So You Think You Can Dance Top 8 Performances

Ashleigh will not be performing tonight because her shoulder popped out. She popped it back in but the doctor said she can’t perform tonight. She says she begged and she seems really sad about it anyway. 😦 That sucks because she’s been progressing so well.

Kathryn and Ryan first. Kathryn wants to go for it because there are only two weeks left. Ryan thinks maybe he could dance with Ashleigh at the end and that would be a nice end. Doriana Sanchez Disco routine. The theme is last dance but really it’s the first dance. Their heads are really not in sync it’s a little weird because everything else seems to be pretty together.  It might be a flexibility thing. Adam says it was so much fun and put a smile on his face. Ryan proves that really men can wear sequins. Kathryn’s improved over the show. Mary says uf they keep dancing like that it won’t be the last dance for sure. Meh. Holy smokes Kathryn, peaking at the right time. Believable chemistry. Ryan perfect partner work. Nigel disagrees. Suited to Kathryn but the shirt doesn’t look good on Ryan. (Adam says he’s from England!) Ryan says he was too stiff. Enjoyable though. BUT MARY THOUGHT IT WAS RIGHT ON.

Mollee and Jakob. Making it to the finale would be the dream and the ultimate goal of wining. Winners have gone on to do fantastic things. Viennese waltz with Jason. Promise that it’s not traditional slow waltz so fingers crossed. For the most part I actually really liked it. It looked a little rushed but I think that’s not his fault. It was a fast song. Adam says he could have watched for two more hours. So beautiful. Great everything came together. Mollee is peaking. Jakob is obviously an amazing dancer. Mary says what’s not to like. Nothing ordinary about the two of them and their performance. Jakob great partnering work, not easy. Mollee elevated again, priceless. No mojo lost. Gaining in every routine. Dynamic pairing. Nigel thinks this is the beauty of dance. Takes his breath away as much as the flips from LXD last week. Constant flow was beautiful. Both excellent, everything fit together.

This would have been Ashleigh’s solo. She says she feels perfect now…Sadly no performance tonight. They should play a clip of her dancing a solo so at least she has a chance.

Ellenore and Legacy. Travis Wall contemporary!! It’s a high flying table pushing dance. Well, it’s pretty cool, BUT the music was too stop and go for me. It didn’t flow well. Choreographers must love Legacy. Adam loves choreographers who see the closeness btwn dance and murder. And they murdered it. So exciting. Like watching home movies of his parents. Travis understood his couple and used them to maximize them and the dance. AWESOME. Mary says it wasn’t that good…OF COURSE IT WAS! Taylor made for them. (Legacy looks like a monkey without shoes.) So much risk. Nigel says what a beautifully romantic routine, so dangerous. Anything could have gone disastrously wrong. (Mandy Moore’s table routine got her an Emmy routine and this might do the same for Travis Wall.) Props.

Jakob’s solo. Mostly jam packed fun.

Ashleigh and Russell. Shane Sparks hip hop routine. Ashleigh needs to transform into someone else. So who does the routine? Shane’s assistant. He is so much better than her it’s ridiculous. I wonder what Ashleigh would have looked like here. Adam says that must be hard to be there without the partner. He says he was upset because he’s enjoyed Ashleigh doing hip hop and from the clips the chemistry looked good. The routine was solid old school. Russell hit so hard. Krumper is not equivalent to hip hopper but he looked great. Performance level and energy was high. Mary says on point, hard hitting. Nobody does it like him. Nigel says another sweet routine for the romantics. Rachel stepped in at the last moment (this morning). No compromise here.

Mollee’s solo. Maybe not as good as her usual ones but still a pretty exciting one.

Ryan and Kathryn get a cha cha by Jason. Cool finish. Okay dance. They did well but the styles weren’t my favorite. Standing ovation though so it’s probably better live. Nigel says the routine is over which is bad. According to Adam: Huge night for Ryan. So hot. Sucks for the show but good for the marriage that Ashleigh isn’t around at the moment. Kathryn HUGE. Teamwork. Mary loves that he loved it. WOW. Crying Mary. The floor was on fire. Power, chemistry, effortless, smoldering. HOT TAMALE TRAIN. (She’s only said that a few times the whole season.) First class too. Nigel starts with praising the choreographer first. He’s made ballroom fun and entertaining. Kathryn looked like a Latin ballroom dancer. Perfect Ryan, looked magnificent.

Legacy’s solo. Pretty cool minus the lame phone prop.

Ellenore’s solo…. She’s so strange. In a good way mostly. Not her best solo though.

Russell’s solo. So funny. He wasted time getting the doll but cute otherwise.

Mollee and Jakob get Broadway, themed criminal masterminds by Joey Dowling. Mollee’s legs looks great here. Adam says Joey: fantastic. Showed off the dancers. Plus great performances. Her legs looked amazing. Mollee was brought up by Jakob and she got great styles. She drew the audience’s eye even with Jakob (one of the best dancers the show has ever seen). Mary says no other couple would have been better for the routine. They made it look easy. Nigel agrees with that. The routine has take Mollee to professional dancer and she should go to Broadway. He wants stronger Broadway.

Kathryn’s solo. Much better this week. They all really stepped it up.

Ellenore and Legacy get a Napoleon and Tabitha Hip Hop routine. Alien theme. Adam begins with alien language,(which reminds me of Murky from Rainbow Brite), and then adds that it was really concept heavy. Not his favorite because it didn’t do it for him. Ellenore’s was good. Mary says it looked like it would be better than it turned out to be. Nigel saus the concept overrode the dancing. Usually it blends but it didn’t this time. I thought it wasn’t as strange as they say but the dancing wasn’t together, I agree with that.

Final solo is Ryan. than last week but eh. And he ends with a plea for his wife to get votes despite not being able to dance and that is so cute.

Last routine: Russell with Bollywood by Nichole. So Elisha (an assistant) will be dancing. Adam thinks it was fun pure dancing. Russell’s execution was excellent and he blew joy out of his pores. Mary gives him props for the many different partners and still done so well. What a way to end the night. She hopes people will think of how far Ashleigh came. Nigel finds the final lift outstanding. Russell really got it and congrats for the season as a whole.

Voting time, I hope Ashleigh and Molleeand obv Jakob make it through.


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