So You Think You Can Dance Finale Performances

Finally, the night we’ve all been waiting for. The best of the best! (Subjectively of course.) You know what would be awesome? A special show with the top two or something from each season. Or an All Star season.

Cat, what have we said about red on that stage? You blend in with the background. BTW, the winner gets $250,000 dollars. Not as much as other shows, but still a good amount of money for a dancer. (Not all dancers can become judges on reality shows…)

Jason Gilkinson Samba with Katheryn and Ryan. So no married couple dance? Oh, they all dance with each couple…probably saving it for the end. What about the same sex dances we had last time? Nothing against Kathryn but I don’t think she has the appeal that Jeanine did and I certainly don’t think the cha-cha was her “oh my god winning moment.” That being said, she is a good dancer. Men doing ballroom style dances always look silly so me because the way the guys hold themselves looks very feminine to me even though they’re supposed to be masculine. Awesome finish. Nigel says great start, entertaining, love it! Only one is a ballroom dancer, shock. Mary says Lord have mercy. Woooo for the pair. Adam says the show should be called the Rise of Kathryn. And Ryan is just so shirtless out there. (PS one of the things I love about this show is the dynamic of the hosts and Cat, I do miss the guest judges a bit.)

Cat sounds like she’s talking as fast as she can manage. Slow down and breath!

Tyce Diorio Broadway by Ellenore and Jakob. This should be a good performance. Legs Ellenore! I mean really! This wasn’t one of my favorite routines but I think they did it well. There was one moment where I wasn’t sure if they were off. Nigel says Tyce allowed Ellenore to be Ellenore and Jakob to be Jakob. He’s incorporated both dancers’ styles. Mary says Ellenore was smoldering, clean, controlled. Jakob is tremendous with a little bit extra. Adam says it made the Broadway style current and Ellenore has never looked so good. Jakob is such a selfless partner. (Anyone think there’s a chance that Jakob will win? It never seems to be the season’s “best dancer…”)

Sonya Tayeh Lyrical Jazz by Ashleigh and Russell! (Yay she’s back,.) Nice spin Russell. Good music choice. This was so un-Sonya-like. Not bad just so different. Nigel says Ashleigh, forgive him, because the routine was all about Russell. Great chemistry. Mary says Ashleigh was drop dead gorgeous with amazing lines and passion. (Tearing up as she looks to Russell) and says you are special and have grown more than anyone ever on the show. Adam thanks Sonya for the piece. He also points out that Ashleigh was literally like his guardian angel. Russell “kicked that dance’s AAAASSSS.”

Gary Stewart jazz piece with Ellenore and Ryan. All about Ellenore here in the weirdness. Very interesting piece. (By the way, I wish they hadn’t cut out all of the before the dance interview stuff. I like hearing about the inspiration behind the dances.) Okay, it was awesome. Gary Stewart you have officially joined my favorites list. Nigel said it lacked emotion for him making him critical of the small technicalities. Not where he likes to be but they did everything right. Mary loved it because it was so different. Dynamic moments, she’s on this ship. Adam agrees with both Nigel and Mary. He can’t imagine anyone else doing that but Ellenore and Ryan was perfect.

Ashleigh and Jakob
doing a foxtrot by Jean Mark. Ashleigh’s genre more or less. Nigel says Ashleigh was fantastic. Chemistry has been outstanding. Jakob stop jetteing. Not the strongest of the routines so far but still good. Mary said Ashleigh did the style beautifully even though she’s more Latin style. Jakob needs a bit of work but so good. Adam says Ashleigh is lovely. They showed each other off. (She has such little eyes when she smiles, which seems to be all the time.)

Pasedoble (sp) by Jason Gilkinson is Ellenore and Russell. Russell is one again shirtless. (If you played a drinking game where you drank whenever a guy was shirtless, you’d be drunk pretty quickly.) I think I’ve only ever seen one dance of this style that I really enjoyed (maybe it was last season with Jeanine and Brandon?) so not my thing. Nigel says he could have been sharper but still very good. Ellenore was passionate and fiery and beautiful. Mary says Ellenore is a spanish vixen that fired it up and Russell didn’t quite have it but he made up for it in passion. Also on fire. Adam points out a particularly awesome move of Russells and points out how magnificent Ellenore changes character from routine to routine.

Kathryn and Jakob doing Dwight Roden and Desmond Richardson contemporary.A good pairing though this piece doesn’t hit me for some reason, might be the choice of music. It’s not an emotional song so it doesn’t take you into the moment the same way. But standing ovation. Nigel says they just stopped the show. Kathryn fave girl rises to every occasion (is it ok for the judges to say that?) stunning. Jakob must grow more, join a company with equally talented dancers. It was one of the best performances Mary ever saw. Adam says it was a game changer.

And finally, Ashleigh and Ryan doing a Travis Wall contemporary. That’s exciting. I’m There Too by Melanie Featherstone. Ok, that for me was the best of the night. Great song choice, great performance. (My fvorite of the night.) They’re sooo cute. Nigel says they’ve accounted for themselves being in the finale very well. He thinks Ashleigh has better chemistry with Jakob though. Mary says it’s rare for a married couple to have a moment like that and that will be quite a memory. Before Adam comments he asks how it felt for them and Ashleigh says it was perfect. (At which point they both start crying.) Adam says the incredible tenderness really made it. Brilliant plan Travis and I’m glad they didn’t get ballroom.

Kathryn and Russell finish things off with a Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop routine. Lucky Russell. Sooo fast! I think Kathryn was a little off at times and the tricks looked too set up but still cool. Nigel says final competitive routine of the season and it was great. Everything he expected from Russell. Kathryn was gangster (BUCK anyone?) Mary says she has no idea how America is going to vote. WOOOHOOO. Adam says this is the absolute beauty of this show. Kathryn did contemporary, samba, and then hip hop. Russell did jazz and passedoble before hip hop. It was so hot!

Seriously Cat, breath.


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