So You Think You Can Dance Finale!!!

The top 14 perform and then out come the final 6! A little symbolic ending as they remain standing high and the others drop to the floor. Nice to see them all again. There are six judges this week, Lil C, Tyce, and Debbie joining Nigel, Mary, and Adam.

We’re doing favorite numbers:
Kevin, Legacy, and Russell do an awesome hip hop number from the pre-top 20 episode.
Ellenore and Jakob doing a Sonya piece. As chosen by Adam. (Sonya always has good music choices.)
Nigel picks the tapper routine from the pre-top 20 episode with Bianca, Peter, and Phillip. Not up there on my list. (I miss Ryan.)
Mary chose Ashleigh and Ryan’s performance from the pre-top 20 episode. I’m noticing a pattern here. I prefer their performance from last night in truth.

Leona Lewis performs “I See You” which is the theme song for Avatar. I really liked Keep Bleeding from her but I haven’t found anything else that I actually enjoy. Oh well. And what it that dress? It’s awful, it looks like she’s accidentally flashing everyone. Which she’s not, accidentally or otherwise.

And then the Groovaloos. Very cool. (Awful name though.) Which reminds me, I can’t wait for the League of Extraordinary Dancers’ show to come out.

Kathryn and Jakob do a contemporary routine, chosen by Nigel.
Tyce picks a bollywood routine done by Nathan and Mollee.

Time to do some cutting and the group is called over (with Cat’s mic malfunctioning). Russell injured his leg apparently pretty badly. Ryan comes in sixth. I expected that.

Missed a bit for dinner. Sorry…Luckily this is an episode where we know nothing really exciting happens until the end.

Adam picks Ellenore and Legacy’s performance by Travis Wall’s contemporary routine. (It doesn’t seem to be as good as last time. Like they’re moving slower or something.) BTW, Legacy choreographs for LXD I hear?
Debbie chose the Afrcan Jazz done by Noelle and Russell. Due to Russell’s injury, we watch a tape of the performance.

Missed more…

Mary J Blige performs and I’m not sure I care. In fact, it’s kind of awful.

Nigel gets the last pick. Wade Robson performance done by the Top 20.

Left is Russell, Kathryn, and Jakob. Again no surprises. In third place is…Kathryn.

Lastly, J.LO. She’s actually not too bad though the song itself leaves something to be desired.

Nigel thinks no matter who wins, everyone wins. Results time. After 24 shos, 85 couples routines, tens of millions of results, and an amazing season…America’s Favorite Dancer is…RUSSELL. I had a feeling. His leg seems to feels better as he rips off his shirt in celebration.


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