The month of December, especially the end of December, sucks because most shows have his their mid-season hiatus and there’s almost nothing to watch. (Plus with all the free time because of holidays, I have nothing to watch!)

Monday nights this past week wasn’t too bad as far as new episodes go and How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Lie to Me did not disappoint. At this point I kind of watch Chef Academy because there’s nothing else on so it’s just whatever. How Emmanuel hasn’t lost his entire hand is beyond me. He should get kicked off for safety reasons. I mean, he hurt himself while being taught about safety!

Tuesday had So You Think You Can Dance–only one house! come on!–which was pretty awesome and Better Off Ted. If you aren’t watching BOT (and “I already have one TV Ted” is NOT a good reason not to be) you’re really missing out. Tuesdays this year has not been good for TV anyway, so no surprise here. I’m missing my Gilmore Girl days.

Wednesday was both good and bad. First off, reunion shows suck! I’m sorry but they’re just not that interesting. I usually skip them because they don’t often show anything new or interesting enough to sit through the hour for. So naturally, Top Chef and the Ruins were both reunion episodes. Gary Unmarried and The New Adventures of Old Christine were pretty funny. Neither are really great shows but they’re more entertaining than the majority of this year’s new comedies. The final of So You Think You Can Dance was disappointing since the majority of guest stars were pretty lame (with the exception of the Groovaloos) and the winner, Russell, was somewhat predictable. For once I’d actually like to see the BEST dancer win, which according to the judges was unquestionably Jakob. But I think America prefers the dancer that grows the most. I keep missing the end of Launch My Line which is unfortunate but not super disappointing as there are so many people on the show that it’s hard to keep track. (Plus it would have been nice for the experts to be people we know. Then again, why would like Calvin Klein go on this show?) Lastly for Wednesday,there was Eastwick, which has really picked up some ante as shows tend to do right before cancellation (ie- Dollhouse!). The final scene was eerily reminiscent of Dexter this season, but you know it will turn out differently. (Husband comes in and saves her maybe?)

Thursday was the most disappointing night since it’s usually so jam packed with shows that I don’t know what to do. But alas, all we had was Survivor. Which obviously wins the night because it had no competition (smart CBS, run shows when no one else is competing thereby getting good press and possibly the better ads–which reminds me, why wouldn’t you want to try and attract advertisers right before Christmas with good shows? wouldn’t that be profitable?) Russel is still flabbergastingly successful and I can’t wait to see them blindside him right before the finale. Also, what were they thinking, moving the show to Sunday night for the finale. That’s so confusing!

Friday night was also missing a few shows, but with a double dose of Dollhouse it was hard to be upset. The show has really kicked into awesome right now. The question is will we ever see the end of Epitaph One? Merlin was pretty good too, shame it didn’t carry over well in the US, but at least it (and the Listener) is still happening in its native country (Britain and Canada). Surprise revival, The Beautiful Life is being put up on Youtube each week. Not a good show but I’ll watch it.

(Oh, and I tried out the British show Hex–lame–and the Secret Diary of a Call Girl–not enough substance–but neither worth sticking around. And the Amazing Race. I’ve been wondering about that show and since it’s been on for 15 seasons I figured it’s time for me to check it out. It’s not bad except that based on the order of arrival, your departure for the next leg is determined. Except that it doesn’t really matter since the team that leaves first always has to wait to leave for hours, by which time the other teams catch up. It just seems poorly planned. I also don’t like that it’s a couples game where the majority of tasks are done by only one person.)

And that’s the rundown… Any recommendations for me as far as shows to pass the time?


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