So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Results

Sonya Tayeh opening routine, which explains why it was pretty cool. Last night there were over 8 million votes. Next week is the finale with 3 couples (isn’t that less couples than last final?). Samantha Robson mixed the song Pon De Floor.

Guys first. (That’s new.) Russell first. All good reviews for his routines last night. Nigel expects him to go through. Does America agree? Yes. I’m guessing Ryan will go home. How crazy if it was husband and wife? Legacy was great in one and okay with the others. Legacy has never been in the bottom…until now. (Jakob safe is my guess?) Jakob and Ryan after the break. Jakob in Broadway reminds me of Evan. He gets a “best dancer on the show ever” a bunch of times. Ryan meanwhile had quite a good night as well. The next guy safe is…Jakob. Predictably so. Mary says everything is a surprise at this point.

Girls now. Ashleigh’s arm isn’t in a sling so that’s a good sign. Kathryn goes first and she had an overall good night. And Kathryn is safe. Ellenore second had a half good and half bad night. She is also in danger today. (Well of course when the format is redundant.) Mollee had a great night. Ashleigh…couldn’t dance. Ashleigh is safe tonight. Well, that’s something of a shock. I hope she stays. Adam thinks Mollee had her best night yet last night and some of THE best of the season. He thinks the weeks with Nathan held her back. Sadly. When Adam saw Kathryn do the cha cha he thinks she might be the next Jeanine.

Performance by Asian Pop Sensation the Wondergirls. Meh.

Season 7 news begins now. Which is just that auditions start in January. Solo time. Legacy doing something cooler than last night’s. Ellenore next.Weird as always. In a good way. Ryan’s solo. Same as last night? Mollee last. Mostly just okay until the moment that I had to stop and say that was cool.

Guest Chris Allen. Better than the Wondergirls.

Ladies results time. Ellenore and Mollee…(I wonder what the distribution of votes is.) The last girl in the finale is Ellenore. Not surprised but sad.

Guys results. Ryan and Legacy…the contestant moving on is…Ryan. Wow, double shock tonight. The judges give him a standing ovation.


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