a little annoying in the together, break up, together thing. However, I think the whole killing someone plotline was a little…shall we say overdramatic? (Not even Gossip Girl stuped that low. Serena only thought she killed someone!)

Julie- possibly the most irritating character of the show because all she does is whine and complain. I’d like to see her actually DO something. And getting a job isn’t enough. Let’s see some real accomplishment or some sort of progression in her character. It’s like she’s digressed since season one.

Season Three’s beginning- this was a really intelligent, comical beginning that summed up so much information in just a couple words and scenes. Like Tammi becoming principal, they just slipped it in casually.

JD’s Dad is really irritating, which is kind of the point, but still. The odds of a freshman starting over a senior who has started for three years is very very slim and he needs to earn that spot. He wouldn’t just be handed it in the beginning of the season. He has to prove he can handle all the pressure, responsibility, the higher level of play, and that takes time.

How old is everyone? Apparently Tim Riggins was a sophomore in season one? This seems like they realized at some point “shoot we can’t lose everyone!” They should have had him flunk a grade or something. (If you redo a grade, do you send five years of grades to college or can you pick?) And Lyla was also a sophomore? And Tyra? This all seems a little too convenient that they were all the same age except Jason and Smash.

One of my favorite things about the show is the radio show they have here and there in the show. While I normally dislike voiceovers, this isn’t a typical voiceover. It’s essential to the plot because it gives you an idea of the town, the mentality, etc without really intruding on the show.

One final thought, and this one is for the MIOBI fans, after Smash tears his ACL he complains “It’s not fair, I did everything right!” and all I could think about was Payson in episode 1. Granted, she looked a little more like a spoiled brat because at that point it wasn’t a big enough deal what was going on it was just kind of mean. But I think this is interesting, since the Make It Or Break It was compared to Friday Night Lights when it first came out. I think Friday Night Lights does a better job spreading out the misery among its cast, but I can’t wait for MIOBI’s return!

Anyway, still recommending that you watch this show if you haven’t already.


2 Responses to “More About Friday Night Lights”

  1. ax20 Says:

    Sorry, let me correct myself on one count. Jason Street isn’t gone in Season Three he just wasn’t around for the first three episodes.

  2. Annette Says:

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

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