Gossip Girl: The Debarted

Last we saw Serena she was making another one of her usual mistakes. Well, now she looks like a woman out of an old movie with her hairstyle. Trip says he loves her, she says things are ruined, they get into a car accident. Cut to 12 hours earlier.

Blair brings a tray of breakfast for Chuck but he’s not hungry. He has work to do. Meanwhile Lily is pulling things out of her closet. She’s been cleaning out the closet for days. Mysterious. Rufus suggests bringing Serena back. She tries to avoid a meeting and Rufus says he’ll go. Something’s going on, duh.

Serena and Trip are somewhere. Trip gets a call and accepts work. They worry about their scandal blowing up. They’ll figure it out. Right? Even if they have to start over?

Blair gets out with Chuck and is upset that the building he chose is a homeless shelter. She tells him to stop being a scrooge, it’s the anniversary of Bart’s death. Chuck shrugs her off. Blair knows better, he is not his father.

Lily has given up looking. Trip calls someone (his wife?) saying they should talk.

Chuck wanders aimlessly and imagines Bart commending him for buying the homeless shelter.

Jenny has what is apparently an amazing bag. Some girl has the same waitlisted bag as her. So Jenny exiles her. Eric is behind it. They plan to make some other girl queen.

Dan is all “oh V loves another boy” and Nate tells him to stop and man up. V’s friend incites Dan to a writer’s retreat which he turns down because the bf is going. Nate convinces him to change his mind. The friend’s cute after all. Sort of at least.

Meanwhile, Rufus goes to the meeting and apparently he’s a trophy wife. Awkward.

Serena wonders where Trip is and he says he’s with his grandfather. She’s mopey on the phone. He’s clearly not with his grandfather. It’s the wife, saying she wants to keep the marriage. He cares about Serena more than his career. The wife thinks she’s a phase. He disagrees. She intends to appeal to Serena (aka blackmail).

More Bart hallucinating about his dad. He should have signed at the signed and moved forward. His “father” says he’s still a disappointment, Blair has made him weak. He’s soft. Chuck gets the evil “I will prove you wrong” look in his eye and says I love you.

Serena calls Nate. He’s worried. How to restart the heat at the cottage? He doesn’t know. She’s starved and bored. Secret pot stash. She tells him Trip is with grandfather and Nate gets the look. In comes Maureen to create the Serena is the mistress while Maureen is the wife and Trip is the politician. Maureen says she has the ketter which reveals that Lily was alone with her dad (while married to Rufus). Doing what?

Blair is upset that Chuck ditched her for lunch. He’s all distant. Blair says she knows it was hard to let her in but he’s changed. More hallucinating Chuck and he says he’s buying the building. She wants him to talk to her. He needs her to get out now. Now. So she does. Chuck you do realize he isn’t really there right?

Eric plants a seed of doubt in her henchmen’s minds only to be spoiled by Jenny buying them the purses. Eric is mad.

Blair talks to Lily about what to do with Chuck. Lily is distracted but agrees to talk to Chuck. Lily says she doesn’t know what she’d do if she lost him and he said he wasn’t going anywhere.

Serena freak s out. Nate tells her to be open to the truth of Maureen’s comments. Nate then says that her grandfather is away and Trip was lying. Then he goes to be the night in shining armor.

Dan meets V’s friend who wants some time alone with him. She wants his opinion on a piece she did in which she’s naked. And moaning. Oh.

Lily has flowers and goes to Chuck. He refuses to put off business. She says they need each other and being alone isn’t easier. She needs him now. He says sorry but honoring his father requires doing work. Lily gets a call from Serena. She just needs her mom. Maureen has her letter from Dad. She starts crying about Trip lying. Lily says she will tell Rufus everything and fix it all. She says she has to go but he should consider visiting his dad’s grave anyway. Instead Chuck chucks the flowers.

Trip finds Serena as she’s about to leave. He insists on driving. He wants to explain. She says no talking but he can drive her if he must. Which leads to the accident of course. Nate is on his way up meanwhile.Trip seems all right but Serena is unconscious. He calls Maureen of all people for help.

Chuck ignores Blair’s call.

Nate sees the accident in time to see Serena being take into the ambulance but Trip isn’t around. Must have called the cops and left so it wouldn’t be in the papers. Nate calls and demands to see him. If Nate doesn’t go to the hospital he’ll call the cops.

Lily says she needs to tell Rufus something. But before she can she gets a call. From the hospital.

Dan can’t quite make out with V’s friend when he gets a hospital call. He wakes Blair. Vanessa catches them and comes. They tell Chuck. Awe the whole gang back together. Chuck yells at his imaginary dad.

Nate waits outside for Trip and rails on him when he gets in. He says what she did is unforgivable. Maureen stands by his side. He tells her to get in the car. She says no, she’ll be his alibi. Trip says he wants to see Serena so Nate punches him and tells him to stay away from her.

Lily hasn’t told Rufus yet because of the hospital called. Serena says she just wants to rest now. But Blair comes in (good thing they’re friends again right?) and Serena says she was right. Chuck comes and a fake Serena leads him to…his father’s death bed. (Oh, well then there goes my theory because we actually see his body. Though he doesn’t look very hurt…) Chuck can’t get himself to go and Blair finds him crying. Serena will be ok so no worries. Everyone is at the hospital. Chuck says his father always thought he was weak. He said he was too weak to be with his father when he died. He’s been pushing himself because of that. Blair says he ran because he couldn’t handle feelings but now he’s strong and different. He carries people and he’s becoming the man his father never was. So mature Blair, where’s that come from. How about saying goodbye to Bart. Eric tries a machine, Jenny offers her coffee. Eric declines. She apologizes. Eric says she’s starting to scare him. They call a truce. (We’ll see how long that lasts.)

Rufus leaves and runs into Maureen. She doesn’t want anyone to suffer through the same pain as her. So she gives him the letter.

V and D talk worst case scenario. He says he loves her but she doesn’t get what he means. She thinks he’s saying something he doesn’t mean because of the emotional stress so she’s going to check on Serena. Awkward and sad.

The family seems ok until when they get home she sees the letter from Serena’s dad. So Rufus seeks out a woman from the meeting.

Nate sleeps by Serena’s bedside. Cute.

Jenny sneaks out to be with the bad guy who deals drugs. He made the handbags work. She earned the money by selling drugs. JENNY REALLY?!

Chuck has roses for his dad’s grave. There he sees someone crying there. Chuck’s mom? (Well, we didn’t see her death…) Very interesting.


3 Responses to “Gossip Girl: The Debarted”

  1. cindy Says:

    the whole time i watched this episode all i could think about was your theory. and by the end, wtih chucks mother, my roommate said “well, she must be alive, i mean we didn’t see her body, and your friend has a theory, right?”

    wouldn’t it be something if the writers saw your theory somehow and realized they had to kill bart off for real?

  2. sarah Says:

    What an episode….general concensus is Chucks mom is alive….total Bart thing to do to hide her away…..Jenny selling drugs is NOT surprising-I mean look at the girl(real life and her character )

    2 things I would like to have seen different in this episode-first off Serena being totally ok takes away SO much drama that could erupt a major political scandal we would have loved to see…..and Jenny and Eric in a truce??? That is the only high school backstabbing part left to the show! It’s what we orginially fell in love with, right???

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