Sad TV

TV this week is SO SAD! Anyone who has even mildly paid attention knows that I watch an obscene number of shows a week and yet, with all those shows, all that is on to watch this week is Survivor, Better Off Ted, Launch My Line, and The Ruins (The S#@! They Should Have Shown).

I will say though, I am sort of shocked by the outcome of Survivor (don’t read this if you haven’t watched and intend to). For one thing, while it is true that riding someone’s coattails to the finals is a strategy, I think this is the first time that someone who did that won. I mean, let’s face it, she was lucky enough to align with the right guy. Had anyone else approached her first, she would have lost. Russell on the other hand played the game at every moment (the whole winning the last immunity challenge is irrelevant it’s not like that was the only challenge he’d tried to win, it was just the only time he succeeded). From my other posts you could tell I disliked him and wanted him voted out, but still.

I think what really bothers me about the finale is that ultimately it wasn’t Natalie who really gave a winning speech that won her the game it was that Erik gave an amazing speech for her at the very end that no one who disagreed had time to dispute. She sounded the whole time like she couldn’t come up with an argument. And in truth, Russell was a jerk at times and sometimes he went back on deals. But that’s the nature of Survivor, that’s what the Outwitting part is. You can’t outwit someone AND tell them the complete truth all the time.

What I think really hurt Russell in the end was his arrogance. Be confident in your game but don’t be a jerk about it because THAT is the way to turn people off. I still can’t believe he wasn’t voted out earlier but maybe people thought he’s so unlikeable that it was worth keeping him until the end.


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