Syfy mini-series Alice is meant to be a reimagining of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, though in truth, I’d say it’s more of a sequel to the two with a bunch of reimagining thrown in. No one is the way you pictured it. Caterpillar, while still a pipe smoking druggie, is not actually a caterpillar for one and the White Rabbit is disappointingly not a rabbit either. No cards as guards either. Though they sort of are I guess.

Hundreds of years after the original Alice went to Wonderland (in Wonderland time since it’s like Narnia in that time moves faster there), there is a new Alice. She is a black belt and has a hard time committing to a guy because when she was ten her father walked out on her and her mother. She is just beginning to get serious with her boyfriend Jack but when he gives her an expensive ring she freaks out and pushes him away. But when she sees him being kidnapped, she runs after him only to be attacked by someone who wants the ring he gave her. She follows her attacker only to fall through a mirror, the looking glass, and find herself in Wonderland. Though she insists that she is Just Plain Alice and not The Alice of Legends, she finds herself in a much bigger struggle. The Queen of Hearts has risen again and now she kidnaps people from Alice’s world, called Oysters, to drain them of their emotion and sell it to the people of Wonderland as a drug. Alice is dragged into a battle much greater than simply saving her boyfriend and she finds out that nothing is as she knew it to be and she might be the key to everything.

As always with retellings and reimaginings, I really enjoyed this one. This one was done by the same people who remade the Wizard of Oz for Syfy (what was then Sci Fi). Which I also enjoyed. Zoey Deschannel was in that one I believe. My biggest complaint: for a black belt, Alice runs like a stereotypical girl. I mean arms flailing wildly, legs bent outward at awkward angles. I know this is such a random thing to nitpick on but it just seems so silly and unlikely to me. The main actress leaves a little to be desired since she sometimes goes a little over the top, but she was good enough. And the Hatter was so sweet.

Anyway, I’d recommend this two part, four hour mini series for anyone who enjoys modern reimaginings.


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